What did you dream last night 2

Janie concentrates, clenches her fists and tries to stop the dream. When he slows down, she wants to take a look at the man, but the dream immediately speeds up again. She cannot do both at the same time. With a great effort, she manages to slow down the scene and stop it. She stays perfectly focused, slowly turns around, sees fear in Stacey's face, sees the man's hands around her neck, his arms and slowly, slowly she sees his face ...



Original title: Fade
Author: Lisa McMann
Translator: Tanja Ohlsen
Publishing company: buoy
Published: August 2010
ISBN: 978-3-414-82265-9
Page number:272 pages

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The basic idea of ​​the plot
Janie Hannagan is now working undercover for the police, using her gift of being sucked into strange dreams more or less purposefully. There are isolated indications that young women were raped by a teacher at their school. So Janie and her friend Carl carefully research and take a closer look at one teacher after the other. But progress is sparse and time is of the essence. Therefore, Janie lets her charms play more and more and throws nets in all directions. When she meets the really big fish, Janie is already wriggling in the dangerous meshes ...

The second volume in this series follows on from the first part. Time has not passed, nor have the circumstances or people changed, so that you almost forget to read a new book if you - like me - have read the two volumes in quick succession.

Style and language
The writing style corresponds exactly to that of the first book: concise, short sentences, concise and to the point. The chapters start again with a heading and are then also divided into different sections with the date and time. Sometimes only a few minutes pass from one section to the next.
It is told in the 3rd person present from Janie's point of view. Often your thoughts are also put in italics, but no longer just sarcastic remarks about your situation, sometimes there is also desperation. The narrative is short, precise and straightforward, often more like a list of facts than a novel. Even if you get used to it quickly, you sometimes want more detailed scenes.

Janie's job can be dangerous. This threat is partly palpable and puts a strain on the relationship between Janie and Carl. Carl can't handle the thought that Janie might be putting himself in danger. These tensions, the fear and the conflict are believable and seem coherent. Janie's reactions to her flirtations were also perfect. As the risk increases, so does the tension until the grand finale, where everything gets out of hand. But it is also the story of a young woman in search of her fate and her place in this world. I was particularly impressed by the personal development that Janie and, in some cases, Carl went through, and I really liked it.

Again a very short novel with a self-contained story. Some connections with the gift of Janie are revealed and allow possibilities, effects and to some extent also the future to be recognized more clearly.

Janie Hannagan doesn't feel so alone since she started dating Carl. More and more they spend the night together in the same apartment, but mostly not in the same bed. A delicate relationship of trust also develops with her superiors at the police force. Janie has been on her own for so long that she has trouble relying on others or anticipating their feelings and reactions. She works hard to gain some control over the course of dreams or to consciously avoid being drawn into them.

Carl Strumheller is Janie's friend and often watches over her when she is sucked into an inconvenient place. He takes care of her in a touching way, always ensures that there is enough food everywhere. When he learns which mission they are both intended for, his world begins to shake. He too relied on himself very early on. He has changed a lot since he was seriously injured by his father and now he fears that Janie will not be able to cope with this case unscathed and that he could lose her through the subsequent change. He only realizes that he is in danger of losing her through his own fault when it is almost too late.

Featuring the book
The cover of the bound book is simple like the first volume, but expresses the content precisely. It's amazing what an effect such a single door on a black background can have, simply ingenious.

A successful continuation of the first volume "WAKE". Since Janie works for the police, there are more thriller elements and the band seems more exciting overall. The conclusion makes me really curious about the next volume in the series, which has just been released.

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Volume 1: WAKE - I know what you dreamed last night