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If you're looking for the Captain America version from Avengers: Endgame, see Steve Rogers (Alternate Timeline)

"Avengers, assemble."

- Captain America

Steven Grant Rogers alias Captain America is the protagonist of the Captain America film trilogy. During the Second World War, in the fight against the Nazis, he was made into a "super soldier" and finally preserved in the ice for almost 70 years. He was born in Brooklyn on July 4, 1918, which makes him over 100 years old.

Life [edit | Edit source]

Childhood Edit source]

Steven Rogers was born on July 4th, 1918 - United States Independence Day - the only son of Joseph and Sarah Rogers. His father was a soldier in the United States' 107th Infantry Regiment and died on May 9, 1918 in a mustard gas attack.[1] His mother then raised Steve alone. However, she died in 1924 when she was infected in a tuberculosis ward, which is why Steve's only support in life is his best friend Sergeant James "Bucky" Buchanan Barnes.

Captain America: The First Avenger Edit source]

Steve Rogers is a frail and ailing young man who desperately wants to serve his country as a soldier in World War II. However, he was repeatedly rejected by the army because of his constitution. When he and his best friend Bucky celebrate his draft into the army and his imminent disembarkation at the Stark Expo, he passionately explains to his best friend how he wants to stand up for oppressed people. When he tries again to enroll in the army, he falls to Dr. Erskine up. Bucky advised Steve against trying as he has already been turned away and enrolling in another US district is a criminal offense. Steve is led by Dr. Visits Erskine, who is planning to test a serum on a man that will turn him into a super soldier, and who is impressed by Steve for his stamina and ideals. Steve decides to take part in the experiment.

Steve is now also being trained with other young men, although neither his instructor nor the other soldiers perceive him as a real man. The head of the training unit would rather see one of his other recruits for the experiment. Erskine, however, doubts their character suitability. But the young man is not deterred and shines again and again with clever ideas and is the only one to throw himself at the dummy of a hand grenade to protect the others when the instructor throws one on the site as a test.

Through this selfless behavior, Steve was also able to convince his doubter Col. Phillips. Steve has now passed the training and is admitted to the experiment.

On the eve of the experiment, Steve is met by Dr. Visits Erskine, who actually wants to invite him for an alcoholic drink. He tells Steve about Johann Schmidt (Red Skull) and his self-experiment with Erskine's serum. He also tells Steve that the serum not only strengthens the body, but also strengthens character traits. It makes a good person even better, and a person with bad qualities gets worse.

The experiment is carried out in a camouflaged laboratory. Steve is given the serum in front of an audience, which turns him into a muscle-packed, tall man with pain. During the cheering that followed, an assassin from the hostile side kills the doctor and Steve is able to pursue him, but the bottle with the last serum breaks.

At first, Steve is refused to go to war because he's the only one the serum has worked on and no one owns the serum's formula. Instead, Col. Phillips wants to leave him behind to possibly extract and reproduce the serum from his body.

A senator who was present at the experiment and who had also watched Steve's race to catch up wants to use him instead as a promotional face for war bonds and as a figurehead on the home front. Steve, initially reluctant to join, begins to enjoy his new job. Only when he and his troops visit a field camp to rebuild the soldiers at the front is he shown what the soldiers at the front think of him.

When he hears that the 107th Infantry has been significantly weakened by the enemy, he decides to look for his friend Bucky, who is on the casualty list. With the help of Peggy Carter and Howard Stark, Steve succeeds in penetrating a HYDRA base and freeing Bucky as well as many other prisoners and extracting a lot of important information from the enemy. Rogers is now respected by the soldiers as well as popular with the rest of the population. Captain America is given command of the Howling Commandos, a group of soldiers he has chosen, including Bucky, to take additional HYDRA bases.

