Are boys ticklish

Tickling: The perfect tickling tactic

There is no manual or scientific guide to perfect tickling. That's why we've tinkered and tested - and here are our best tricks for you

The target person

The "victim" of your tickle attack must above all meet three criteria:

  1. It should be someone you know. An older man in the supermarket would be at least confused, probably even annoyed, if you just tickled him like that. A good friend or yours siblings are better suited.
  2. Choose someone who you are sure they won't unpleasant is when you touch it.
  3. Trying to see in which Whim who is right now. Because only those who are happy are ticklish. Do you have a grumpy face in your sights? Then: stop the attack!

The tickling tactic

We'll reveal three different tactics that are great for a tickle attack:

  1. The wrong friend: Pretend to hug your target and give them a hard squeeze. So she lets you approach her completely unsuspecting. The perfect opportunity to tickle off.
  2. The corner shock: Hide behind a corner of a house, a room door or a larger piece of furniture and wait until the target person is close enough. Jump out and take advantage of her surprise to start the tickling right away.
  3. The ghost hand: Is your target person listening to the lesson right next to you or staring at the screen? Perfect opportunity! Fold your hands behind your head and lean back, look straight ahead and let your hand wander unobtrusively in their direction. The less you move the rest of your body, the more surprising the tickle attack will be.

The ticklest attack surfaces

If you aim at these spots, your tickle attack will get you the most laughs because among the Armpits (1), to the Sides of the trunk (2), on belly (3), on neck (4) and under the Feet (5) Many people are particularly ticklish.

On the other hand, you will not have any success on the palms of the hands or on the scalp.

The best tickling techniques

  1. Spades fingers: Fold out both index fingers and poke straight away. Particularly suitable for: the sides.
  2. Tickle claw: First pinch your fingertips and then turn into a kind of gentle kneading, as if you were working on a tiny mass of dough. Particularly suitable for: belly and sides.
  3. Tingling peaks: Here you need a sure instinct! Gently rub your fingertips over the skin, the lighter it is, the more it tickles. Particularly suitable for: neck and feet. In any case, where there is no clothing.
  4. Deputy: A pen, a brush, a soft piece of cloth - sometimes a hand substitute is suitable for tickling. Particularly suitable for: the feet.

The conclusion

A tickle attack shouldn't be torture. Meanwhile, look closely at your target person. Because laughing when tickling is often not done voluntarily, it is best to pay attention to the facial expression between each tickle. He tells you when it is better to stop: