Shiva is a god of evil


Karma - What you do is important

In Hinduism, human action is much more important than belief. Man's action is called karma. Everything a person does is related to his belief. The Hindi believe in rebirth. After death, every living being is reborn. Good and bad deeds determine the nature of rebirth. People can be in a better position or in a worse position (caste) or even be reborn as an animal or stone.

The caste - for a lifetime

Only by being born into a caste can one become a Hindu. The Hindus believe that the caste is assigned to man on the basis of karma. A caste can be compared to a social class - for example, they perform Parisa the lowest works. There are four main boxes and several sub boxes. A Hindu can only marry within his own caste. Each caste has its own set of rules that members must follow. Within a caste, all people are responsible for one another.

Many gods

In Hinduism there are many gods and also very different currents of belief. Some people worship Brahma, others Shiva as the only god. These three gods are at the forefront of religion:

  • The God Brahma creates the world. Some Hindus believe that it is the only god and other gods are the forms of Brahma.
  • Vishnu embodies the preservation of the world and has a benevolent nature. He has a blue body, four arms and a yellow robe. Many Hindus worship Vishnu as the only god.
  • Shiva has different manifestations. He is the god of opposites: sometimes he is considered a destroyer and at the same time a merciful God. Shiva has three eyes and four arms.

Are there any regulations?

There is a wide variety of scriptures in Hinduism. There are the Shruti, they contain messages from the gods. And there are Smrititelling stories about gods.

The life of the Hindu is strongly influenced by his religion, since it is based on it karma respect, think highly of. Services or prayers take place in front of statues or in the temples of the gods. Since the religion is so diverse, there are also very different rules, like with food. All Hindi have one thing in common: the cow is a sacred animal. It must not be eaten. Many Hindus are also vegetarians, so they eat a meatless diet.

It is also very common yoga and meditation. The interplay of body and mind plays a big role in this religion. When meditating, Hindus often say one thing Mantra on. It's a word, syllable, or phrase that is repeated over and over.Would you like to learn more about beliefs and religions? Then take a look at our Topic of the Month: "What We Believe - Religions Worldwide"