In the event of a robbery on a HYDRA train in which, among others, Dr. Zola is about to be captured, Bucky falls into a deep mountain canyon. Steve is badly affected by this loss, but can get up to penetrate into the mountain fortress of the Red Skull and destroy it. Finally he fights against Red Skull on his bomber, with which he tries to completely destroy the entire east coast of the USA. The Red Skull is destroyed by the energy source of the bomber, the tesseract, and the bomber crashes over the Arctic.

Steve is preserved there in the ice for 70 years until he is discovered there by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. When Rogers wakes up from his cold sleep, he finds himself in an authentic room from the 1940s. However, he recognizes from a baseball game that appears to be broadcast on a radio that the room is only a facade. He manages to free himself from the room and finds himself in New York in the middle of 5th Avenue, where Nick Fury is received.

Marvel's The Avengers Edit source]

A week after he thawed, still completely disoriented in the new time, Captain America's help is needed again. Nick Fury approaches him and convinces him that America still needs him, which gives him some comfort in his depressed state.

Steve meets Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner for the first time on the Helicarrier, whom he admires for his intellect. Together with Natasha, Steve makes his way to Germany, where Loki and his followers have been spotted. There he fights against the young prince, with the support of the arriving Tony Stark. On the return flight to the helicarrier, Thor shows up and takes his brother with him, followed by Tony. When Natasha's warning to skip this fight, Steve replied that there was only one God and that God would certainly not be dressed like that. He manages to get Thor and Tony out of the fight.

While the Avengers are aboard, Steve clashes with Tony over differing opinions on how to carry out the mission, and when Tony Stark and Bruce Banner raise doubts about SHIELD's real interests in the tesseract, he takes it on himself Hand and night in search of the truth. Later he finds plans how weapons are to be made with the help of the tesseract. The hero is anything but enthusiastic about this, whereas he again clashes with Tony, whom he does not consider a hero and accuses him of fighting only for himself. Tony in turn provokes Steve and wants to fight him. When the ship is attacked by Loki's henchmen, Cap and Tony team up, and while Tony gets the helicarrier's engine running again, Steve has his back free. After Loki was able to free himself, Steve and Tony find out where he is going and make their way to Tony Stark's tower to fight Loki there.

Steve takes command of the Avengers and sends everyone to their positions to fight the aliens. He himself fights the monsters on the ground with Natasha. He gets the support of the local police, which he assigns to bring the civilians to safety.

When Tony almost sacrifices himself to put the nuclear missile into the hole, Steve sees the other hero's true nature. He is visibly relieved that Tony is ultimately fine.

Thor - The Dark Kingdom Edit source]

When Thor freed Loki from prison, Loki made fun of Thor on the way out and briefly turned into Steve Rogers.

The Return of the First Avenger Edit source]

Some time after the attack on New York, Cap started working for S.H.I.E.L.D. together with Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. On his morning jogging rounds, Steve also meets Sam Wilson, a former army air fighter.

As a S.H.I.E.L.D. - The ship is hijacked by sea pirates and the crew is captured, Steve is sent on a mission to free the ship. However, he notices that Natasha has her own mission and is saving data from the ship to a stick, as Fury apparently needs data from the ship in secret, as something with the new project of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems out of order. Steve is not very enthusiastic about it and accuses Fury of not trusting him and keeping things from him.

While Steve is seeing his new friend Sam, the wounded Nick Fury is dragging himself to his apartment after he was attacked for starting to live in S.H.I.E.L.D. to do some research himself and to warn the hero. When Steve returns, the wounded spy warns him not to trust the secret service, but is shot again. When Steve pursues the perpetrator, all he can see is that he is incredibly strong.

In the hospital, Steve has to watch as Nick apparently dies. He has a serious conversation with Natasha, but hides the stick that Nick gave him. Steve is taken to the headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D. called, where he is interrogated by Alexander Pierce, but Steve is suspicious of him. He is used by agents in S.H.I.E.L.D. attacked and can escape by jumping from the elevator. He also meets Natasha, who has found the stick and promises to help him.

