What is a black tourmaline

The tourmaline - a colorful gemstone with amazing healing properties

Energetically valuable and extremely beautiful. The tourmaline stone is a mineral group, which is composed of many mixed crystals. The tourmaline should not be missing in any gemstone collection. Connoisseurs know about its healing, beneficial power. Connoisseurs admire it and naturalists consider it a wonderful part of earthly life. Inimitably colorful, this splendid gemstone adorns our everyday life and gives us joyful and radiant mindfulness. Red, green, blue or black. Whoever owns the tourmaline stone can be proud. Because this gemstone proves to be a good companion - day and night.

There is a great danger of confusion, especially with the reddish version of the tourmaline stone, with the garnet, but also with the ruby. The green tourmaline also has “doubles” (emerald).

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The tourmaline stone has already been found in the following countries:

  • Madagascar,
  • Mozambique,
  • South Africa,
  • Angola,
  • Sri Lanka,
  • Tanzania,
  • Brazil,
  • Afghanistan

Black tourmaline (Schörl)

The tourmaline black, already perceived in antiquity, appears in different garments. Its color scheme is surprisingly extensive and unrestrained. The black tourmaline was given different names, probably because of the various colors. Some of these only became firmly established in the 18th century and were only then recognized. "Tourmali" comes from Sinhala and means something like "different types of stone". It has long been said to have an immense inner luminosity. So far it has hardly been possible to determine whether this is really true. It is "only" our dormer, also our hope, which make it, the tourmaline, shine intensely over the long term.

The different names of the black tourmaline

As there would be:

Schorlit, Schörlspat, Schurl, Aphrizit, Schörgel, Schorlein, Schorlet, Schörlich, Schürl (probably named after its first location: Schorl, today: Zschorlau), Pierreponit, Schirl, Schirlich, Aschenzieher, Bergflachs, Iochroit, Trip, Zeuxit, Aschentrekker ...

Known to have excellent electrical insulation properties, tourmalines (like the better-known amber) can be charged electrostatically by rubbing. He is known - especially by the older generation - as an advantageous "ash puller" (to remove tobacco ash from the pipe). Tourmaline black is also a popular gem stone. It occurs frequently and has already been used as a decorative accessory for championship cups (football).

Black tourmaline - medicinal properties and uses

First of all, it should be mentioned that the black tourmaline has great protective power. He keeps negative energies of all kinds permanently away from his owner.

Its positive effect on the mind and soul is phenomenal. The black tourmaline seems to sense dangers and spot negative moods on the spot. If you have the black tourmaline with you, you don't have to be afraid of bad thoughts or dark influences. In no time at all, it dispels stress and worries. This gemstone also transforms distrust into trust and ensures healthy self-confidence. Thanks to it, the black tourmaline, wishes come true faster, it also ensures lasting relaxation and can therefore be regarded as a peacemaker, haven of peace and luck stone. Its protection is almost all-encompassing and extremely economical.

The black tourmaline brings salvation to us humans and is a real feast for our eyes.

Tourmaline black - healing effects on the human body

The black tourmaline is not only a real splendor as an ornament. It is also a gift from heaven. He is able to have a healing effect on our stressed, ailing body, to strengthen it and to straighten it up again. What helps against bad thoughts and dark influences also helps against radiation on a physical level. The black tourmaline immediately attenuates harmful radiation. The black tourmaline mitigates their physical consequences. He knows how to loosen blockages in order to immediately start the positive flow of energy again. The black tourmaline is also ideal for general pain treatment. Its stabilizing effect helps with muscle cramps and torn muscle fibers. It improves our motor skills, strengthens our muscles and brings us inner balance in a natural way. Heart, kidneys, stomach, intestines - he holds his protective, healing “precious stone hand” over all these organs.

Before the "Schörl" application, cleaning should always take place. As with all gemstones, this happens under gently flowing water. A light sunbath (1-2 hours) is then used to recharge. So that the black tourmaline can transfer its concentrated healing power to us, we should wear it as often as possible and also very close to the body. Brushed or rubbed over the skin, the tourmaline accelerates its healing and also helps to smooth out long-existing bulges in the skin.

