How Much Do Pixar Animators Get Paid

The Walt Disney group takes over the Pixar studios, which have become known for films such as "Finding Nemo", for 7.4 billion dollars (six billion euros). Disney has been in a close partnership with Pixar for twelve years. However, this agreement would have expired in June this year.

With the takeover announced in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Disney has secured supremacy in animated films. In this area Pixar had recently played more and more in the foreground.

Since the purchase price is to be paid in shares (2.3 Disney shares for one Pixar share), Pixar CEO Steve Jobs suddenly becomes Disney's largest shareholder. Jobs, who is also the CEO of computer company Apple, joins Disney's board of directors after the acquisition.

"With this transaction, we are capturing the unique Pixar culture that has produced some of the most innovative and successful films in history for two decades," said Disney CEO Robert Iger.

The partnership between the two companies gave Disney a share of the proceeds from the Pixar successes.

Renewal of the agreement had become questionable under the previous Disney boss Michael Eisner after increasing tensions between Eisner and Jobs became apparent.

The two companies are to remain independent units in the future. The takeover is supported by Roy Disney, the nephew of the company's founder Walt Disney.