Coordinates saved on the stick lead Steve and Natasha to a bunker, where they come across a computer that contains the memory of the German scientist Anim Zola, who technically saved his brain before he died. This announces to the shocked heroes that the terrorist organization HYDRA has never ceased to exist, but that its members at S.H.I.E.L.D. crept in to control the secret service. They also include the current head, Alexander Pierce, who plans to let the helicarriers fly and kill innocent people who, calculated by an algorithm, could at some point become a threat to the terrorist group.

Steve can protect himself and Natasha when she is again from S.H.I.E.L.D. - Agents are attacked. On the run an assassin, known as the, confronts them Winter Soldier, in the way. This finally turns out to be Steve's best friend James Buchanan Barnes, or Bucky or Buck for short, who was believed dead. -Dr. Zola had experimented with him in World War II and after Zola and the half-dead Bucky had S.H.I.E.L.D. fell into the hands, eventually cryokinesis. His memories were erased and he became the tool of HYDRA. Due to Steve's shock, the heroes and Sam Wilson, who meanwhile helps them after a request from Steve, are captured, but Maria Hill, who snuck in as an agent, frees them again. She leads them to Nick Fury, believed dead, who is still alive and promises to have known nothing about Bucky. Steve doesn't want to believe that his friend can no longer be saved.

So the team made up of Captain America, Falcon (Sam Wilson), Natascha Romanoff and Maria Hill set out to stop them. Steve Rogers holds the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D members on his side with a speech when he exposes HYDRA and calls on them to fight by his side.

The heroes plan to reprogram the helicarriers with memory chips that they can control and thus prevent the start. Steve meets his best friend again in his Helicarrier, which he is supposed to turn off, and they fought. Severely injured, Steve finally manages to reprogram the Helicarrier and has one last fight with Bucky. But he doesn't want to harm his best friend. With this particular sentence: “I can get through this with you!” (Cause I'm with you, till the end of the line), Bucky can suddenly remember, but Steve falls into a river. However, he is saved by Bucky, who then disappears.

Steve, who talks to Nick Fury and Sam after the hospital stay, receives a file about Bucky from Natascha and Sam starts looking for the Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Edit source]

Some time after the Washington D.C. events the Avengers find each other again and land in Sokovia to get Loki's scepter back. In Sokovia, the Avengers each meet differently ‘the twins, who were endowed with superpowers by Hydra. During the fight, Steve corrects Tony because Tony curses, which is repeatedly taken up by characters during the film to tease the superhero a little.

After successfully recovering the scepter, Steve celebrates with his friends in the Stark Tower, where Steve encourages Bruce to confess his feelings to Natasha and become happier with her. When he and the others try to lift Thor's hammer, Steve manages to move it a little, which Thor notices. But when the faulty Ultron appears, Steve does not succeed in preventing it from escaping to the Internet.

Steve is not at all enthusiastic about Tony and Bruce's unsuccessful experiment. He follows Ultron to South Africa, where this Vibranium wants to be obtained for a new body. During the fight, Seve, like the others, is tormented with visions by Wanda, seeing his past and Peggy waiting in vain for him. Bruce freaks out due to the visions and the Hulk destroys a lot in a nearby city.

Clint takes the heroes to his farm for a break, where Steve meets his family. While there, Steve reproaches Tony for not telling him about the experiment, when they are a team and should make decisions together.

When the twins join them, Steve tries to prevent Tony from creating Vision, which is then accomplished by Thor. In the final battle in Sokovia, Steve fights on the side of the Avengers.

At the end of the fight, Steve takes over the reins of the Avengers and makes up with Tony.

Ant-Man [edit | Edit source]

In a short scene after the credits, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson can be seen with Bucky Barnes. They had found him again and were wondering how to proceed. Wilson then tells the captain about Ant-Man.

