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Friendship, ballet and unfulfilled dreams: the drama series Navillera from South Korea is our tip on Netflix

Photo: tvN / Netflix

The drama seriesNavillera was a huge success in South Korea. thanksNetflix you can finally stream this highlight in Germany.

At least since Parasitewas named best film of the year at the Oscars, we know about the aesthetics and brilliance of Korean films. Thanks to the K-pop phenomenon, we have long known that good and successful music comes from South Korea. Only series from this country flew under our European radar for a long time. But thank God there is Netflix. The streaming service surprises us this week with the seriesNavillerawhich has long since established itself as an iconic classic in South Korea. So, with the subtitles on, and off we go with a touching drama series about ballet, friendship and missed opportunities in life - with the two main characters proving that it is never too late to finally pursue his long-awaited dream.

The trailer for the series "Navillera" on Netflix:

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Netflix insider tip: This is what the drama series is about Navillera from South Korea

When Sim Deok-Chool starts talking to old friends after a funeral, the former postman not only realizes that you get used to painful farewells with age, but also that one of your greatest dreams in life is still unfulfilled. As he watches the dancer Lee Chae-Rok doing ballet training on his way home, he realizes that he wanted to dance all his life - but just because his father exemplified a different definition of masculinity, he gave up this dream. After his 70th birthday, the pensioner takes courage and goes to what is probably the best dance studio in Seoul. Although he is ridiculed by the young Lee Chae-Rok and not taken seriously, he reappears every day. Because this time it is finally time, his dearest wish, one day the world-famous ballet Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky on the floor.

Conclusion: What does the "Navillera" series teach us?

Despite all the initial difficulties, the unequal duo with a clear age difference develop into true friends who pursue their dreams in perfect symbiosis. Sim Deok-Chool finally learns to float through space, as he always dreamed of as a child, and Lee Chae-Rok finally learns to deal with intense pressure to perform thanks to his life experience.Navillerateaches us that it can never be too late to take the first step towards a big dream. Because worse than never starting it is to regret on your deathbed that you never really wanted to dare. A sensitive drama series about getting older, lost dreams and the magic of a special passion.

Photo: tvN / Netflix

In the course of the Navillera series, the two dissimilar friends struggle closer and closer to their dream.

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