Why are emeralds so difficult to cut


  • The gem in the strong green


    The name for this gemstone has its origins in Greek: "smaragdos" means "green stone".
    The emerald is considered to be the finest stone in the beryl group.
    The color “emerald green” is the most important evaluation criterion for this gemstone. The emerald gets its color from traces of chrome, vanadium and iron, which, through their respective concentrations, create an exceptionally beautiful color palette from pastel to deep green. Emeralds in a rich emerald green are usually more expensive than pale green stones.
    Emeralds have a good hardness (which protects them from scratches) but are one of the more brittle gemstones. Setting these green gemstones is therefore one of the most demanding tasks.
    The most important criterion for evaluating an emerald is its color. The stronger the emerald green, the more valuable the emerald is.
    The purity of emeralds is not the most important factor. Emeralds with inclusions, but which have an emerald green color, are more valuable than flawless, pale green emeralds.
    Carat indicates the size of a gemstone - 0.2 grams corresponds to 1 carat. Basically, the more carats, the more valuable. Emeralds, which have a more beautiful color, can be more expensive, although they have fewer carats.
    The emerald is basically available in any type of cut. In order to particularly emphasize the bright colors, the so-called emerald cut - all four corners are blunted by facets - was developed.

    The value of the unmistakable emerald green

    With their special green color, emeralds are among the most valuable gemstones or gemstones in the world. The emerald is hardly inferior to rubies and diamonds in terms of value. Emeralds from Brazil are particularly high-priced, and due to their strong green, they sometimes achieve higher prices than comparable diamonds. Due to the inclusions and the uneven distribution of the color, emeralds are not among the clearest gemstones, but due to their rarity they are among the most sought-after. Cracks, cloudiness or color clouding is counteracted today in the jewelry processing industry with the help of synthetic resins and oils. This stabilizes the gemstones and allows the green to come out better. Most emeralds are so poor in quality that they are at most suitable for cabochon cut. Since 1935 emeralds can also be produced synthetically (the first synthetic stone was made in Germany), but the production is quite complicated and expensive and these imitations never come close to the original.

    Special emeralds

    There is particularly high demand for the rare trapiche emeralds that occur exclusively in Colombia.
    The largest emerald ever found weighs 16,300 carats and is now on display in the Topkapi Seraglio Museum in Istanbul. Another special example is the emerald “Mackay” from the Colombian mine Muzo.

    Special occasions

    The emerald is the birthstone for the month of May.
    The emerald is the gemstone for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary.

    Occurrence of the emerald

    Colombia, the Urals, Brazil and South Africa
    The first emerald finds go back a long time in ancient Egypt. As early as the 13th century BC The gemstones were mined there. The Orient, Persians, Ottomans and Indians revered these gemstones until the first discoveries were made in South America (Colombia, Mexico and Chile). Colombia, the Urals, Brazil and South Africa are now the most important sites. However, emeralds are also found in Norway and Austria (Habach Valley).

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