What does 1700 mean for hoop earrings

What is the story behind wearing earrings?

Earrings with gold and diamonds are without a doubt one of the best gifts for the modern woman. But when and in which cultures did people start wearing earrings? What has been the economic, political, and religious significance of earrings throughout history? If only one earring is worn, in the left ear or in the right ear?

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A brief history of the earring

Earrings look back on a long history and have had different functions over the course of the ages and among different peoples. Here is a brief history of the earring.

  • Earrings made of gold, silver and bronze already existed in the Minoan culture (3000 - 1200 BC). They were worn to decorate the body. They are possibly even older, as mummies with pierced ears have been found from even earlier eras.
  • in the middle Ages women often wore jewelry in their hair. The hairstyle covered the ears, making earrings superfluous were.
  • In the 16th century, earrings became popular again, even in men. For example, William Shakespeare and Francis Drake often wore earrings. The earrings had a symbolic meaning for seafarers.
  • In the 1960s let themselves also more and more women pierce ears again. This had been frowned upon for a while. From the sixties on earrings were also given additional meanings: With the hippies they were a sign of non-conformism, the blacks viewed them as a tribute to their roots, and for men they were an expression of their sexual orientation.
  • Since the turn of the millennium, stud earrings have become more and more popular for women. Simple ear studs with diamonds have a clear advantage, especially in everyday life, they can be easily combined, and go with every outfit and every hairstyle.

The first earring wearers

Wore long before our era the Minoans gold earrings. The Minoan culture was between 3000 and 1200 BC based on the Greek island of Crete. The Minoans traded with neighboring peoples in Asia Minor, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Phenicia. They were masters of metalworking and made jewelry from bronze, copper, silver and gold.
The history of earrings goes back a long way. Up to 5000 years and much further.
Also in the Bible gold earrings are mentioned. While Moses was speaking to God on Mount Sinai, his brother, the high priest Aaron, urged the Israelites to melt down the gold earrings of their wives, sons and daughters and to shape them into a gold calf. This image was worshiped by the people as the god who delivered it from Egypt.

Earrings in culture

For a long time, earrings weren't just used as jewelry. In the course of history, earrings were often given a symbolic meaning or used as a kind of financial trump card that could be played out in due course.

Pirates with earrings

The typical portrayal of a pirate shows a bearded man with an eye patch, wooden leg and earring. At least the earring seems to be right on this picture. But why does a pirate wear an earring? The most plausible explanation is that the jewelry is some sort of insurance was in case pirates and sailors perished at sea. If her corpse was washed up somewhere, the gold earrings were sold for Funding the funeral. Others claim that the gold earrings are one Sign for experience or a status symbol were: The larger the earrings, the longer the wearer had circumnavigated the world.
The fact that pirates wore gold earrings is not a legend, but a historical fact.
Then why do fishermen have earrings? They also wore earrings as identification. If their ship went down, the earrings could be used to pay for the funeral. Nowadays the earring is more of a tradition among fishermen and an ode to their profession.