Hiring McDonalds 14 year olds

Do you have any further questions?

At what age can I work at McDonald's?

In principle, you can work at McDonald’s from the age of 15. The prerequisite, however, is that you have already completed compulsory full-time schooling (9-10 years depending on the federal state). Therefore, you can usually only accept a job at McDonald’s from the age of 16.

Do I have to pay for my work clothes myself?

No, your work clothes will be provided. All you have to do is buy your shoes yourself - after all, you know what is most comfortable for you. Important: It must be non-slip black work shoes. Your restaurant manager can help you!

Do I need instruction in accordance with the Infection Protection Act (health certificate)?

In addition to good service and delicious products, hygiene is the be-all and end-all in gastronomy. That's why everyone needs a health certificate. This initial instruction according to the Infection Protection Act is carried out by the health department or a doctor approved for this purpose. You can find more information on the homepage of your health department.

What can I expect on the first day?

First, your shift leader shows you around the restaurant and you get to know your team. Then you will be shown what you have to do at the individual stations. Since no master has fallen from heaven yet, you will get to know all processes and tasks step by step in the first few weeks.

Can I choose my station?

Service or kitchen? Everyone has different talents, that's why we try to deploy you where you feel comfortable. However, all employees are employed in the rotation system. This means that every employee must be fit at all stations and can also be deployed there.

What happens if I'm sick?

The collective agreement stipulates that you will receive continued payment in the event of illness. But always make sure to inform your shift supervisor as early as possible if you are not doing well. After all, he is relying on you to come and has to consider your absence in his shift schedule. Don't forget your certificate!

Do you also offer summer jobs / trial internships?

If you want to earn some extra money during your vacation, we also offer vacation jobs at many of our locations. The best thing to do is to look directly on our job exchange to see if something is currently vacant in your area. If you want to get a taste of us first, that is of course also possible - this is a great option with a holiday job. If something like this is too long for you, just ask in the restaurant of your choice whether something shorter or a student internship is possible.

What are my working hours?

Your working hours are regulated in the collective agreement. So if you work full-time, you have a 39-hour week. We also work in a shift system in the restaurant. This means that your working hours can be very different. This is useful, for example, when you are writing exams and need time to study. As a rule, your restaurant manager will take this into account. For our trainees under 18, of course, the Youth Labor Protection Act applies.

How long is the trial period?

The trial period for crew employees (i.e. all positions that you can find in the search for "employees in the restaurant") lasts three months. The probationary period is 6 months for all management positions. When you start an apprenticeship, there is a 4 month trial period.