How do I clean my suede sneakers

Clean suede shoes

Here you will find valuable tips for cleaning your suede shoes and find out which home remedies will really help you.

Suede, suede or suede are generally more difficult to clean than types of leather with a smooth surface. Because the rough types of leather are sensitive to water, incorrect cleaning can easily result in stains or greasy spots. If you have to wash suede, you should always treat the entire shoe and not try to wash out individual stains or edges.

It is also very important that you roughen the suede shoes with a soft brush after washing them. If you want to save yourself too frequent cleaning, impregnate the shoes immediately after buying them. The impregnation spray not only protects against moisture, but also has a dirt-repellent effect. Nevertheless, you should brush the shoes with the velvety surface after each use.

Even if you store your suede shoes unused in the closet for several months, brushing is necessary, because unfortunately suede shoes attract much more dust than shoes with a smooth surface.

Clean bright suede shoes

Even if you should dust off suede shoes every time you wear them, that doesn't mean that you always have to get to work with the wire brush. If your shoe is only slightly dusty, a soft brush made from natural hair (ideally wild boar bristles) is sufficient. If it is very dirty, use a fine wire brush to set it to work.

After removing the superficial dust comes the deep cleaning:

  1. If the shoe is still dirty after being brushed, a suede spray is used.
  2. Use it to spray the light-colored suede shoes from all sides.
  3. And brush it off again with the suede brush. This time brush until no more dirt can be seen. Then let the shoes dry.
  4. After every wet cleaning, you have to waterproof your light-colored suede shoes. Spray both shoes evenly with the waterproofing spray.
  5. To keep the light color better, you can then also apply a colorless liquid care product for suede.
  6. When the suede shoes have dried after this operation, the leather is roughened again with a fine brush.

Tips: When impregnating, never hold the spray bottle too close to the suede shoes. A minimum distance is necessary so that the spray mist can be distributed evenly over the surface (observe manufacturer's instructions).

To even out ugly creases, you should always either stuff your suede shoes with newspaper or use a shoe tree for storage.

Grease stains: clean suede shoes

Grease stains on shoes made of suede are particularly bad, as the leather with its velvety surface absorbs the grease immediately. Therefore, especially with suede shoes: act quickly! As a first aid measure, carefully dab the stains off your shoes with a paper towel or paper towel. Do not press on or rub! In either case, you'd just work the grease deeper into the leather and enlarge the stains.

If no more fat can be sucked out of the shoes with the paper towel, proceed as follows:

  • Spray the grease stains completely with Dry shampoo. Use dry shampoo for blonde hair for light-colored shoes, and shampoo for dark hair for dark shoes.
  • Let the home remedy work.
  • Once the hair shampoo has sucked the grease out of your shoes, brush it out with a soft brush.
  • If the stains have not disappeared, you have to repeat the process.
  • Don't forget to waterproof your shoes after cleaning
  • then roughen the suede again with a soft brush.

Tips: Instead of a special suede brush, you can also use an old, disused toothbrush for shoe care.

Only impregnate suede shoes on the balcony, terrace or with the window open. The spray contains toxic fumes which you should never inhale. Also make sure that neither children nor pets are nearby.

When brushing out stains, always work from the outside in so that the stains do not get any bigger.

Water stains: clean suede shoes

If you properly waterproof your suede shoes, you can largely avoid water stains. Nevertheless, in winter it is inevitable that snow and mud create edges on the suede shoes. But even when cleaning the shoes, heavy use of water can cause stains to form on the rough surface.

Water stains can be removed from suede shoes without much effort:

  1. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water.
  2. Dip a lint-free cotton cloth into the water and rub it off the shoes completely.
  3. Use only as much water as is necessary to remove the water marks or water marks.
  4. As soon as the shoes are uniformly wet, stuff them with newspaper and set them up to dry.
  5. Of course, the dried suede shoes have to be re-impregnated. To do this, hold the waterproofing spray against the shoes at the prescribed distance and spray them evenly.
  6. For the shot, roughen the surface of the nubuck leather shoes with a soft brush.

Tips: Do not place your suede shoes on or under the heater or in the blazing sun to dry. The leather does not tolerate the extreme heat and bleaches from strong sunlight.

Home remedies for salt stains on shoes: remove salt stains

Alternatively, if you don't want to rub the shoes with water, you can steam them in the shower. To do this, hang your shoes with the shoelaces on the shower rail and turn on the hot water. The rising water vapor will be distributed on the shoes and thus ensure even humidification. Then stuff the suede shoes with newspaper and let them dry.

Home remedies for cleaning suede shoes

Baby powder: As an alternative to dry shampoo, grease stains from suede shoes can be removed with baby powder. To do this, the spots are dusted with a thin layer of powder. Once the baby powder has absorbed the fat, it must be carefully brushed off. If the grease stains can still be seen, repeat the process.

Baking powder: Baking powder also sucks oil out of suede. To do this, sprinkle the oil stains with baking soda. Wait until the leavening agent has absorbed the oil from the shoes and then carefully brush it out. This process may have to be repeated several times.

Vinegar: Coffee, juice and tea stains can be removed from suede shoes with vinegar. To do this, first dab the stains with a paper towel. Then fill a bowl with vinegar and dip a lint-free cotton cloth. Gently rub the stains off the shoes. Then treat the wet stains like water stains. Danger: The home remedy may change the color. Try it out in an inconspicuous place first.

Mild detergent: You can also wet-clean the suede shoes with mild detergent. To do this, dissolve some mild detergent in lukewarm water. Soak a cotton cloth and rub the shoes evenly with it. Rinse with clean water and let the stuffed suede shoes dry. Don't forget to impregnate and roughen!

Upholstery foam is also suitable for cleaning suede. Spray your suede shoes evenly with upholstery foam, let the foam soak in and then carefully brush it off. After drying, you need to impregnate the shoes and then roughen the leather again.

Eraser: With a rough eraser like the one sold for ink, stains from suede shoes can be easily erased. Do not press too hard or erase beyond the stains.

Detergent: As an alternative to the leather cleaning agent, use washing-up liquid. Fill a spray bottle with water and add a little washing-up liquid. Spray the suede shoes evenly, brush off the dirt and let the leather dry.

Cornstarch: With starch you suck water or fat from nubuck leather. To do this, sprinkle the stains evenly with cornstarch. Wait for the flour to pull the fat or water out of the suede and then gently brush it off. This process may have to be repeated.

Dry shampoo: Read here how to remove grease stains from suede shoes with dry shampoo.

Suede eraser: The leather eraser is a stain eraser. Rub the suede eraser over the stains from the outside inwards until they are gone. Then seal the suede with waterproofing spray and roughen the suede shoes up again.

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