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The practical driving test - what you should pay attention to


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The practical test for the driver's license

On the way to obtain the driver's license, the learner driver must two exams go through - the practical and the theoretical. Theory lessons in the driving school should prepare for the latter. Depending on the driver's license class, a certain number of compulsory hours must be completed. This is followed by the theoretical test at TÜV or DEKRA.

If the theory test is passed and all special trips are made, a driver's license candidate for the practical driving test approved and can complete them promptly. Besides the driving instructor also takes a Driving examiner place in the car and check whether the student is following the rules of the road while driving.

How long such a practical test lasts depends on the driver's license class. A practical driving test follows one procedurewho through the Examination regulations is specified. In the following guide you can read what this looks like, what a car test costs and what happens if the driver's license test is not passed.

FAQ: Practical driving test

When can I register for the practical driving test?

You can register as soon as you have completed the compulsory driving lessons and passed the theory test.

Which tasks can be set in the practical driving test?

Read here what tasks you can expect from the respective driving tests for the individual driving license classes.

How often can I repeat the practical driving test?

There is no upper limit, you can start as many tempers as you want. After a failed exam, you should work on the weak points with the driving instructor and try again if you feel confident.

More information about the practical driving test

Procedure for the test for a driver's license

The procedure of the driving test depends on the driving license class that is to be acquired. Depending on will different tasks put to the test item. Which these are is in the Driving license regulation (FeV). Basically, loud applies to every test drive Annex 7 to Section 16 (2), Section 17 (2) and (3):

The applicant must be able to drive the vehicle independently and safely, even in difficult traffic situations. His driving style should be defensive, considerate, foresighted and adapted to the respective traffic flow. In addition, he should also show that he has sufficient knowledge of the relevant legal regulations for driving a motor vehicle and an environmentally conscious and energy-saving driving style, knows how to apply them and is familiar with the dangers of road traffic and the behavior required to avert them. In particular, attention must be paid to correct behavior, handling and execution for the following points:

  1. technical preparation,
  2. Steering wheel position,
  3. Behavior when starting,
  4. Gear change,
  5. Uphill and downhill sections,
  6. automatic power transmission,
  7. Traffic monitoring and observance of traffic signs and facilities,
  8. Driving speed,
  9. Keep your distance from the vehicle in front,
  10. Overtaking and driving past,
  11. Behavior at crossings and junctions, roundabouts and level crossings,
  12. Turning and changing lanes,
  13. Behavior towards pedestrians and at tram and bus stops,
  14. Driving outside built-up areas and
  15. technical completion of the ride.

Tasks during the practical driving test

Beyond that specific tasks for each class of the driver's license. These are also recorded in the FeV. This is a specific number of Basic driving tasksfrom which the examiner can choose. The tasks that the examinee can expect are listed below:

  • Four basic driving tasks for the AM class: Slalom, braking with the greatest possible deceleration, avoidance without braking, avoidance after braking, driving straight ahead at walking pace, stop and go or circular travel.
  • Six basic driving tasks for classes A, A1 and A2: Slalom at walking pace, braking with maximum possible deceleration, avoidance without braking, avoidance after braking, slalom or long slalom, driving straight ahead at walking speed, stop and go or circular travel.
  • Three basic driving tasks for class B.: Driving backwards to the right using an intersection, intersection or driveway, driving backwards into a parking space (lengthwise installation), braking with the greatest possible deceleration, entering a parking space (transversely or diagonally) or reversing.
  • A basic driving task for classes BE, DE and D1E: Reversing around a corner to the left.
  • Two basic driving tasks for classes C, C1, D and D1: Reversing and moving to the right on a ramp for loading or unloading (only class C, C1), stopping to get on or off (only class D, D1), driving backwards to the right using an intersection, intersection or driveway, reversing Park in a parking space (lengthways) or reverse across or at an angle.
  • A basic driving task for class T.: Drive straight ahead in reverse.

You will have to deal with these tasks during the course of the exam. In a driving test is the Failure rate at about 25 percent in Germany. If you failed the practical driving test, you can repeat it on another date. Repeating the driving test incurs additional costs.

If you have the Pass the driving test, will then show you the Driver's license as proof of your driving license handed out.

