What is a safe and economical sun protection

Colt - experts in fire protection, air conditioning, sun protection and daylight technology

Competence that helps our customers

Since 1931 we have been specialists in innovations in ventilation, heating, air conditioning, preventive fire protection, sun protection and daylight technology. What we strive for - and implement very successfully - are problem solutions with excellent synergy effects. In this way we literally bring system benefits, ecology and operating cost reduction under one roof. And make new buildings and renovation properties safer, more pleasant, more beautiful and more economical.

A highly efficient production network with well-engineered work processes and state-of-the-art systems technology guarantees our high quality standards. We produce in Germany, England, the Netherlands, Singapore, China, South Africa, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

Our vision

Our vision is to make living spaces and buildings of all kinds safer, healthier and more comfortable for people. We want to offer excellent service so that our customers and business partners will continue to be absolutely satisfied in the future. With due consideration of both ecological and economic principles, we want to lead the world in the technologies we have chosen.

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operational activities and to make a contribution to make building technology more efficient and to use the world's natural resources in a more environmentally friendly manner. It is our declared goal to be among the best through professional competence and intensive research and development; we know this is only possible thanks to the dedication and skills of all Colt employees. On the path to profitable growth, we are uncompromisingly committed to honesty and ethics in all of our business activities.

Company Facts - The essential data at a glance

  • We are the technology company for innovative solutions in technical building equipment:
    • Fire protection
    • Air conditioning
    • Sun protection & systems for the facade
    • Daylight technology
    • Service & maintenance
  • Company founded in 1931
  • Present in over 80 countries around the world
  • approx. 900 employees
  • 179,000,000 € turnover (2013)
  • At home in all branches of industry and commerce, in the industrial or municipal sector
  • Problem solutions with synergy effects
  • New and existing buildings
  • Consulting, project planning, production, assembly, service and maintenance

With Colt, every building becomes safer, more pleasant, more beautiful and more economical.