The First Avenger: Civil War [edit | Edit source]

One year after the use of the Avengers in Sokovia in Age of Ultron, the formation of a new Avengers team and a fight between Crossbones (Brock Rumlow) and a hero team led by Captain America (Steve Rogers) in the African state of Nigeria an accident by Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) killed seven innocent people. Thereupon 117 countries decide with a treaty that the Avengers are to be placed under the control of a world court. When the Avengers talk about the treaty together, Steve speaks out against it because he sees control by a world council as limiting the Avengers' freedom and says their own decisions are still the safest.

So Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) travels to Vienna to conclude the contract, in which an attack by the mysterious Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes), in which the President of Wakanda dies. His son T'Challa (Black Panter) swears by revenge. In a fight between the now good Bucky Barnes, Black Panther, Captain America and Falcon (Sam Wilson), all four are arrested. Steve and Sam are protected by Tony and his friends. Tony later tries to persuade Steve to sign the contract because he still wants him as a friend and teammate. Steve doesn't seem to be completely against the contracts if there are certain security aspects, but when he learns that Tony has had Wanda locked up, he refuses to sign, as Wanda is a child and not a threat to him.

In the meantime, Baron Zemo, who pretends to be a psychiatrist for Bucky, who is still perceived as dangerous, has awakened a killer serum in him through certain Russian words, which Dr. Arnim Zola planted. Bucky fights his way through the security guards, but is stopped by Captain America, who then flees with Bucky Barnes and Falcon.He manages to get through to Bucky, who persuades Steve to look with him for the rest of the Winter Soldiers, who were created just like him and who pose a threat. Tony Stark (Iron Man) then gathers a team of heroes around him to arrest Captain America, who in turn has a team consisting of himself, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man ( Scott-Lang). When the fight comes, Cap's team faces Iron Man, War Machine (James Rhodes), Vision, Black Widow, Black Panther and Spider-Man (Peter Parker). After a tough fight, Captain America and Bucky escape.

When Tony follows Steve and Bucky after learning that Bucky is falsely suspected, Zemo plays a video showing him killing Tony's parents. Deeply hurt, Tony realizes that Steve has lied to him and begins to fight Bucky, and thus Steve too. The latter can eventually wrestle Tony to the ground and damage his Ark reactor. He leaves his shield and goes with Bucky. After the events in Siberia, Steve sends Tony a letter apologizing and hoping Tony is fine. He promises him that he will be there for him when he needs his help.

In the end credit scene, Captain America and T'Challa talk about the future of the Avengers after Baron Zemo's arrest.

Avengers: Infinity War [edit | Edit source]

After Tony Stark follows the Q-Ship, Bruce Banner Cap calls and tells him about Thanos. Team Cap Vision and Wanda Maximoff rush to help, as Vision is attacked by the Black Order who want to steal the thought stone. Cap then returns to headquarters for the first time since the Civil War, where he and the others decide to bring Vision to Wakanda for his protection, where Bucky could also be treated. There is a big showdown between part of the Avengers and Thanos and his armies. However, when Thanos gets the last stone, half of the Avengers fall apart. Captain America survives, but he mourns Bucky, who has fallen to dust in front of his eyes.

Avengers: Endgame [edit | Edit source]

At the beginning of the film, Tony comes back to Earth while Steve and friends are still through from the events. The injured Tony accuses Steve of not being there and doesn't want to help them keep fighting Thanos. Together with the other Avengers, Steve manages to determine an energy signature on a planet far away, which must have come from the stones. Steve travels there with his friends, but they discover that Thanos destroyed the stones.

Five years later, Steve is still part of the Avengers, even if he still hasn't gotten over the events of the past. When Scott Lang suddenly appears and reports about the quantum empire with the possibility of traveling back in time, Steve travels with the others to Tony to convince him of the idea and to ask him for help. However, he does not want to put his newly found family at risk and refuses. Then the Avengers try it on their own and have moderate success.