Practical driving test - these tips will help you

The practical test for the driver's license means one for the examinee special stressful situation. There is no universal cure for fear of it. A bit of excitement is always part of it. For the practical test, these Tips Help you that To lose fear:

  • Before the test: You should be rested for the practical driving test. You should therefore go to bed early the evening before. Make sure that you arrive on time for the agreed test date. Once your driving instructor has introduced you to the examiner, you get into the vehicle and the practical driving test can begin.
  • Before departure: When you are seated, the first thing to do is to adjust your seating position. This is followed by the steering wheel as well as the exterior and rearview mirrors. Important: don't forget to buckle up! Once these settings have been made, the examiner will explain the process to you. This determines which commands you can expect.
  • During the practical driving test: As a rule, the examiner will give you instructions as to which direction you should drive and when you can demonstrate your parking skills. If you don't understand an instruction, don't be afraid to ask again. The examiner will then repeat this. Recollect the skills you learned in the driving school for the test and try to stay calm. Most of the excitement is gone after five minutes and you can concentrate fully on the practical test for the driver's license.

Practical driver's license test - tips in brief

  1. Always look in the mirror while driving! It is important that you turn your head in the direction of the mirror, otherwise the examiner cannot see your gaze.
  2. Don't forget to look over the shoulder!
  3. Always check your speed!
  4. Pay attention to the traffic signs! You may have to follow the signs if the examiner does not give instructions.
  5. Don't let pushers or aggressive drivers disturb you!
  6. Drive slowly to intersections!
  7. Pay attention to the other road users! Especially cyclists and pedestrians.
  8. Listen carefully to what the examiner asks you to do! Keyword: parking or stopping.
  9. Think about your skills! If your driving instructor gives the “go” for the test, he will be convinced of your abilities.

Driving test - the duration for each driving license class

"How long does a driving test take?" - the answer to this question depends on which driving license class is to be obtained. The following is the duration of each test drive for the different classes:

  • Driving license class AM: 30 minutes
  • Driving license class A1: 45 minutes
  • Driving license classes A2 / A: 60 minutes
  • Driving license class B: 45 minutes
  • Driving license class BE: 45 minutes
  • Driving license class C: 75 minutes
  • Driving license classes CE / C1 / C1E: 75 minutes
  • Driving license class D: 75 minutes
  • Driving license class DE: 70 minutes
  • Driving license class D1E: 70 minutes
  • Driving license class T: 60 minutes

A exam is in the Driving school usually beforehand simulated. The driving instructor can give important tips for the driving test. The exam time can of course be extended if you get stuck in a traffic jam, for example. Therefore, a practical test with the car never exactly 30 minutes last. It is only a guideline.

Failed the driving test

Is the driving test failed, repeat this again at a later time. To do this, you have to make a new appointment and, if necessary, take a few driving lessons beforehand in order to correct your mistakes. In the cut is around a quarter per year of the examinees failed the practical test.

So don't let this discourage you. Failing with hindsight on the "Bad" examiner pushing won't get you anywhere either. Prepare even better for the next attempt and try especially to pay attention to the mistakes from the first exam.

If the driver's license has been acquired through the practical test, he can used immediately become.

Practical driving test - these are the costs you will have to pay

If the practical test is compatible with the driver's license, you must take a fee Pay to the appropriate audit authority. The fees vary depending on the driver's license class. For the class B pay at the TÜV 91.75 euros Registration fee for the test for the driver's license.

Fail, they have to pay the same amount for the repeat exam pay again. The test drive fee must also be paid again at the driving school.

Practical driving test - you can expect these questions from the examiner The driving examiner will ask you a few questions before or during the test. However, you don't have to be afraid of these! He will only ask you to switch on certain lights or, if necessary, to check the tread depth of the tires.

Driving test class B with 17

Since January 1, 2011 it has been possible in Germany to apply for accompanied driving at the age of 17 to deliver. This means that the minimum age of 18 years for obtaining a driver's license can be bypassed. However, this regulation is linked to a condition - the novice driver is only allowed to drive a vehicle when accompanied by a previously specified person.

The The number of accompanying persons is unlimited, but these must be determined in advance and cannot be added later. The following requirements must meet these people:

  • A minimum age of 30 years
  • Have had a valid driver's license for at least five years
  • No more than one point in the register of fitness to drive in Flensburg

One of the duties of the accompanying person is the novice driver Driving safety to give and answer questions that arise. It doesn't matter where the person gets into the car, the only thing that matters is that they come along.

As Examination certificate for the driver's license at 17 will be a pink document handed out. This is valid as a driving license until the age of 18. On your 18th birthday, you will then receive your driver's license in the mail.

Warning: the provisional driver's license is only valid in Germany! It is not recognized abroad.

