Does Trump personally employ undocumented immigrants

Trumps Golf Club apparently employs undocumented migrants

According to a media report, migrants without valid papers are said to have worked in a luxurious golf club owned by US President Donald Trump. Victorina Morales, who comes from Guatemala, and Sandra Diaz, who is now legally living in the USA, reported today in the "New York Times" about their work at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Morales was hired as a housekeeper with forged papers, according to the 2013 report. She cleaned the bathroom and made the bed of the current president, who rides sharp verbal attacks against illegal immigration. According to Morales and Diaz, other undocumented migrants also work at the club.

Superiors have made sure that they are not exposed. According to the New York Times, there is no evidence that Trump personally or managers of his Trump Organization knew about the events.

Employee mood worsened

The Trump Organization, in which the business activities of the family of the billionaire and president are bundled, said that they employ tens of thousands of people and apply "very strict" standards to hiring. "If any employee has submitted false documents to circumvent the law, he will be fired immediately." Morales and Diaz describe Trump in the report as demanding but friendly. Sometimes he would tip $ 50 or even $ 100.

Recently, however, in view of Trump's aggressive rhetoric against illegal immigrants from Central America, the mood among employees of the golf club has deteriorated, Morales reported. Superiors would call them “stupid illegal migrants”. "We are fed up with the insults and insults the way he talks about us, even though he knows we are helping him to make money," said Morales of the president.