What are matchstick drawings

House of matches with your own hands and other crafts

"Matches are not toys for children" - we hear this phrase from childhood, but they are matches that can be an excellent tool for the creativity of children and parents. Such activities help children develop fine motor skills and accuracy, adults - it is interesting to spend time with the child. In this article we will look at how to make a matchstick house with our own hands and other crafts.

Matchstick drawing materials

The man's imagination is multifaceted, so you can create endlessly and please loved ones with special gifts. A few people know how to make craft out of matches. The easiest way to do the apps you need for:

  • Boxes of matches;
  • Cardboard sheets;
  • Scissors, knives;
  • Glue "moment";
  • Cotton thread;
  • Duct tape;
  • Paints, brushes.

Create a match application

The creative event begins with the following phases:

  1. On a white sheet of cardboard, on the color card, it will be even more interesting to draw a template - the contour of an animal, a bird or any object.
  2. On the contour, let the child learn how to spread the figures out of the matches.
  3. Then you can fix these figures with glue.
  4. To make pictures more beautiful, you can paint over the paint from which the picture was spread.
  5. After that, an adult can help arrange a piece of work in a frame that can also be decorated with matchsticks.
  6. Such an item will be an excellent designdecision when registering children, kitchen and other rooms depending on subjects. In addition, such an unusual gift given by the hands of a child will be dear to grandparents, parents.

Flat pawns: material

House of matches with their own hands can be made flat. This technique is the simplest and does not require any special skills. But it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • a couple of boxes of matches;
  • a set of colored cardboard;
  • Glue "moment";
  • Knife;
  • Pencil.

Performance: flat figures of the games

Phases of work:

  1. On a sheet of cardboard, draw pictures of objects that you want to remove from matches.
  2. For example, it can be a fence and a sunflower, flowers in a vase, a beetle with an open elytra.
  3. Teach a child to make a fence from matches, this technique will form the basis for many voluminous figures of matches.
  4. Let's start the sunflower, the center of the flower can be filled with a grid by laying out matches. To round it off, the last matches should be shortened slightly with a knife. This work must be done by an adult.
  5. Sunflower petals are very easy to make. To do this, each section must be glued diagonally, tightly together, until a diamond is formed.
  6. To fill the space with matchespictures, you can make a vase, beetle, and so on. Where the figures have rounded contours, the extreme rows of matches must be gradually shortened. You can also make a playhouse with your own hands in a flat view.



  • Packaging of matches;
  • round, flat object up to 25 mm in diameter (coin or button);
  • stand.

Performance of work:

  1. Examine the matches, all curves and damaged ones, remove them, they don't fit.
  2. "Build" the house of matches with your own hands, like the real one, start with the foundation. To do this, there should be a pair of matches in parallel on the stand.
  3. On top of them was a row of eight matches, making a square. The intervals between games should be the same.
  4. On the ground there was another row of eight spichechek, but they were to form the first row of the vertical.
  5. On the foundation to expand a square of four correspondences, forming a kind of fountain.
  6. In addition, this shaft is supplemented with six rows identical to the previous one. The main nuance is that the matchstick heads form flat pillars at each corner of the house.
  7. In this place for the walls you need to put matches in the same way as for the foundation, with one exception: the second row should not consist of eight games, but six. This layer will form the basis for the roof. Cover it with a coin.
  8. In the corners of the house insert, through, a game. In this case, you need to control the foundation so that it does not fall apart.
  9. Through the length of all the walls of the house, insert matches so that the sulfur heads are on top and form a straight row.
  10. Line up matchboxes with a coin, they need to be carried as close as possible so that you compact the whole structure. Then the coin can be removed.
  11. Even without a coin, your hands should "squeeze" the whole house again.
  12. Customize the games. To strengthen the walls, you need to install a number of games from all sides. In order to insert matches, it is necessary to have vertical and upward heads.
  13. The horizontal layers are filled in the same way as the well, but the sulfur heads are turned to one side or the other.
  14. Before installing the roof, you'll need to pull matches out of the corners of step 8 and raise the vertical layer halfway up.
  15. From matches that are perpendicular to the base roof and form a roof. Heads should be centered. This is what the house looks like. Matches (making matches can be different) give the opportunity to show imagination.

Not only are buildings made from them, they can beall kinds of animals, tiny furniture, as well as amazing pictures of beauty. The main thing is your imagination. After attending the master classes, you can be sure that you will have a safe and interesting time with this material. Now you know how to build a matchstick house with your own hands, and it is not difficult.

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