How can I induce vomiting myself?


Concomitant of many diseases

Vomiting begins with nausea and an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. In fact, the emotion arises in the brain, in what is known as the vomiting center. Whether a long drive, pregnancy or a serious illness - there are many causes.

Vomiting: A protective function of the body

A gush-like emptying of the stomach or esophagus through the mouth is called vomiting. Doctors also use the technical terms Vomiting (Greek) or Vomitus (Latin).

Synonyms: spit out | to vomit | vomit (vomitus) | regurgitate

The vomiting is as Protective reflex of the body thought. It serves i. d. Usually to convey harmful substances out of the organism. The digestive tract often sends vomiting signals. Other parts of the body, such as the organ of equilibrium or various hormone systems, can also alarm. The vomiting center, which is located in the brain stem, receives the signals and coordinates the vomiting.

Vomiting is often preceded by nausea and a queasy feeling.

Vomiting triggers and causes

Throwing up is not an illness in and of itself, but often a sign of illness. In addition, pregnancy or the ingestion of certain substances can trigger vomiting.

Direct triggers for vomiting

A direct irritation of the vomiting center takes place through:

  • increased intracranial pressure
  • various brain diseases
  • Diseases of the digestive organs such as gastrointestinal infections, uremia, liver failure or changes in blood sugar
  • Administration of chemical substances
  • Medication likeCytostaticsfor the treatment of cancer or Emetics (Means that consciously initiate vomiting, for example to rid the stomach of toxins)
  • excessive consumption of alcohol up to alcohol addiction
  • pregnancy
  • mental disorders such as eating disorders, for example anorexia nervosa or bulemia (bulimia nervosa)

Indirect triggers for vomiting

The vomiting reflex of the ninth and tenth cranial nerves, the nerves of the abdominal muscles, the diaphragm and the respiratory tract are active when breaking. It is triggered indirectly via the back of the pharynx or stomach lining or via the olfactory and taste organs, especially in the case of disgust, but also via the balance organ. I. E. it can be a psycho-vegetative response be on optical and acoustic stimuli.

Causes at a glance

The acute abdomen is a medical term for a disease state that is characterized as follows: severe, acute abdominal pain, immune tension in the abdominal wall muscles and circulatory problems. It is i.a. causing vomiting. But also diseases of the brain, the heart or especially the digestive organs are typical causes. For example, is the person involved in a Early Summer Meningoencephalitis (TBE) If you get sick from a tick bite, this may also trigger vomiting.

There are also metabolic disorders, mental illnesses, migraines or poisoning.

Acute abdomen

  • acute appendicitis
  • acute gallbladder inflammation
  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Rupture of the fallopian tube in an ectopic pregnancy
  • Gastric perforation
  • twisted ovarian cyst
  • Occlusion of an intestinal artery

Brain disorders

Digestive organs diseases

Metabolic disorders

Diseases of the heart


Psychological causes

  • disgust
  • eating disorder
  • increased gag reflex


Concomitant symptoms when handing over

When vomiting, the body loses stomach acid and fluids, and thus electrolytes. The esophagus is also irritated. In addition to heartburn, the worst case scenario is a tear in the esophagus.

If a person vomits frequently, their teeth are also affected. The effects of medication can be canceled because the active ingredients did not have enough time to unfold.

Common medication for vomiting

If you want to treat vomiting, you should first clarify the causes. Are you possibly pregnant, have you eaten something spoiled or are there possibly serious reasons? Treatment for vomiting should then be based on the specific cause. Various examinations may be necessary for this. Those who vomit more often could, among other things. suffer from a food intolerance. There may be incompatibilities to the following substances:

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A rectal administration of active ingredients may be useful. This way they cannot be vomited up again. Suppositories are a good solution, especially for children, as it is often difficult for the little ones to swallow tablets or capsules. In particularly tough cases, a parenteral administration of drugs and additionally a Fluid and salt balance be necessary. Here the active ingredients are administered via infusion solutions.

For mental eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia is one psychiatric treatment important.

Simple causes can be remedied with over-the-counter drugs from the pharmacy.

Remedy for nausea during pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting accompany many women during pregnancy. Effective but gentle means are required here in order not to endanger the development of the child. One method of treatment without taking drugs is that Acupressure. If the point P6 (Neikuan or Neiguan point) is stimulated, it has been proven that nausea and nausea are reduced. It lies 3 fingers below the base of the wrist between the easily palpable tendons. With an acupressure band, this point can be stimulated without help.

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Medication for nausea caused by motion sickness and balance disorders

Antihistamines, for example, are usually administered in the event of nausea caused by imbalance Diphenhydramine. The remedy prevents vomiting associated with motion sickness.

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Our reading tips: You can find more helpful tips under our guide on motion sickness. Dogs too often suffer from nausea and vomit. For example, some four-legged friends cannot tolerate driving. Read our guide to travel sickness in dogs.

Means for vomiting by taking medication

If vomiting is associated with a chemotherapy are with cytotoxic drugs Setrons and the Corticoid dexamethasone effective.

When vomiting due to a Administration of antibiotics A supply of highly active intestinal symbionts makes sense, as the intestinal flora has been unbalanced by the administration of antibiotics.

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