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Working in Dubai: Tips for Job and Living in the UAE

Working where other make vacation? Our interview partner Roman Lude made this dream come true - he is Managing Director at AVANTGARDE Experts in Dubai. In this article you will find out how living and working in Dubai is, why it is worth emigrating there and how you can find a job yourself in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Career springboard Dubai: working and living in the world metropolis

Did you know that only 10 to 20 percent of people live in Dubai? Because the city is known for attracting people from all over the world. So also our interview partner Roman Lude, who works for AVANTGARDE Experts in Dubai:

Our interview partner: Roman Lude, Managing Director at AVANTGARDE Experts in Dubai

Roman Lude has been with AVANTGARDE Experts for more than five years - most recently in a management position at the Munich location. With the expansion to Dubai it was immediately clear to him that he wanted to take over the management on site and thus more responsibility. Not only did he lure him exciting tasks in an international environment and the Meeting of different cultures, but also the prospect of lying by the sea in February with 25 ° C and sunshine.

And as if that weren't enough reasons to immediately emigrate to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Roman Lude mentions another highlight: the Expo 2020that of October 2020 to April 2021 taking place world exhibition: "With more than 190 country pavilions and 17.5 million expected visitors from abroad, the Expo 2020 will be in this regard - in the style of Dubai - the one so far largest world exhibition in history. To be able to contribute by arranging project staff, hostesses and hosts is a great prospect. "

Working in Dubai: Hard facts about the Arab metropolis that you should know

In addition to the enthusiasm for his work area and the great opportunity to participate in Expo 2020, Roman Lude is also very satisfied with the work situation in Dubai:

“Basically, our working days hardly differ from those in Germany. Except that here from the office we don't look at the Alps like our Munich colleagues, but at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. What is exciting, however, is that there is much more emphasis on WhatsApp, LinkedIn and the like in business communication. Messenger services and social media are replacing telephone and e-mail in many areas. "

Before you decide on the office view of the Burj Khalifa, you should know some important facts about working in the UAE:

1. Salary & taxes in Dubai: gross = net

Roman Lude explained to us that a job in Dubai is not only ideally worthwhile, but also financially. Because: “The cost of living in a classic expat lifestyle is a little higher than in Germany, but in the United Arab Emirates zero percent direct taxes raised. Thus applies to the salaryGross equals net‘, If you observe the regulations of the double taxation agreement between Germany and the UAE."

In addition, the Salaries mostly even a little above the German leveleven if there are no collective agreements or a minimum wage in the UAE. Additional benefits such as housing benefits or a car from the employer make working in Dubai even more financially worthwhile.

2. Working hours and vacation entitlement: 40 hours and more

When asked what he first had to get used to, Roman Lude's answer came promptly: “The Working week that starts here on Sunday and goes through Thursday. Starting the weekend on Thursday evening: you get used to it quickly! Going to the office on a Sunday morning: Still feels strange even after more than a year. "

Roman Lude is still lucky with that. Because contrary to what his 5-day week suggests, the official still applies in Dubai 6 days a week. Only Friday is a religious holiday, similar to our Sunday. In addition, unlike in Germany, you are sometimes only expecting 20 vacation days.

Tip: It is best to keep this in mind when negotiating the contract and salary so that you can negotiate more vacation days.

Another special feature if you work in Dubai: Depending on the company, you may too over 40 hours a weekin the company spend. During Ramadan, on the other hand, working hours are often shorter.

3. Employee rights: check and take action yourself

Of course, there are also companies in Dubai that care about workers' rights and occupational health and safety. Nevertheless, you shouldn't automatically assume that German standards await you. Unfortunately, one cannot hope for unions or employee representatives in Dubai, because there are no such institutions there. It is therefore important that you check your employment contract carefully and, if necessary, actively negotiate points that are important to you.

4. Health insurance & pension: When the German coverage is sufficient

If you want to live in Dubai, you should do it before moving contact your health insurance company. It is best to find out whether it would still be valid if you moved to Dubai, which services it would take over and whether there may be exceptions to the validity.

As soon as your employment relationship starts in Dubai, you can alternatively also use the Health insurance provided by your employer, use. But this is then private. In this case, always check which services it includes.

Tip: You can find more information on the website of the Federal Office of Administration or the Federal Foreign Office.

By the way: If you want to live and work in Dubai, you should be aware that it is there no statutory pension or other social insurances there. There is also no social security agreement with Germany. So the following applies: take care of yourself. In view of the fact that you hardly have to pay any taxes in Dubai, this is easy to do.

Tip: You can find more information about this on the website of the German Pension Insurance.

5. English as a business language

Even if the official language is still Arabic is is English but very common, as Roman Lude explains: “The gathering of people from all over the world is of course also noticeable in the world of work. English is the lingua franca and, as is so often the case, communication is an important success factor when it comes to bringing together different ways of working in order to lead projects to success together. "

Tip: But language alone is not enough to survive in an international environment. In our article "International Business Etiquette - Dos & Dont's" you will find out many more important etiquette tips for your etiquette in Dubai: for example, that you prefer to forego an unadorned and direct "No" in the UAE and instead prefer indirect statements should pack.