Innovations in the practical driving test 2021

At the beginning of 2021, some changes to the practical driving test came into force. The The test drive was extended by ten minutes.

During the practical driving test, the examinee should eight driving tasks cope and in five areas his Prove competence. Afterwards, a Feedback discussion take place with a duration of five minutes.

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  1. Hello, my name is Sarajudin A. and I want to get a license. But I have a problem my speaking is farsich and I can't speak German. Please help me

    • Hello Sarajudin,

      At TÜV Süd you can take the exam in one of these languages: English, French, Greek, Standard Arabic, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  2. The cost is out of date. For the practical test, the TÜV asked me € 91.75.

    What are the driving school fees for the test drive? Do these only have to be paid if you fail? At least that sounds like the wording on this page.

    • Hello tony,

      Thank you for pointing this out, we have adjusted the TÜV fee.
      Please contact the driving school to inquire about their fees.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  3. Hello

    A question?

    I already sent 91.75 € for the practical test (TÜV) the driving school told me that I have to send a fee again because of the car, teacher and so on ??? Is that right like that is a bit strange and I only had to pay for an hour of driving


    • Hello Zamani,
      There is also an examination fee at the driving school. This is usually higher than a normal driving lesson.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem. Unfortunately, I did not pass my practical test and therefore have to take it tomorrow. But can it be that I have to pay 250 € to take the 2nd exam? For the first exam, I only had to pay 90 € and it says on the Internet that if it is necessary to repeat the test, the costs will remain the same. PLEASE HELP ME.


  5. Hello everybody
    I passed practical exams several times. The problem is I'm afraid of animals
    I drive a normal driving lesson without any errors
    What should I do next? But I need a driver's license because of my job
    I am shocked
    Can you give me some advice, please

  6. I suffer from psychological problems because my driving instructor thinks my driving style is underground, catastrophic and other bad words. Because I'm not so excited about driving and I put myself under constant stress because of everyday life. I have now managed over 42 practical hours ... I'm really tired ... to pay so much money for it and soon I'll be five months (pregnant) .that means no longer allowed to drive. worst of all, that my contract will soon expire. Is there an exception for an extension of a contract? who should I turn to?

  7. Hello,
    my daughter failed the practical driving test. Your driving instructor now thinks that you have to do at least 10 driving lessons before the next test date !? What surprised me a little is that there is only 1 week between the exam dates. But 10 extra driving hours is crazy, because I cost about 600.00 euros extra because it failed the practical test. Can this be?

    Many thanks for your help

  8. Hi, I have got a question…
    A friend had a driving test but could not do this because she was so excited about her identity card
    left in my car (cell phone too).
    Since I didn't want to be in her way or wanted to make her even more nervous, I drove away before the start ...
    Since she cannot memorize my cell phone number, she could not call me ... the examiner and the driving instructor waited 15 minutes then noted the driving test as not taken and everything was over ...

    The driving instructor tells about a 2-week ban and another 2-3 driving hours before it can be checked again ...
    Is that correct??
    I am of the opinion that this could have been clarified differently or ... ???
    Apart from the fact that the driving instructor can confirm that it is the right person (since they know each other and didn't just get to know each other) it takes a bit until the test but usually a copy of the person is included with the documents ...

    Rightly maybe right but in terms of character mega ugly I found it more like a chicane ... !! She is totally nervous anyway because she is afraid of the exam and then pressed a saying from the driving instructor that he does not understand how you can be so hollow and has now put the money in the sand ...

    Lg Anni

  9. Hello, I have a question and I hope you can please help me and I have recently had my practical test and I failed my driving instructor then said that it is prescribed at least what must be and that at least 6 hours would be what does it look like now with is set by what is stipulated how many hours you have to drive or how can I understand that please help!
    Kind regards

  10. Hello,
    I failed today because of 10km / h (allowed 80km / h) driving slower on the highway (in heavy rain). Even though I was in perfect danger. My driving instructor argued with the examiner. Can I take legal steps?

  11. Hello. Can you help me?
    I have a question.
    I failed the practical test on March 13th. When can I try again? Because of CV-19

  12. Hello
    I need your help!
    I took a practical driving test eight times
    But unfortunately I failed. By the way, I can drive well. I always get rude and unfriendly driver inspectors. Recommend me how can I pass the exam. I am very discouraged because I want to work as a postman with my driver's license.
    If you could help me, let me know via Emil.
    Thanks in advance

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