Why is my father stumbling so much

Translation of "Vater ist" in English

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father is father's dad's dad is father was daddy's he's


My Father is a walking dictionary, so to speak.
My father is, so to speak, a walking dictionary.
Be Father is a high-ranking minister with great influence.
His father is a senior minister, with a great deal of influence.
your Father is in early Alzheimer's.
Your father's in the early stages of Alzheimer's.
My Father is sick for months.
Gabriels Father is dead for years.
His dad's been dead a couple years.
My Father is got completely foolish.
My dad's gone totally insane over this trip.
Your Father is extremely stubborn and foolish.
Your father's very stubborn and foolish, Gillian.
your Father is Economics professor at Stanford.
Her father's to economics professor at Stanford.
Your Father is apparently a gigantic traitor.
Turns out, your father is a big, giant sellout.
My Father is not very well read.
Josh's Father is a contract killer of the Russian mafia.
You see, Josh's father's an assassin with the Russian mafia.
A Father is committed to the truth.
Father is much nicer than before.
Father is finished with the terms of the contract.
Father's finished working out the treaty terms.
your Father is Detective superintendent in Baghdad.
Her father's a superintendent in the Baghdad police.
Allie's relationship with hers Father is more important than mine.
Allie's relationship with her father is more important than mine.
Your Father is grown up, he can decide for himself.
Well, your father's a grown man. I mean, he can make his own decisions.
Be Father is the head of the investigation team.
His father is the director of the detective team.
your Father is General in the Russian Army.
She can't dance, but her father is a general in the Russian army.
Mouth, yours Father is Plumber.
I can't see. Mouth, your father's a plumber.
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