How to say other in Vietnamese

How do you say this in Vietnamese?


good / if not best friend has / had a friend, don't know. She does a lot with me instead of him.

also write us a lot with hearts. I saw her with her boyfriend months ago. Then it was so that she apparently broke up with him. Sometimes I have the feeling that she is still in a relationship with him.

we write to each other daily, but not about topics like relationships etc. Sometimes there are situations where she could / should mention her friend. But she never mentions him.

there was a day when she told me she was not doing well at the moment and she was glad that we were going to an event together on the weekend. When I asked her why she wasn't okay, she said it didn't matter, lousy times. When I asked, she said nothing about friend. (-> then I found out from other people that it was the day she broke up) But I don't know whether she might have something else with her '' friend '' because she told me absolutely nothing about it.

it was some weeks ago, but it still makes me doubt.

should I speak to you about it now? Ask if she still has a boyfriend, why did she do it I've already read that women often don't mention their boyfriend. That's why I thought to myself put this question in the round and let's see if there are people who have already had such an experience.

I thank you !