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Unique for girls

Unique for girls

What do you give a girl? A good and, above all, difficult question! Because regardless of whether you are a little princess, a wild fairy or a fine lady - women always have high expectations and high standards! There is no such thing as the perfect gift for a girl? Yes, because Monster Stuff has put together a great selection of beautiful gift ideas for girls in this rosy category, in which there is something for every type of girl. Whether it's a little something for girls, a personalized present for a girlfriend, a big present for the godchild, a birthday present for the niece - you will surely find it here! From sporty to playful, even for every season of the year and special holidays (Easter, Santa Claus, Christmas, etc.), original ones are waiting here Gifts for girls to you of you! Have fun and success with your online gift shopping!

Gifts for little and big princesses

Do you need a present for a girl who can't be pink enough? But she already has almost everything, because her parents love her more than anything and she is a real gold child? No problem, we have put together a few unusual girl gifts for exactly these little or big princesses. If your princess is into chocolate or other royal treats, then maybe the chocolate - high heel pink or the Giant chocolate Easter bunny 1000 g a great gift for girls. However, little queens are always happy about flowers. How about the strawberry in a beautiful gift box or the Summer flowers in a mini ceramic pot? Is your princess maybe a little cuddly diva? Then they are beautiful 2 in 1 bear - pillow and cuddly toy, the cute one Warmth pillow duck and the sweet Talking bears with recording and playback functions a great gift for girls. Not convinced yet? Original gifts for girls who always leave include ours Unicorn slipperswho have favourited Pinata Unicorn, the Princess - personalized nursery picture white, the Luck to go - with a handmade lucky pig or the emergency crown. On request, we will be happy to wrap your extraordinary gift for girls for you! And since unicorns are always very popular, take a look at our unicorn gifts category. The mythical creatures will delight the girls!

Great gift ideas for teenage girls

There are two types of female teens, both of which are difficult to gift. Monster stuff has researched for you to find the right, cool girl gift for these two types of girls. On the one hand there are the female teens, in whom puberty can be heard most clearly, especially since their hormonal balance often likes to go crazy. But what do you give pubescent girls? Maybe the chocolate cell phone that Highlighter - nail polish, the cute nail dryers - puffin monkeys, our beautiful jewelry stand or that funny conversation piece party game - friends? On the other hand, we also have a lot of great gifts for teenagers who get cozy and homely during puberty and almost mutate into real couch potatoes who are only into relaxation and idleness. The Cuddly slippers - six colorswho have favourited Blanket with Sleeves Beige or the Premium bath foam machine would be unusual gifts for girls. We are happy to advise you on this difficult gift question "What do you give girls?" also by phone. Our service hotline is open for you from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Wild girls? Wild gifts!

The girl you want to give is by no means a picture book girl? She watches a lot of naughty girls - naughty books, is a sporty guy who likes to romp around in nature and is really wild? Monster stuff also has the right gifts for girls in stock for these girls, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. These original gifts for wild girls ensure plenty of action, games, fun and joy: the Pinata treasure chest, the funny kids zorbing wheel or the cool set for giant soap bubbles. On the other hand, girls' gifts like that guarantee even more thrills and nonsense Crazy Tower XXL - wobbly tower or the funny one Do crap book. At Christmas, that kind of girl is sure to be happy about ours cool LED Christmas tree, and our Luminous Gift Stocking will make your eyes sparkle. When choosing a gift, are you still not sure which gift for girls to choose? Then first of all conveniently order your online purchase on account.

Engraving gifts for little ladies

It is not without reason that it is known that diamonds are the best friends of women and girls. That is why Monsterzeug also offers you a large selection of individual and personalized girl gifts for women-to-be. After all, engraved jewelry as a personalized present for a girl is always possible. Just browse a little in our personalized gifts for girls category and convince yourself of great engraved gifts for girls, such as the heart necklace with engraving, the Medallion chain with engraving or the Mini jewelry cabinet with mirror. But our favorite personalized gifts are like this Jar with lid and straw - personalized or the 3D photo dolls keychain also great, personalized gifts for girls! If you're still not in the boat, take a look at our personalized mugs. Or maybe the girl will celebrate confirmation or communion soon - then take a look at our Religious Gifts category. The individual gifts for girls and our great offer will convince you!

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