6. Living and working as a woman in Dubai

Contrary to what you might expect, women in Dubai are hardly confronted with any major changes. Shoulders and knees should be covered with appropriate clothing, for example there is no obligation to wear a veil. Harassment is also severely punished. That means: as a woman you don't have to worry in Dubai.

Living in Dubai: This is your everyday life as an expat in the UAE

Working is not everything! That's why Roman Lude also revealed to us what his life is like after work:

“In most cases, the leisure program also does not differ much from the habits in Germany. Regardless of whether it is sport, dining with friends, cinema or the like - Of course, all of this is also possible here. Unlike in Germany, however, in the UAE you can easily go shopping after 8 p.m. if necessary. Most shops are open until midnight. Supermarkets usually even 24/7.

Convenience and customer service is capitalized here anyway. For example, there is valet parking everywhere. You can Around the clock Order food from all kinds of cuisines. Purchases are delivered. Upon request, the laundry can be picked up, cleaned and returned and if you still need help, the nearest service company is usually just a WhatsApp message away.

The weekend program then ranges from visits to the beach to excursions into the desert or the neighboring Emirates to the famous party brunches in the numerous hotels and (beach) clubs in the city. "

So that you can really enjoy your free time, we also have the following tips for you and your private life in Dubai:

1. Living: Expensive, but now and then furnished

It is best to start looking for an apartment as early as possible. Your employer will often help you with this, or you hire a broker. Even if the apartments in Dubai are very expensive, they are usually not yet furnished. With a bit of luck, however, you will find a chic apartment with a kitchen in one of the expat residential areas.

2. Driver's license: Rewriting is no problem

If you are only staying in the UAE for a short time, you can simply use your German driver's license. If, on the other hand, you work longer in Dubai, you should get a local driver's license. The authorities will then create a locally valid version based on your German driver's license. But be careful: A fee is due here and you need a letter from your employer.

3. Emigrate to Dubai with the family

Through a excellent healthcare and a School education at an international level Dubai is also interesting for emigrating there with the whole family.

Important to know: When moving to Dubai with the family, the working family member is the visa sponsor for the entire family. If he loses his job, the family must leave with him within 30 days.


Off to Dubai: solid tips for job hunting, visas & Co.

Can you now imagine working in Dubai for an (unlimited) time? Or have you been interested in an international career abroad for a long time? Then we have a few final tips for you - from looking for a job to the formalities for immigration:

1. Job search: An international network is so important

Qualified specialists are in demand in Dubai, including well-trained workers from Germany. Expats from the following areas are particularly popular:

  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Health care (nurses, doctors)

Search locally or abroad with a German employer?

As an employee in Dubai, our interview partner Roman Lude has a few special tips for you on how you can gain a foothold there:

“In my case, I took this step together with AVANTGARDE Experts, my German employer. More than 800 German companies have offices in the United Arab Emirates. If your current employer is among them, it is of course worthwhile in the first step Interview with HRto discuss the possibilities of an international move or even a posting. "

If your employer is not there or you are just starting your career, you have to consider various points:

“While there are often only a few applications coming in in Germany, the recruiters' mailboxes are literally overflowing here - there are often hundreds of applicants for a position. That is why many, especially better-known companies, rely on it own network or directly on us as Recruiting specialists. Since it is difficult to establish direct contact with the department heads from a distance, it is worthwhile to approach personnel service providers, similar to in Germany. "

This is how it works with your job in Dubai

“When the question arose who would take over the management of the new office in Dubai, I immediately raised my hand,” recalls Roman Lude. “If you also want to get started in Dubai, I would be happy to support you in your job search - have a look‘ now our current positions and get in contact with me! "

2. Apply for a visa: You need these documents

It is best to start looking for a job early, as a long-term residence permit is primarily linked to your job. You can find out which documents you need for your visa application from one of the UAE embassies in Berlin, Bonn or Munich.

Good to know: The processing time for the messages can take up to 12 weeks. The cost of the visa depends on the level of qualification in the job.

3. Labor Card & Co: What your employer takes care of

Do you have a job and a visa in your pocket? Excellent! Your employer will usually take care of the other formalities for your stay in Dubai, for example the Health Card (Health insurance card) or yours Labor Card (Work permit).

The best thing to do is to find out about the current status of the applications directly from your company.

4. Medical examination: a must when applying for a long-term visa

And last but not least, an important note: If you want to live in Dubai permanently, you have to get one first thorough medical examination undergo. The aim is to avoid the importation of communicable diseases.

Working and living in Dubai: take your chance!

Roman Lude advises you to ensure that your international career in Dubai is a complete success:

“Dubai is a very fast-moving city. This also applies to filling vacant positions. I therefore recommend that you apply quickly once you have found a suitable position. If you have any questions, my team and I will be happy to help you! "

Discover jobs in Dubai now

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If you are still in the preparation phase and are currently building your network for a start abroad, we will give you seven tips for your business networking in our article "Successful Networking".


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