What are the stages of starting a business

Founding phase

Definition: What is the start-up phase?

The start-up phase is the term used to describe the first tasks to be carried out in the initial phase of setting up a company.

The tasks here are roughly divided into three phases, the pre-foundation phase, the foundation phase and the post-foundation phase. Within these three phases, the company founder is responsible for all kinds of tasks, eliminating risks and / or answering fundamental questions.

During the pre-founding phase, the prospective entrepreneur is still faced with fundamental questions such as 'Which business idea is my company based on?' Or 'Which is the ideal location for my company?' And also about the subtleties of his product or service a founder thinks about during this early phase of the founding phase.

Later, in the start-up phase, the business plan follows, which is very much about financial matters, such as sales, investments and the company's financing plan. With a ready-made, good business plan, the founder can try to find investors to start his company.

Finally, in the post-establishment phase, the first steps are taken to establish the young company on the market. Marketing, sales and controlling are particularly important here, so that the company can find and maintain its place among its competitors and win and retain customers.

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