What celebrities have the most expensive house

28 to 125 million: These are the 20 most expensive celebrity houses in the world


The top 20 of the most valuable celebrity houses in the world shows: When it comes to living, the celebrities definitely stop saving.

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The numbers are incredible when you put together the list of the most expensive properties owned by top celebrities. The cheapest house in the top 20 list already costs 28 million francs, the smallest still has several hundred square meters of living space and at least four bedrooms.

Which celebrity owns the most expensive house of all is of course not yet revealed. But let me say this much: The house has seven bedrooms, 24 bathrooms (why someone needs eight times as many bathrooms as bedrooms), six kitchens and 6131 square meters of living space, of which the library alone takes up almost 200 square meters.

Another mini spoiler in advance: second place on the list is occupied by a house that is right on the Swiss border.

You can find the entire ranking of the most expensive celebrity houses in the world if you click through the image gallery.

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