How much IOTA will cost in 2019



Coordicide test network starts

The first phase of the new IOTA network known as "pollen" goes into the testnet.


Trinity Wallet is hacked - Tangle offline

The desktop version of the official IOTA wallet software "Trinity" has a security hole that an attacker can use to steal IOTA tokens. The IOTA Foundation reacts by switching off the coordinator, which means that the Tangle is offline for many days for value transactions. A major setback for IOTA.


IOTA publishes plan for Coordicide

The possible abolition of the central coordinator in the IOTA network is described in a detailed blog post. source


IOTA Foundation publishes Qubic

For a long time there was speculation about the ominous project "Q". Qubic is a protocol for smart contracts, oracles and outsourced computing power. More information



First IOTA charging station for electric cars

In April 1018, the world's first charging station for electric cars was installed. The communication during reading and payment took place via an IOTA-based protocol. source


Theft in the millions

The alleged perpetrator is said to have stolen IOTA with an equivalent of 10 million euros. source


Cooperation with large companies: 1 MIOTA costs 1 euro

After a series of positive announcements and collaborations with large companies, the MIOTA price reaches 1 euro. source


IOTA partnership with Bosch