Can I like more Facebook fans?

When companies invest time and effort in their Facebook page, there is only one reason: the posts should be seen and liked and ideally boost business - by turning fans into customers.

How to increase the reach of posts and so much more Facebook likes we can tell you here.

Quality over quantity: why real fans are worth more

One thing is clear: Facebook pages stand and fall with their fans. The best post is an effort wasted when nobody sees it - especially when it is used for business purposes.

That is why it is understandable that companies should be able to do so as quickly as possible "Likes want for their fanpage. And because the number of followers is publicly visible, many follow the principle "the more, the better" for reasons of prestige.

However, the number of Facebook likes Not a meaningful key figure on its own: Just because a site has a lot of fans doesn't mean a successful social media strategy!

What matters a lot more are those quality of the posts and thus the willingness of the fan base to interact. The motto here is not just anyone, but specifically the right users into fans. Because few followers who are really interested in the content of the posts and interact with them can bring a far better result than tens of thousands Facebbok likes from users who do not have much connection with the company and rarely react to posts.

That's why it doesn't make any sense Facebook fans now - no matter how tempting it may sound. The reason for this lies not least in the Facebook algorithm.

The news feed on Facebook: Who can see my likes?

According to allfacebook, around 1.62 billion people around the world use Facebook every day - in Germany there are 23 million, of which a whopping 22 million surf via mobile.

On average, each user has 338 friends and around 100 pages. Even without a well-founded mathematical formula, it is clear that this results in a huge number of posts per day that would exceed any news feed.

Through his algorithm Facebook therefore regulates which posts are actually played out for each individual user. Only those posts that are most likely to really interest the user make it into the news feed. Because that means he spends more time on the platform - and that is what Facebook ultimately wants to achieve.

Whether a piece of content is interesting or not is assessed primarily by Facebook Interaction rate - regardless of whether through the user's own behavior or through likes, shares and comments from other fans.

And that closes the circle: the more activities a page triggers with its fans, the more relevant it appears to Facebook. Conversely, this means that contributions are displayed less and less if the relationship between Facebook likesand interaction not fit. And that reduces the chance of gaining new, real fans.

Interacting for more Facebook Likes: How to build your fan base for free

But how does a fan page get more interaction and also Facebook likes? The following six steps show you how to do it:

1. Start with your Facebook friends

Every fan page starts from scratch and a fan base doesn't emerge overnight. Your existing Facebook friends can provide you with valuable start-up help in the first step.

This is why you should make sure that you get your new Facebook page linked in your profile. In this way you can make them visible to your contacts and thereby gain your first fans.

Another, albeit somewhat clumsy, option is to Invite your friends to do soTo "Like" your page. Probably more likes result from this as a courtesy, because out of interest in your content - but if you think of the 350 or so friends of your friends, there may well be potential for real fans.

2. Draw attention to your fan page away from the platform

Once you've created a Facebook Page, you should bring it to their attention - in as many ways as possible:

You can integrate your fan page into your entire corporate identity, for example by using the Url on your website, Embed it in your YouTube channel or your email signature.

Also offline you can advertise your site: for example, refer to your Facebook presence in offers, invoices, brochures, advertisements or other advertising material.

3. Content is king: Build it a castle

Fans are won through content. Therefore, when you post, you should carefully consider what your potential customers are interested in, what they like, and how you will make them the decisive ones added value can deliver.

To check the quality of your Facebook Page, you should look at it through your fans' eyes. You should not only look at the content of the postings, but also at the overall appearance such as header photo or video, page description, contact options and much more.

Put yourself in the shoes of your dream customer and ask yourself whether you would "like" your site yourself.

4. It's all in the mix

A Facebook page is like a relationship: If someone only talks about themselves, it gets boring quickly. Therefore, try not to just bring your own content:

Whether a link to an interesting specialist article, a funny video, Facebook Live or a motivating slogan - through that Share third-party content you can also increase the relevance of your Facebook page.

5. Make your fans heard

If you listen to your fan base, you'll be more willing to interact with you:

For example, you can tell your fans specifically about theirs opinion and experience ask or by asking a specific question discussion trigger.

Don't forget to remember that too actively participate. You will also get valuable information on how your target group thinks and what topics they are concerned with.

6. Be creative and authentic

To keep your fans happy, you should always come up with something new. With different content formats (Photo, audio, video, survey, etc.) you can provide variety.

A carefully considered competition can also activate the fan base - but you should make sure that the prize given is tailored to the needs of your fans and, at best, one meaningful connection to your company or your brand having.

For example, a marketing agency could give away a workshop to its Facebook fans, which has the practical side effect of pulling the lucky winner deeper into the sales funnel.

To give your Facebook page the necessary authenticity To lend and make them unmistakable, you should also give your appearance as individual a touch as possible:

Whether through a special communication style, a special imagery or targeted provocation - think about how you want to present yourself to your fan base and what suits you best.

Paid interaction booster: Facebook Ads

Granted, ads aren't one of the free ways to get around Facebook likes to generate. In view of the fact that Facebook is limiting its organic reach more and more, you should still consider paid advertising for your site.

Because sponsored contributions can be tailored precisely to the target group even with a manageable budget. In this way you can reach interested parties who would otherwise hardly have noticed your site.

Facebook likes are no longer the same as they used to be. For a long time, the aim was to have as large a number of fans as possible, but now it's much more about generating the right likes. The way to the real fans leads through relevant content and the willingness to interact.

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Originally published on February 10, 2020, updated on February 10, 2020

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