What is your signature fashion style

Every woman is beautiful when she feels comfortable. It doesn't matter whether the figure is a size 36 or 48, we just have to know what underlines our advantages. We can all feel great in clothes that fit us, that are comfortable, that fit well and that highlight our qualities. There are great tricks for all figure types to underline the strengths and perhaps to cheat away small weaknesses or loosing padding, because let's be honest we all have them!

At the beginning of every figure consultation there is the question: What figure type am I actually? It may sometimes be difficult for us women to assess ourselves correctly, but there are clear indications.

It is important that we are honest with ourselves and judge our figure as objectively as possible and not too critically. In the assessment, we should not criticize what we would like to have different, but see and appreciate what we should show. Are we angry about our strong legs or a strong core? No problem, we also have a great cleavage and our waistline. Let's just show the chocolate side of our body.

Big breasts or maybe a round bottom? Short legs, strong shoulders? Every woman has something she doesn't like. Really everyone! But there are at least 100 things that she should like.

With little accessory tricks and high heels or with details, colors and patterns in the right place, every woman can set accents that give her a shiny appearance. Let yourself be surprised!