What are the uses of gold bars

The properties and uses of gold

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Most consumers are of course familiar with gold, because even as a child, for example, one hears about this valuable precious metal in fairy tales and stories. But what exactly is gold, what properties does it have and what is this valuable precious metal used for in practice?

Technically correctly expressed, gold is a so-called transition metal, which belongs to a subgroup in the periodic table that bears the designation copper group. As a chemical element, gold has the ordinal number 79 and is abbreviated with the symbol "Au", which is derived from the Latin term for gold (aurum). In addition, gold is one of the precious metals and at the same time one of the very few metals that are colored. Even if many consumers call gold the most valuable precious metal, there are still some metals that have an even higher value, such as platinum.

The physical and chemical properties of gold

All metals, and thus also gold, can be characterized in terms of their physical and chemical properties. The essential physical property of gold is that the precious metal consists of only one stable isotope. This makes gold one of the pure elements, of which there are a total of 22. Unalloyed gold is just as soft as the metal tin, and because of its ductility, the precious metal can be beaten into gold leaf. Another physical property of gold is that it can be easily combined (alloyed) with various other metals. One of the most important chemical properties of gold is that it is not attacked by acids. The only exception is a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acid, which is also known as aqua regia

What are the uses for gold?

Not least because of its diverse uses, gold is one of the most popular metals. The precious metal is used, for example, in industry or to manufacture certain electronic products. Gold is also used in the manufacture of medical devices. Most famous in gold, certainly in the form of jewelry, which is available in various carat thicknesses. Incidentally, the highest degree of fineness is called fine gold, and fine gold is an important benchmark both in the evaluation of jewelry and in the evaluation of gold coins and gold bars. For example, the gold price is determined daily and given on the basis of the troy ounce of gold. More and more consumers nowadays use gold as an investment of money and value.

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