Why is engineering important in society

Engineering - what is it?

Engineers do something with technology, right? Yes that's true! But we take a closer look again.

Engineers are scientifically trained professionals who work in the technical field. Your most essential tasks are Creation of the most effective and effective solutions possible for technical problems and the development of future-oriented technologies. This involves the creation of complex systems and products or the introduction of new technical applications. In most cases, the best cost-benefit ratio must be observed. With the help of innovative ideas, the engineer tries to react quickly to changes and to convert them into technological and modern products. Not only technical expertise is required, but also creativity and team spirit as well as social, political and ecological responsibility.

The fact that engineers, in addition to their entire technical knowledge, also distinguish themselves through creativity and innovative spirit, is already in the word itself: The Latin word ingenium means "ingenious invention" or "ingenuity".

The most famous disciplines

The focus areas for engineering courses are now very diverse. However, a distinction is still made between the five major areas or fields of study:

Most of the engineers are employed in the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. But in each of the five major areas there are now many different professional specialization options. This is a consequence of the increasingly complex and specialized world of technology. In our database of all universities you will find over 4,500 different courses in technology - including some exotic ones.

Engineers by industry

Source: VDI Monitoring, 2010

The range of industries is just as diverse as the tasks of engineers. Whether environmental technology or vehicle construction, IT, communications technology, chemical engineering or civil engineering, mechatronics and medical technology: In almost all branches of industry, engineers are sought-after employees and engines of progress.

Engineers research, develop, analyze, construct, program, produce, advise, test and sell a wide variety of products, technologies and services. The fields of activity of engineers are correspondingly diverse. We briefly explain the most common ones:

Research and Development

Innovations are particularly important in Germany. No innovation without research. That is why engineers are in demand in basic research as well as in the maintenance and optimization of existing solutions.


Design engineers are involved in the entire process: from the idea to the technical implementation. Not only creativity is required, but also an experienced use of CAD and CAE programs.

Production and maintenance

Engineers in this area plan and monitor the entire production of a product from an economic, qualitative and safety point of view. This affects both the use of machines and materials as well as the employees.

Installation and commissioning

The engineers who work in this area are responsible for the construction and timely commissioning of machines, systems or entire structures.

Technical service and customer service

Engineers in customer service or service are responsible for the contractually guaranteed availability of machines, systems or software. They often lead a team of service technicians with whom they carry out maintenance services or malfunctions on schedule.


In the age of globalization and worldwide markets, engineers are increasingly involved in optimizing the purchasing of materials for companies.

Marketing and Sales

Products not only have to be developed, but also sold. It is good if the seller not only knows the markets and marketing strategies, but is also technically competent. The sales engineer is also the company's representative and the most important point of contact for the customer.

Product management

Product and project managers are strategists with diplomatic skills and a sharp pencil. Because all that counts is the product and the project - and the team that stands behind it and plans everything.


Industrial engineers coordinate and control the targeted development of a company. They check balance sheets, annual reports and innovations. They advise companies and the management of companies.

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