Bitcoin How common are bitcoin scams

Cyber ​​crime Bitcoin investment fraud: how to spot criminals' offers

Aggressive fake advertising

They aggressively advertise alleged investments in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. in colorful online advertisements, which are often presented as fake news articles, with extremely high returns on these investments.

With the logos of news providers such as ARD, ZDF, RTL, Pro7 or BBC, as well as photos and fabricated statements by celebrities (who don't know anything about it), credibility is faked. It remains unclear how and with what these profits are to be earned.

Watch out, trap!

Anyone who clicks on the links in the advertisements and gives their data as a prospect has already hit the net for the fraudsters. They quickly contact the potential investor by phone or email and set up access to a supposed trading platform for them.

These cybertrading platforms, which are operated under different, constantly new domains, are deceptively realistically modeled on real online trading venues.

The fraud follows a pattern

The process is almost always the same: the perpetrators pretend to be investment advisors, build a close relationship of trust and suggest to the potential customer to provide them with the digital platforms for trading Bitcoins and other different types of investments. The bona fide victims then transfer their money to the fraudsters' foreign accounts. Here it is transferred out of the EU within a very short time.

On the fake cybertrading platforms, investors are then led to believe that payments have been received and prices have risen sharply. But there is no investment, the deposited money is never used as a capital investment. The trading platform and the alleged customer account are pure deceptions.

What remains in the end: the total loss

The fraud is often only noticed when the cheated person wants his money to be paid out. Funds are then demanded from the victim of the fraud. The perpetrators demand customs duties, exchange fees, taxes or the like before the supposed profit can be paid out. Offsetting is not accepted.

You should always reinvest new money. As a rule, there is a total loss of the capital invested. Several thousand investors are affected in Germany alone. Countless other victims can also be found in other European countries.