As precious stone water, it strengthens our body, supplies us with new energy and removes toxins. The preparation of the medicinal water is quite simple. A charged black tourmaline is placed (2-3 hours) in clear, lukewarm water. During the water bath, it releases its positive and healing energy into the water. The gemstone is removed and the gemstone water is slowly taken in sips.

The black tourmaline is also very suitable for meditation purposes or for precious stone baths.

Tip: Buying black tourmaline to wear it as jewelry or to use it as a healing stone means keeping both eyes open, because unfortunately there are also fakes here, which can lead to gross disappointments.

The green tourmaline - properties, healing powers and uses

The green tourmaline has a magical effect and, like its black brother, is known for its beneficial healing powers. It bears the name Verdelith (verde = green) and is a "member" of a large family of precious stones:

  • Paraiba tourmaline,
  • Tourmaline red,
  • Tourmaline black,
  • Tourmaline blue,
  • Tourmaline yellow,
  • Apyrite,
  • Tourmaline violet,
  • Tourmaline cat's eye,
  • Dravite,
  • Watermelon tourmaline,
  • Elbaite,
  • Rubellite ...

Its use as a jewelery and healing stone, as well as a noble hand flatterer, has a long history. Numerous traditions report a great healing effect on tourmaline, which relates to all types of tourmaline - is also valuable and strong.

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The tourmaline effect differs from species to species (color).

The green tourmaline ensures positive movement on a psychological level. This tourmaline stone actually brings color to the dreary everyday gray and opens up new opportunities for us. The green tourmaline also paves the way for us and clears stones out of the way that could prevent us from moving forward. The Verdelith heralds a new age, dissolves negative vibrations and lets us take off. Take off into a better life. It encourages positive new beginnings and ensures that we are always on the right track. The green tourmaline is a friend of creativity. It is the favorite stone of free spirits and "dreamers". Anyone looking for brilliant ideas will find the key to revelation in the tourmaline. The green tourmaline is probably not really the divine “philosopher's stone” - but it still teaches us to use our natural gifts. With great prospects of success. Soothing, anxiety-relieving and peace-building. He knows how to smooth the waves and how to give calm and serenity with gentle sustainability. The green tourmaline is also considered a comforter of the soul. He is able to drive away psychological pain, but also Weltschmerz. The owner of a green tourmaline always has the sun on his side and luck in his pocket. Because if we carry a green tourmaline with us, every day can only be beautiful and worth living. As an enemy of depression, he heats up gloomy thoughts and soon creates a blissful high-gloss mood. The mindfulness stone loves to let its powers work close to the human body. That's why we shouldn't necessarily impoverish it as a showcase piece. Because: If the green tourmaline stone is only looked at but rarely used, it gradually loses its healing powers. Only regular charging and discharging, as well as cleaning the gemstone, prevent its natural gift from slowly escaping.

Green tourmaline - effect on the human body

The green tourmaline has a positive effect on our nervous system. Thus, the verdelite also responds to various body aches. Healing successes as well as enormous pain relief could be observed in this context with the following diseases: multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, migraines, balance disorders. In addition, the green tourmaline stone regulates the entire cardiovascular system, prevents heart attacks and strokes and ensures that our blood flows better. Its blood-cleaning properties and anti-inflammatory properties make a valuable contribution to our health that should not be underestimated. Overall, the green tourmaline regenerates, strengthens and cleanses our weakened body and gets us back on our feet as quickly as possible after our recovery. The Verdelith is also used in the fight against cancer and seems to be really useful as an accompanying therapy.

Use / application of tourmaline:

  • meditation
  • massage
  • Laying stone (chakras)
  • Gem bath
  • Gemstone water
  • Hand flatterer
  • Jewellery

Creative forms of application that you have devised yourself also show healing results. The only important thing is to build a deep, personal relationship with the tourmaline stone. Once the healing powers flow, everything else will almost take care of itself!

