How does the bra cup size work

Cup size table - determine your own size

A bra that is properly seated will be held in place by the underband and the breasts will rest comfortably in the cups of the cups. In order for both to fit, it is important to determine both the bra size and the cup size. You can read in detail how the size is calculated on the page Calculate bra size. How the cup size determination works is explained below.

What cup sizes are there?

The German cup sizes are based on the EU standard (standard EN 13402). According to this standard, the first letters of the alphabet are used to denote the size of the cup.

  • It starts with the first letter, the A.which stands for a small cup size, the next cup size is called B and so on.
  • At the letter H Most names stop, very large cups with the letter sizes I, J or K are rare.
  • Officially, there is only one double letter for the size designation of the cups, namely that AA. The double-A stands for the smallest bra size.
  • Every now and then, the cup size is based on the American sizing system DD to find. In the German / European system, however, the double-D is the same as the cup size E.

Measure and determine the cup size

To determine the correct cup size, the Upper chest circumference to be measured at the widest part of the chest, and it is also the Underbust necessary

  1. For the circumference of the underbust, the measuring tape is pulled horizontally around the upper body directly below the chest. You will breathe normally.
  2. The upper chest circumference is measured in the same way at the highest point on the chest.
  3. Both measurement results are recorded as centimeters.

Use the formula detailed on the Calculate Bra Size Formula page to help you determine the correct cup size. If you want to save yourself the hassle of arithmetic, simply use the cup size table below.

Cup sizes table

For the following cup size table you only have to subtract the measurement result of the underbust circumference from the upper bust circumference. The result that Difference between the upper chest and the lower chest, is indicated in the left part of the table and on the right next to it you can read off the corresponding cup size. The cup sizes increase in two-centimeter steps:

Cup size table
Difference * in cmCup size
10 to 12 cmCup AA
12 to 14 cmCup A
14 to 16 cmCup B
16 to 18 cmCup C
18 to 20 cmCup D
20 to 22 cmCup E /
Cup DD
22 to 24 cmCup F
24 to 26 cmCup G
26 to 28 cmCup H
28 to 30 cmCup I.
30 to 32 cmCup J
32 to 34 cmCup K

International cup sizes

Not all countries use the standardized European bra size system. Italy and England are exceptions to Europe when it comes to cup sizes. America has also developed its own system at the international level. Japan has joined the European system and while France, Spain and Belgium measure the bra size differently than the Germans, the cup size conforms to the European standard.

  • Italian cup sizes: While the European size system for the designation of the cup sizes increases in steps of 2 centimeters difference, with the Italian measuring system the next cup size only starts with a difference of 2.5 centimeters.
  • English cup sizes: The British do not measure in centimeters, but in inches. The cup size is also not based on the underbust circumference, but on the underbust band size, which is calculated by adding 4 or 5 inches. The difference in size from one cup to the next is one inch each. There are different cups with double-letter designations. While the AA cup is the smallest size, a DD cup is 1 inch larger than the D cup.
  • American cup sizes: The American cup sizes are based on the British system. However, cups larger than D are not referred to by the next letter in the alphabet; instead, the D is doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and so on. Every D more indicates an inch of difference.

On the Bra Size Chart International page, you can easily have your size converted from or into the various international cup sizes.