What are some blogs about fashion accessories

Fashion is all around us, turn on your TV and you see celebrities walking the red carpet. When you stand in line at the grocery store, you are surrounded by models staring at you from the covers of magazines. Our countercultures are often partly defined by fashion from hip-hop to punks, from jocks to goths. Great fashion designers are well-known names whose work is often viewed as status symbols. Of course, Makers are happy to interfere in anything, and fashion is no exception, with Maker fashion shows happening all over the world. Our recent competition was an opportunity for us to bring that urge to look good to our little neighborhood of PrusaPrinters.

As part of this competition, a new prize was announced for our winners, not one, but two Original Prusa MINI + printers.

We had 351 entries in this competition, which makes judging an extremely difficult task. We went back and forth a few laps until we were happy that all of our favorites were represented. Only one draft had no question of where it should be on the list, at the top ...

First place:
Billie Ruben with Geometric Floating Fabric Printed Necklace

Price: Original Prusa MINI +

This beautiful and elegant takeover of the tech, adopted by David Shorey (@shoreydesigns) perfectly shows the potential of 3D printed jewelry to be more than just a gimmick. This design is printed just a few layers up and then paused so that the fabric can be stretched across the build surface before printing resumes. The fabric connects the individual pieces with each other and remains flexible so that the finished piece can adapt to the body. The geometric shapes that Billie has in this model give the piece a modern look and are reminiscent of cut gemstones that are used in opulent traditional pieces of jewelry.

Second place:
British Library with Emergency Debonair Card (replacement cufflinks)

Price: Original Prusa MINI +

Imagine you are invited to be the best man at your friend's wedding. He's a great guy, but we all know he can be a disaster at times. The wedding is at a nice hotel but in a secluded location, and now that your buddy has finally sobered up from the party you and his closest friends got through the night before, he's getting dressed. Of course, in the classic form, he forgot the stiffeners of his shirt and his cufflinks, and he managed to tear off a button from his shirt while putting it on in its current state. He panics and you reach into your pocket, open your wallet and save the day with the Emergency Debonair Card. Cufflinks, collar stiffeners and a few extra buttons are attached to a wallet-sized, 3D printed card. If I had a review that the current map has 4 cufflinks and 2 buttons, I would love to see these numbers flipped.

Third place:
Francesca with flower earings

Price: 3 × filament (prusament) of your choice (PLA, PETG, ASA, or PCBlend)

As I browsed through the selection to determine the winners, my wife looked over my shoulder as I looked at the entries. When we got to these flower earrings, she exclaimed, “Print them out for me! These earrings with a bouquet of tulips are designed in a design that is reminiscent of a stained glass window. The numerous colors can be achieved by anyone as the entire piece can be printed on a single extruder printer using color changes. I would have liked to list the heights of these swaps in the printing instructions, but I would even rather see what happens to Francesca.

Fourth place:
Sew Printed with Self-Closing Triangle Pocket with Geometric Link Chain

Price: 2 × filament (prusament) of your choice (PLA, PETG, or ASA)

This fun little pouch takes advantage of the durability and flexibility of TPU / TPE filaments. The belt is formed by individual links made of printed flexible triangles that are looped into one another. This means that the strap can easily be resized so that it will comfortably fit any owner. The semi-rigid material also gives this design the title “self-closing”, as it can be opened and closed again when released. The perfect use of these material properties and the functional usefulness while at the same time preserving the style has easily brought this design into all our shortlists and ultimately the last place in the competition.

The remaining winners were chosen by all of you. Five authors with the highest number of likes (apart from the main prize winners) receive our e-shop voucher worth USD 50, redeemable with every purchase.

3D printed “smart” wallet

A simple, slim wallet with a pivoting top that reveals the cards and money clip it contains.


Illusionistic medallion

A beautiful replica of this film prop from the always impressive creator Rayjizza.


Low poly wallet for credit cards

Another sleek wallet with a modern geometric pattern that is sure to spark interest whenever it comes out of your pocket.


Franco keychain

This chain is designed to help you avoid losing your keys, but who says function can't go hand-in-hand with style?


Watch stand - without support material

If your watches don't grace your wrist, that doesn't mean they can't be displayed anyway.


The Prusa Research team would like to congratulate all winners of this competition and thank everyone who contributed. The success of this and previous competitions shows the incredible creativity of this community and we look forward to seeing what you all bring with you next time.

Happy Printing!