What are the best textbooks for AutoCAD

Mensch und Maschine creates your own training documents for AutoCAD, which you can also purchase independently of the seminar. Attractive design, detailed exercises and practical examples guarantee that our readers can work successfully with AutoCAD.

In addition to the manuals, you can download suitable exercise examples from our website. Benefit from our many years of CAD experience!

AutoCAD 2021 manual - Basics

Get to know the possibilities of AutoCAD step by step with the help of clear examples and exercises with the manual AutoCAD Basics. The book begins with explanations of the user interface and the basics of drawing and leads you through working with coordinates, object snaps, drawing objects, layers, texts, tables, dimensions and parametric drawing of a drawing. The book is rounded off by explanations of the plot output in the model area.

Manual AutoCAD 2021 - External References

This manual deals with the safe use of external references. This includes assigning and editing DWG, PDF and DGN files. It also describes how you can assign and edit image files, point clouds and coordination models in the drawing. The bidirectional linking of Excel tables in the drawing is also shown. Another topic is the safe handling of external references when exchanging data with external partners. You will also learn how PDF files can be imported into AutoCAD as vector data.

Manual AutoCAD 2021 - Blocks

This guide uses exercises to teach you how to use the Group, Blocks, Attributes, and Dynamic Blocks commands to create repetitive geometry. Then it is described how you can manage these components in libraries in the AutoCAD Design Center or in the tool palettes in order to easily insert them into the drawing.

Manual AutoCAD 2021 - Layout and Plot Management

This manual describes how you can configure a plotter in AutoCAD and plot it to scale using layouts. You will learn how to set up a plotter in AutoCAD using an HPGL / 2 Windows driver and how to adapt its sheet formats. You will also learn how to efficiently create page setups for the model and layout area in a template file in order to import them into your drawings. The manual is rounded off by the creation of true-to-scale viewports. After you have worked through the manual, you will be able to create true-to-scale layouts and output them on the plotter or as a PDF file.

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