How does toothpaste cure pimples

Get Rid of Pimples Fast: 6 Tricks That Really Work!

Do you want to get rid of your pimple quickly? Who does not want that? You can feel it growing under the skin and suddenly it's there: a nasty pimple. It's pounding and he'll get everyone's attention like a third eye on his forehead. And now you probably want to know how to get rid of pimples overnight. The good news: You can do that too! (Also Read: Heat Rash: Four Simple Tips To Get Rid Of The Rash Quickly)

What helps with pimples?

Regardless of what happens tomorrow - a big business meeting, a first date, or nothing - obviously you want to get rid of the pimple as quickly and easily as possible. It is one thing to want to express it, which can be satisfying, but then there is a risk of scarring. Plus the risk of the wound not closing (which can give you a red pimple mark for weeks instead of one that you could have healed quickly and with patience).

If you don't touch the pimple, "it can generally take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for a pimple to go away on its own," says dermatologist Dr. David Lortscher. Good to know. But how can we speed up the process? Here are the best remedies to get rid of a pimple at home or with the help of your dermatologist and a few toiletries.

Hydrocolloid dressing - quick remedy for pimples

"When faced with a pimple, look for a small adhesive bandage called a hydrocolloid dressing," says Dr. Lortscher. This is the same thing people put on blisters to relieve the swelling. It simply absorbs the moisture from the area and soothes the skin.

"It can reduce a sore pimple overnight and usually makes it go away in a few days," says Lortscher. "In this case, the bandage absorbs pus and oil from the inflamed area and prevents the growth of bacteria that can lead to new pimples." While it won't make your skin flawless overnight, it will reduce the pimple to a smooth, parched state so you can apply a dab of concealer to the area and get on with your life without anyone knowing.

Partial pimple treatment - to the point

It is usually not recommended that you pinch the pimple, especially if you can dry it on the outside. This is how point treatments work: Active ingredients such as benzoyl, salicylic acid or sulfur suck the oil out of the clogged pore and reduce inflammation in the process. Simply dab the product directly on the affected area and let it take effect.

Ointments with benzoyl peroxide are available at the pharmacy. They kill the bacteria in the pore and dry them out. But be careful: it can bleach your towels, pillowcases, and clothing if you come in contact with them. Choose white textiles when using the product.

Salicylic acid helps to free the pores by dissolving dead skin cells and, with a selective treatment, cleans the pore. It is the best remedy for acne and blackheads in adults.

Sulfur is similar to benzoyl peroxide in that it soaks up the pus and soothes the skin in the meantime. It tends to dry out the skin just like benzoyl. But don't worry, with selective treatments only the affected pimple will be dried out. Apply the active ingredients to the freshly cleansed face before using other products - preferably with a cotton swab to avoid transferring germs from your finger. (Also Read: Skin Care: Why You Should Add Some Vitamin C To Your Daily Care Routine Now)

Antibacterial effect: tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the best natural ingredients you can find in a skin care product - especially for preventing or eliminating acne. It should be used in small dosages, as a high concentration can cause redness and irritation. In moderation, you can use tea tree oil on pimples that appeared on their own or even after shaving to prevent irritation.

Does toothpaste help against pimples?

Many use toothpaste as an acne treatment, but why? Dr. Lortscher points out that toothpaste typically contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). "When applied to a pimple, it seems effective for short-term use, but only if the skin is thoroughly cleansed afterwards," he says. "The longer SLS stays in contact with the skin, the greater the likelihood of irritation." If you are not sure, avoid this active ingredient, especially since there are other proven methods, such as spot treatments and hydrocolloid dressings.

Dermatological agent to remove pimples: intralesional injection

If you really want to get rid of a pimple quickly, then you can ask your dermatologist about an injection of a diluted cortisone medication called triamcinolone. That's only for large throbbing pimples. However, it can take 36 hours for the pimple to completely reduce.

SOS solution: cover pimples

The worst thing about a pimple on your face is that you think everyone will notice it. That's probably not the case, but it might also be time you invested in a concealer. I'm not suggesting that you paste up your whole face. But if you match a good concealer to your skin tone, you can dab a small amount on the pimple. And voilĂ , the pimple is invisible in seconds. (Read here: Covering Pimples - The Best Tips - And Typical Mistakes That You Must Avoid)

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