Success without fulfillment is failure

Tony Robbins: "Success without fulfillment is the greatest failure!"

Have you ever seen Tony Robbins live?

His books are one thing (extremely valuable, well-researched information), his live training sessions are a completely different level of intensity. Tony can put thousands in one room, like last Friday in Las Vegas at Network Marketing GoPro 2015, into a different state of consciousness and energy and anchor the content taught in the respective person.

Among other things, Tony described the two skills required for an extraordinary life:


  1. The science of reaching ("The Science Of Achievement")
  2. The art of fulfillment ("The Art Of Fulfillment")

The science of achieving something was already clearly described by Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor: "Emotionalized thinking plus massive action" as"Resolution - commitment - sales"; with Tony Robbins they are A. Cognitive thinking (Target focus),B. Emotional Mastery (intense feeling) and C. Physical mastery (translate into action). This process can be scientifically described and brings guaranteed results: achievements, success.

“Fulfillment”, on the other hand, is not exact, scientific, but different for each individual. Success without fulfillment is the greatest failure. Because if success can't make you happy, what was it good for? One mistake we make is our expectations. "Trade expectations for appreciation" - exchange expectations for appreciation. Whatever the result of your efforts, appreciate it, even if it didn't turn out exactly as you expected. Every now and then it does not meet your expectations, every now and then it even exceeds your expectations and it is too much for you ... .. whatever it is, appreciate it, be grateful.

As a source of energy for your path to success, do not choose your ego - your own desires or sensitivities - because then you stay small. Tony Robbins mentioned that when many people achieve what they were looking for - when they have achieved some success - they are no longer hungry. He himself, on the other hand, would always have the same hunger, it couldn't get any smaller. The secret?

Because Tony’s goal is to give something to everyone in the world, he has an inexhaustible hunger. Because no matter how many people he has helped, there are so many more people…. Hunger makes you really energized, if you are really hungry, you do everything possible to satisfy the hunger!

"If you serve something larger than yourself, your energy goes up" - "If you serve something that is bigger than yourself, your energy becomes stronger".

"The larger your purpose, the larger your energy and the larger your insights are going to be!" - "The greater your meaning, your why, the greater your energy and the greater your insights will be!"

How do you deal with "setbacks"? Here is Tony’s insight: “Life is always happeningfor me, not to me! ”-“ Life always happens to me, nothing that happens to me! ”With this attitude you stay positive and your energy stays positive. This is especially important in customer acquisition and "recruiting": the more authentic, energetic and the more in tune with yourself, the easier it will be for you to win customers and business partners.

Here is my video with a review for you - enjoy, take notes and then implement!

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