Is England a dangerous place to live?

English island of Lundy is looking for residents - who can live there for free

Lundy is 12 miles off the coast in south west England. The small, rough island has only about 30 inhabitants. Nevertheless - or maybe because of it - many animals feel comfortable on the island. In order to protect them and their habitat, five volunteers are sought every year to help out on the island.

The work is not paid, but the helpers are provided with accommodation and can live on the island free of charge. Often young people who have just finished school or university and want to gain new experience apply, reports "Lonely Planet".

Free time out among gray seals and puffins

The sandbars, reefs and caves on Lundy are home to many animals, including gray seals and various species of birds - such as puffins. The island is home to the largest colony of sea birds in the south west of England. To keep it that way, the volunteers should primarily take care of the seals and birds.

We are looking for two helpers for the seabirds in the period from April to July. The gray seals need two volunteers from July to September. A fifth helper is supposed to help with other tasks from April to October. For example, there are 330 different plant species on the island that also need to be protected.

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Only die-hard nature fans should apply, because the working days can be long and the weather uncomfortable. The spots are suitable for those who can imagine life on a small and remote island - without much hustle and bustle. In times of the coronavirus, that's probably not a bad idea for one or the other.

Volunteer Service on Lundy: Here's How to Apply

Between March and October a few tourists come to the island every now and then. That is why there is a campsite for up to 40 people and a small shop on Lundy. Otherwise there is not much going on. There are 23 self-catering accommodations - without TV, radio or telephone. The social hub is the small island pub Marisco Tavern.

Sounds tempting? You can apply by sending an email to [email protected] until February 5th, 2021.