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Captain Marvel: 8 reasons why only she can save the universe

The time will come on March 8, 2019: The 21st movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also the next after the shocking ending of Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp, who played dramaturgically before the events surrounding Thanos.

In this we will be presented with a story about Carol Danvers from the 1990s; at the end of which presumably the reputation of Nick Fury Infinity War will stand. Thus, the film acts as a setup for the fourth Avengers part, which will follow in April 2019 and resolve the plot around Thanos.

So far, little has been seen of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel - strictly speaking, just a device that Fury used to call her for help.

It should have been clear to him that only she would be able to solve the more than muddled situation. We look at eight good reasons why that is!

An excellent leader

Caron Danvers was trained by the Air Force, worked for NASA in security and even led the Avengers at times. Armed conflict is not alien to her and she keeps a cool head even in crises. Even Captain America knows to listen when Captain Marvel gives orders. Since many of the Avengers are dead or in danger, they will need a competent leader: Captain Marvel would be an excellent choice.

Super strong, woman of steel

Captain Marvel is quite a tough woman! She has the powers of a super human and can take a lot in a fight. When a villain causes Mrs. Marvel's powers to overload, she explodes and appears to die. Over a series of issues, she literally reassembles the individual parts of herself, which appear as luminous reflections of different colors from her body. Can anyone imagine the sheer willpower required for this?

She is not afraid of her emotions

In contrast to some heroes (yes, Star-Lord, you are meant!) Captain Marvel is always absolutely clear in the head. That doesn't mean that she can't get loud or lose control, but generally she doesn't let her emotions control her or fear affects her emotions. Instead, she prefers to see her feelings as a guide and a source of strength. So she got over the difficult time when her father sent her brother to college - and not her. She channeled her anger for something good and tinkered all the more intensively on her very own way!

The infinity stones

Like the collector in Guardians of the Galaxy explained, each of the Infinity Stones has a special energy and power that existed before time began. Now we know: energy stories are absolutely Captain Marvel's business! Of course it also has its limits - for example with magical energy - but there is no hero who is better suited to problems with energy. In this way it could be very exciting with her and the infinity stones ...

She can take the fight to Thanos!

Captain Marvel has the ability to fly and survive in space. In this way and with her impressive speed she could fight Thanos not only on earth but even on alien worlds or in open space!

The strengths of Thanos are not for them

One of Thanos' strengths is the ability to absorb and project large amounts of cosmic energy. He's at the wrong address at Captain Marvel! This can absorb the energy and use it for its own strengthening. And the good one doesn't even have to become binary! With the energy given to her in this way, she can even shoot out of her hands.


When Captain Marvel uses the energy of a white hole for herself, she becomes her alter ego binary and thus a version of herself capable of generating energy on the order of a whole star.

She sacrifices everything

She is a team player and a true heroine! She takes on everything for her people and our planet. A nice example can be found in the comics when she surrenders her memories and personality to defeat a villainous Kree warrior. There are simply no limits to their willingness to make sacrifices!


There are many good reasons Nick Fury called on Captain Marvel for help. However, it can be assumed that the device was a fail-safe that had already been agreed with it in advance and that Fury activated as agreed in the face of destruction.

Let us surprise!