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About being a doctor in America

The state examination was passed in 2007, and not only the question of the subject, but also that of the place of work had to be answered. After trying the internship in France and Germany, it went to Minneapolis in 2009. It writes Dr. Peter Niemann about his training as an internist (as well as the time afterwards) and about the everyday, but also bizarre, life of a doctor in the USA.

Medicaid: Health Insurance for Many Poor People

About being a doctor in America

Wednesday February 8, 2012

The prevailing opinion in many countries is that if you are poor in the US, you automatically have no health insurance. This prejudice is undifferentiated and therefore wrong.

Anyone who takes a closer look at the US system will notice that with “Medicaid” there has been a state health insurance system since 1965 that offers disabled people, pregnant women and people with children good health insurance ( You just can't earn too much, otherwise you won't be eligible for Medicaid. To give some numerical examples, a family of four is eligible for Medicaid below an annual income of $ 44,100. Medicaid covers drug costs, doctor and hospital visits, with or without co-payments, depending on income.

The main groups excluded from Medicaid are high earners, illegal immigrants, and childless adults ages 19 to 65, even if they are poor.

However, various US states such as California or Minnesota have had generous special rules and extra programs such as "Minnesota Medical Assistance" and "MinnesotaCare" so that low-income adults are also insured for years.

The USA knows the concept of performance: It is assumed that adults can earn their own living and thus also pay for their health insurance. Some openly say: “Those who claim the right to be lazy can also go hungry.” To put it more politely: It is assumed that people are the makers of their own happiness.

US President Obama has changed the system with his health reform “affordable health insurance law” ( in such a way that from 2014 adults can also receive Medicaid under a certain income limit. European conditions soon prevail, as Republicans mock, and wonder where the money should come from.

Most doctors don't believe this part of the Obama bill will be overturned no matter who wins the presidential election later this year. Then, as of 2014, the overwhelming majority of poor Americans will have health insurance. Then nobody will be able to say anymore that poor people in the USA are not insured.

Medicaid: Health Insurance for Many Poor People