What is a Haskins rifle

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La semana pasada, Stevens usó un hueso para abrirle la garganta a Billy Haskin.

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Dicen: "Propiedad de Ben Raskin".
It says, "Ben's property Raskin." Yes, show it to me.
Tengo algunas preguntas para Miss Gaskin.
I have a couple of questions for Miss Gaskin.
Sé que manipulaste la medicina de Gaskin.
I know you tampered with the ampoule so the doctor could do it accused becomes.
Mi tío, Burt Baskin de Baskin-Robbins, a lot 51 años de un ataque al corazón.
En 1971 Gaskin, junto a su esposo Stephen Gaskin, fundaron una comunidad llamada The Farm (o La Granja) in Summertown, Tennessee.
1971 founded Gaskin together with her husband in Summertown, Tennessee a commune that came to be known as The Farm.
Así que Craig Baskin no apareció por el instituto hoy.
Craig Baskin didn't go to school today.
Y quería suficiente leche sobrante para abrir un Baskin Robbins.
And still have enough milk left to make one Baskin Robbins to open up.
Espero una llamada sobre una entrevista en Harkin Financial.
I'm waiting for an invitation to an interview Harkin Financial.
Aunque Edith Baskin it is extremely intelligent.
Although Edith Baskin is quite intelligent.
Buscaba una pistola Hawkin, caliber 50 o mejor.
He was looking for one Hawken rifle, Caliber 50 or larger.
Sí. Grace Baskin tomó una sobredosis de pastillas.
Grace Baskin took an overdose of pills.
Los satélites están dirigidos hacia el campamento, señor Huskin.
Satellites are aimed at the camp, Mr. Huskin.
John Raskin vino hace un rato.
John Raskin was here earlier too.
Carole Baskin gastó 2,5 millones de dólares tartando de derribarlo.
Carole Baskin spent $ 2.5 million on it.
Y el arma del Agente Haskins sigue desaparecida.
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