The red tourmaline - its effect on our health

Well-cared for, beautifully polished red tourmalines, also known as rubellites, come in two versions - namely in pink and red. Tourmaline tumbled stones as well as tourmaline crystals, hand flatterers and jewelry require good care so that they can provide us with full healing power Can be available. Tourmaline pendants, tourmaline balls and tourmaline necklaces also generate great enthusiasm - this gift from nature is not only beautiful, but also health-promoting. Tourmaline effects come into their own particularly well with tourmaline chains. Since individual tourmaline stones or tourmaline spheres rub against each other, there is a real doubling effect of the legendary tourmaline healing power.

The red tourmaline makes our attacked psyche happy and strengthens our stressed body. Tourmaline massages, tourmaline water and tourmaline meditation also help with the following ailments:

  • Weak feeling
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Superstition
  • Stubbornness
  • Stubbornness
  • anxiety

The rubellite strengthens our maybe a little battered self-esteem, gives us security and gives us hope. It also makes a lasting contribution to massive pain relief and cleansing of the body. Physical complaints such as: dizziness, nerve diseases, arthritis, infertility, skin diseases are weakened in their intensity and a gentle healing process is started.

Like its siblings, the red tourmaline is a fantastic protective stone and should therefore be worn close to the body as often as possible.

The blue tourmaline - healing properties and magic

Indigolite is the name for the blue tourmaline. Its dark blue is reminiscent of the depths of the ocean. Even the sight of it enchants, because it embodies the mysterious, the realm of magic, the world of longing and the valley of dreams. The blue tourmaline is particularly attractive due to its partly clearly visible green tint. Anyone who knows it, the green tourmaline, will never want to put it down again. He is a real "gemstone" with the function of a magician. According to tradition, the belief in this healing stone can move mountains and positively provoke a positive rethinking.

On a psychological level, the blue tourmaline is a little "Siegmund Freud". This too was able to dive deep into the human soul in order to find the treasure of life. The blue tourmaline supports our decisions, gives us space and time to breathe deeply. The indigolite is a real freedom fighter. With him by our side, the world around us can't be big and exciting enough. He favors travel, but he also calls us to sharpen our senses.

Physical healing effect

Blue like the sea water. The blue tourmaline brings our metabolism, but also our water balance back in order. It regulates our cardiovascular system and ensures quick healing of burns. He knows how to fix organ disorders and relieve pain. The blue tourmaline even makes infections and inflammations easy. It protects our bodies by boosting our immune systems and making us believe in a better tomorrow.

The blue tourmaline - magical properties

“And it shone from within and brought salvation. A salvation that fed the poor, made the sick healthy and the suffering happy again! "

In fact, the blue tourmaline and its siblings are said to have magical powers. The tourmalines are powerful, generous and wise. The owner of the blue tourmaline should always handle the blue tourmaline well and carefully. He only shows his magic to those who also appreciate him. Any attempt to question the tourmaline diminishes its abundant energy. He is the truth, spreads clarity and fights for the good in our world. He also opens gates to another world for us, connects us with our guardian angel and lets us see the future positively. The blue tourmaline needs address, a warm place on the human body. Why? The proximity gives the tourmaline the chance to get to know the wearer better and to adapt perfectly to him. Ultimately, the blue tourmaline also opens the “third eye” and lets us see and experience things that we would never have thought possible. He takes us on time travel, fades in tomorrow and gives us a lot of intuition. The gift of clairvoyance should not be alien to the wearer of this healing stone. Missing memories reappear through him and it is as if we could meet again people who we know long since died. Are we moving a little closer to eternity thanks to the blue tourmaline and its family? Will humanity ever be immortal? What is the secret of life, health and youth?

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Does the blue tourmaline know the answer to all of these questions? Let's just wait and let us surprise us in a positive way!

Warning notice:

Gemstone medicine may only be used as a supportive healing measure. In the event of persistent pain or unclear symptoms, a doctor should be consulted urgently.