Steve is the first to meet Tony, who has now decided to help the Avengers and has also developed a kind of GPS for quantum space. He makes up with Steve and hands him the sign.

Steve motivates the rest of the Avengers and creates a plan with them how they can manage to bring all the stones from the past into the future. He himself travels to New York with Scott and Tony to get the scepter and the tesseract from 2012. Steve manages to get the scepter, but then has to fight with his former self, who thinks he is a transformed Loki. He can defeat himself and take the scepter. When he realizes that the tesseract has been stolen, he travels back with Tony even earlier and fetches the tesseract from an S.H.I.E.L.D. facility when it was still being kept there.

Together they travel back to the present so that everyone is brought back by the flick.

Thanos and the Black Order from 2014 travel into the year 2023 and destroy the Avengers headquarters. Captain America is at the forefront of the final battle against Thanos. He fights relentlessly against Thanos. In the course of the battle, he also lifts the Mojlnir. This is annotated with the word "I knew it" from Thor. Cap's shield is almost completely destroyed in the ensuing battle with Thanos. After successfully defeating Thanos and his army together with the Avengers, Captain America traveled back in time with the help of Bruce Banner (Hulk) to bring the stones back to their places. After successfully completing his mission, Steve Rogers travels back in time to live the life suggested by Tony Stark (see Avengers: Age Of Ultron). He returns to his great love Peggy Carter and they spend the rest of their lives together. While Bruce Banner, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes await the return of Captain America, Rogers returns as a senior to the present after Endgame to give Falcon his shield. Presumably, Falcon will be the next Captain America.

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Steve is a kind person who treats others with respect and always tries to be nice to them. In addition, he always shows a great willingness to help, he helps others and does not ask for anything in return. The first Avenger has a high moral level and is actually always trying to do what is right. Because of his great honesty, Steve always tries to say and do what is true. With his charming manner, Steve can attract the people around him to his side.

Steve likes to draw.

Steve is a devout Christian who believes in and loves one God.

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

Friends: Tony, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, T´Challa, Clint, Bruce, Thor

Thor [edit | Edit source]

Thor and Steve are good friends who can have fun together and who trust each other.

Tony [edit | Edit source]

Steve and Tony have a complicated relationship. They disagree on some things, and the Accords made them enemies for a while. But now their friendship has triumphed, because somehow the two reconcile again and again.

Bucky [edit | Edit source]

Bucky and Steve have been good friends since childhood, always keeping their backs on each other and trusting each other. Steve always believes in the good in Bucky and helps him.

Natasha [edit | Edit source]

Since their missions together, Steve and Natasha have been a good team, trusting and being honest with each other.

Sam [edit | Edit source]

Sam and Steve are good friends who remain loyal to each other in all situations. They're on the same wavelength and Sam trusts Steve.

Clint [edit | Edit source]

Clint is loyal to Steve and helps him when he takes on the other Avengers. He knows what Steve is doing, is always thoughtful and comes from the heart.

Familiar: Wanda

well-known: Rocket, Vision, Rhodey, Nick, Sharon, Peter, Loki, Maria

Skills [edit | Edit source]

  • The highest human possible performance: increased strength, speed, reflexes and endurance
  • Accelerated self-healing
  • Expert in using his battle shield
  • Because of the serum in his blood, he was able to survive frozen in the ice without any damage to his body tissue from the cold.
  • Good hand-to-hand fighter
  • Due to its accelerated metabolism, alcohol no longer has any effect on him. It is broken down by his body faster than he can drink.
  • With Mjølnir he could conjure lightning and Mjølnir increased his physical abilities.
  • "America's Ass" (see Avengers: Endgame)

Original artwork [edit | Edit source]

Captain America was created by comic artists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and appeared as the title character of a patriotic comic series called Captain America Comics (# 1: March 1941). After discontinuing this series, he was in The avengers # 4 (March 1964) reintroduced into the so-called Silver Age of Comics, from where he became a member and even leader of the Avengers.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]