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Gambio Blogmarks 11/18 - Our week in e-commerce

My goodness, finally the weather in Germany again! I hope that you have kept yourselves free this weekend and can enjoy the sun. But only after you've read our weekly review to heart:

Then a bottle of shower head!

Anyone who deals even a little more intensively with conversion optimization or even runs their own online shop knows that conversion rates in the low single-digit range are more the rule than the exception.

The majority of shop visitors leave without shopping.

And admittedly, for most, an increase from 1% to 3% conversion would actually be worth a bottle of sparkling wine.

This is exactly where Karl Kratz intervenes:

Anyone who goes to the butcher and pays 100% chicken wants to get 100% chicken and usually gets it too. Why do we then accept in online marketing that we only get 3% back for 100% (money) stake?

And even if Karl knows, of course, that a rate of 100% will never be achieved, he gives enough food for thought in his contribution, with which percentages can be achieved, which then really scream for a bottle of 'puff shower' ...


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What methods are you trying to use to improve your conversion rates?

Back to social

Facebook is currently on everyone's lips. The confusion surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal does not leave the company and its boss Mark Zuckerberg in peace.

The fact that Facebook has become the world's largest social network for a reason can easily fade into the background.

Humans are just social animals, and Facebook offers a whole range of opportunities to network with like-minded people, friends, fans, etc.

Companies in particular can find and address an enormous reservoir of potential customers via Facebook.

One way of doing that is through Facebook groups.

"What opportunities Facebook groups offer, why they are an effective marketing channel for companies, what to consider when setting up and 5 growth strategies to start with" is what the article at morefire offers:


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Do you use Facebook groups for your company?

Don't sell the pig in a poke

The first impression a customer makes of an online shop is more and more often the product page.

Entries no longer take place via the start page, but e.g. via the search directly for the desired article.

It is therefore important for shop owners that the product page provides the potential customer with all the information that he a) expects and that b) induces him to buy.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in far too many cases and product pages degenerate into carelessly cobbled together image views with interchangeable texts.

The article at Seokratie shows the 5 most common mistakes that are made when creating product pages, and on top of that provides a whole range of best practices:


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Which of the mistakes have you already made?

Search is more than Google

Google is the top dog when it comes to searches, that much is clear.

The majority (85.2%) of online searches are carried out via Google or Google Images.

But that doesn't mean that it can't be worth keeping an eye on the competition. Because the total number of searches is continuously increasing, i.e. more and more inquiries are running on channels other than Google.

You can read what these are and why SEO pays off for all search engines at


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Which search engines do you use to get traffic to your shop?

Inconsistency as a constant

Anyone who deals with search engine optimization will know that one is never 'finished'.

There is no such thing as a single list of points that you can sit back and enjoy after doing.

There are of course factors that work over a longer period of time, but by and large, either the algorithm or the search behavior of the customers changes every few months.

So SEO is an ongoing process.

All the better, of course, if you don't have to keep an eye on all trends yourself, but can simply look at posts like the one from Social Pilot, which presents 9 SEO strategies that currently work (read: 2018):


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At which points did you have to change your SEO strategy?

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