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Social Association VdK Hessen-Thuringia e.V.

What we stand for: Our image of people and society

Solidarity with disadvantaged people, promotion of integration, commitment to social justice - regardless of party politics, religion and worldview: these focal points form the model of the VdK Hessen-Thuringia. The following resolution also represents our image of man.

The consequences of the Second World War were the reason for the formation of the social association VdK. In addition to more than 50 million deaths worldwide, millions of German soldiers also suffered severe physical and psychological damage, and countless widows and orphans were left with nothing. Nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism were the central causes of this historical catastrophe. The profile of the VdK was therefore clear: We help war victims, war widows and orphans as well as the refugees of the time. We support these people and show solidarity with them.

Our Basic Law arose as a lesson from this time. And not only that: There is also the historical mandate and responsibility to recognize the roots of this catastrophe - racism, anti-Semitism and nationalism - and to counteract their spread. The Basic Law defines a clear image of man: Nobody may be disadvantaged or preferred because of their gender, their descent, their origin, homeland and language as well as their religious or political views. Nobody should suffer disadvantages because of a disability.

Article 1 of the Basic Law states: “Human dignity is inviolable.” Dignity means not to be excluded and not to enjoy fewer rights and participation than others. Dignity also means respect, social order and security. Many people see these values ​​threatened. There are social and cultural alienation processes, real fears about the future of old-age poverty and social decline. And there is a desire for adequate education and participation for the children as well as for decent care. Many people have a growing feeling of powerlessness and fear for their own position in today's society. The causes are often not exactly recognizable for those affected.

From this circumstance, attempts have been made in the past and are now being attempted to generate political mood and to benefit from it. In the past decades, East and West, old and young, Germans and people from other nations as well as sick and healthy people have been played off against each other. Nationalism and national isolation are offered as a solution. If demagogues present their worldview in a simplified way, then differentiation and close observation are required. Anyone who denies respect to people because of their origins, mocks and insults them because of their social situation or disabilities, who ascribes them permanently burdensome and offensive characteristics, pushes them to the edge of society. He divides our country. Hate is not just there. Hatred is made.

The VdK has repeatedly fought against people being played off against each other - scapegoats can and have always been able to mobilize and address emotions. But it is precisely this playing off people against one another that prevents us from looking at truly sustainable solutions for society as a whole. We stand for a humane society - for good work and social justice, for a country where the weak are protected, and for solidarity between young and old, rich and poor, healthy and sick.

Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, enacted on May 23, 1949 (2nd paragraph)
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Mission statement of the VdK Hessen-Thuringia