Are sweet potatoes keto


Sweet Potato Casserole - is low carb, not ketogenic. At least a portion with 30g of carbohydrates is worth it. This is probably fine if you only eat one meal a day ...

It's been quite a while since we baked this sweet potato casserole. It was before Christmas, at a time when we were eating a little more carbohydrates at times.

One serving here has about 30g of carbohydrates, so it's not for those of us who (have to) calculate extremely. We no longer calculate or count, but eat according to hunger and appetite. As a low carb, the recipe here goes easily, it is not ketogenic. But super tasty and healthy.

The almonds are a special highlight of the recipe. Usually you don't put them in a casserole. In combination with the sweet potatoes, they are really delicious and give the dish that certain something.

Do you also know these discussions about whether sweet potatoes are better than normal potatoes? Of course, in the ketogenic diet, you should make sure to eat foods with less than 5g of carbohydrates per 100g of food and, above all, to avoid starchy vegetables. This would theoretically mean that the sweet potato would be immediately out of the selection.

However, sweet potatoes also contain a lot of nutrients, especially a lot of carotene as well as vitamins E and C. And since my daily diet is not only about counting carbohydrates, protein or fat, but also about which nutrients you consume takes, I say very clearly: every now and then it can also be sweet potato. Just not every day. It's like the recipes with pumpkin, like the pumpkin casserole.