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Moon Knight: Seasons and Episode Guide

Moon Knight steps into action at Disney +!

"Moon Knight" is a Disney + series based on the Marvel comics of the same name. The main role is played by Oscar Isaac. Find all information in our series wiki!

  • Marvel ventures into new territory with the superhero series "Moon Knight", because the Disney + series is going to be dark!
  • Hollywood stars Oscar Isaac ("Star Wars") and Ethan Hawke can be seen in the leading roles.
  • The first video for "Moon Knight" shows Oscar Isaac rehearsing a fight choreography.

Oscar Isaac plays another comic book hero from the Marvel universe in the Disney + series "Moon Knight". "Moon Knight" is a man plagued by mental problems who has the spirit of an Egyptian deity, which is why he has superpowers.

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Moon Knight: start date

When exactly we can expect the strange hero from the MCU is still unclear. According to official information from Disney, the series should start in 2022. As soon as a date has been set, you will be informed about it here.

Moon Night: trailer and pictures

So far there is no trailer for the new Disney + series. We will keep you up to date! Instead of a trailer, you can already watch a first video on which we see actor Oscar Isaac rehearsing an action scene for "Moon Knight" season 1:

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Plot from "Moon Knight"

Moon Knight, or Marc Spector, is not a superhero in the classic sense. He is a dark character, marked by loss and marked by life. It is thanks to the latter that he suffers from a multiple personality disorder. One of those personalities is his righteous self - Moon Knight.

The plot of the series is not yet known. Since the anti-hero has not yet been mentioned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we will probably witness the Moon Knights Origin story.

This includes his past, his mental disorders as well as his encounter with the Egyptian moon deity Khonshu. Even the early days as a superhero will certainly be a topic, because carrying multiple personalities and saving the world at the same time should be extremely interesting.

Moon Knight: cast

Oscar Isaac ("Star Wars: Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker") will star in the series "Moon Knight" as Marc Spector aka Moon Knight. May Calamawy ("Ramy") takes on the female lead.

According to the US magazine Deadline, Ethan Hawk ("The Purge") will take on the role of Moon Knight's adversary. It is unclear which comic figure it is. The nemesis of the comics is called Bushman.

Moon Knight: Who is Marc Spector?

Marc Spector's family fled Germany in the 1930s to start a new life in the United States. He didn't lack anything and yet Marc later decided not to study, but to become a heavyweight boxer.

Shortly thereafter, he decided to join the Navy and later joined the CIA. There he worked with William Cross, who murdered his friend Lisa in cold blood. Thereupon Marc became a mercenary under the command of Raoul Bushman.

On a mission in Egypt, however, Raoul went too far and killed an innocent man who was investigating a trench with his daughter Marlene Alraune. Marc is critically injured in a fight between Marc and Bushman.

Close to death, he is found by some Egyptians who take him to the temple of the moon god Khonshu. On the verge of death, Khonshu makes him an offer that he would give him his life if Marc agrees to become his avatar.

Marc Spector received the blessing of the moon god and thus also superhuman powers, depending on the moon phases. So he is blessed with agility, reflexes and strength that a normal person does not have. Through his time with the CIA, he is also an excellent opponent in close combat and can drain their life energy when they come into contact with the enemy.

After his return to America, Marc Spector developed other personalities besides Moon Knight. So he created the financier Steve Grant and the taxi driver Jake Lockley. Moon Knight is constantly in an existential crisis, because none of his personalities knows about the others.

Moon Knight: what role does he play in the Marvel Universe?

Moon Knight was originally intended as an opponent for "Werewolf by Night". The extraordinary hero liked the readers and thus got his own series of comics. Moon Knight has hardly any direct connection to the Avengers or other well-known characters, but he became part of an organization called "Secret Avengers".

Production of "Moon Knight"

Jeremy Slater acts as the showrunner for "Moon Knight". The series' team of authors also includes Beau DeMayo. Mohamed Diab will direct all episodes. So far, Diab has been responsible for productions such as the Egyptian-French film "Clash". Filming on "Moon Knight" Season 1 is scheduled to begin in March 2021 in Budapest, Hungary.

Moon Knight: Alternatives

Ala alternatives to "Moon Knight", we can recommend "Ms. Marvel" and "Hawkeye".

In "Ms. Marvel", Kamala Khan aka "Ms. Marvel" is the first Muslim-Pakistani heroine to fight crime. Clinton Francis Barton aka Hawkeye stars in "Hawkeye". He has exceptional accuracy with a bow and arrow and his eyesight

Moon Knight

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