How often do you wear necklaces

The jewelry for the look

How do you spice up your wardrobe? The easiest way is with jewelry! Nowadays it doesn't have to be real jewelry anymore, but fashion jewelry is also totally okay! In private as well as in business.

Today I'll show you which pieces of jewelry go with different necklines.

But first the basic question:

Can I wear earrings and necklaces at the same time?

Our jewelry should round off our outfit. It is therefore sufficient if we set a highlight on the upper body and face area. That means: if you wear a sequin top, for example, the shirt is the highlight and the jewelry should look rather subtle. But if you wear a simple top, the necklace or your earrings can become absolute eye-catchers.

As a rule of thumb you can remember: only a real eye-catcher on the upper body! So either your shirt, your necklace or your earrings. You can carry everything together, but two things should be subtle. This has the advantage that your styling will neither look overloaded nor lose one of your favorite pieces.

By the way, you can find beautiful, modern fashion jewelry for women at Esprit. In addition to necklaces and earrings, there are of course also bracelets, bracelets and rings. And even hair accessories, which is a nice thing especially for the summer.

    Bracelets and rings at the same time?

    The same applies here: less is often more. Always keep in mind that every piece of jewelry loses its impact if a second piece of jewelry that sits close to it competes with it. Therefore, the same applies to the wrist: a real eye-catcher is enough.

    That doesn't mean you shouldn't wear bracelets and rings at the same time. Rather, it means: if you have a real "bang" as a ring or bracelet, the other pieces of jewelry should be rather subtle.

      Which V-Neck Chain?

      You can wear a long or a short chain to the V-neckline. The long chain takes up the neckline nicely and pulls you a little longer. This has the great advantage that it makes you appear slimmer.

        A short chain looks great - especially with a large V-neck - because it is the highlight of your cleavage.

        If you are not sure, you can wear a Y-chain. That is something in between between a long and a short chain. By the way, it is particularly suitable for large breasts. A short chain is usually too compressed and a long chain hangs freely over the chest. Both are not nice. So try a Y or pendulum chain.

        Which jewelry for a round neckline?

        The round neckline definitely calls for great earrings. Glittery, large or hanging earrings look stunning with a small, round neckline. Short statement necklaces or long necklaces are also great. But pay attention to the rule of thumb above: only an eye-catcher on the upper body! Otherwise it seems overloaded too quickly.

          Jewelry for asymmetrical necklines

          It is particularly great for asymmetrical necklines, e.g. one-shoulder tops, if you wear long, beautiful earrings on the "free" side. It really comes into its own and complements the free page. She doesn't look naked, but the jewelry piece subtly draws the eye to the "bare" side - so subliminally very sexy!

          Jewelry for bustier necklines

          For bustier necklines that reveal your entire cleavage, chokers (chains that fit close to the neck) or short chains are very, very beautiful. Because they draw attention to your beautiful skin and up to your pretty face.

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