What are the latest fashions for women

The 5 most important fashion trends for 2021

New year, new look! The turn of the year brings not only good resolutions and lofty plans, but also things that are really fun, for example the new ideas of designers and fashion houses.

Whereby "new" doesn't always mean really new. You are then usually faced with the question: Can the contents of your wardrobe withstand a fashion check? Where should you sort out and touch up? Here you can see at a glance which fashion trends will be popular in the coming months.

What are the biggest fashion trends in 2021?

Right at the top of the trend are colorful mixes of patterns, comfortable colored suits and clothes in a casual oversized look. If you like it tight, you will look forward to the new year. Bralettes, ultra-short mini-skirts and shorts are very popular. But see for yourself, here are the top 5 fashion trends for 2021:

1. Pattern mix is ​​now very popular

How was the old lyre again? Just don't combine too many patterns with each other, it quickly looks overloaded and you look like a clown. Nonsense, everything goes! Well, it takes some styling skills, but you can figure that out quickly!

You play it safe if you stick to the black and white mix like the Armani designers. Of course, all other tones go well with black and white, as Louis Vuitton shows. Also cool: combine different patterns in tones of one color family. Warm shades of brown, beige and yellow, as with MIU MIU, create a 70s flair and a harmonious overall picture.

Mixing patterns is the trend, as here at Giorgio Armani, MIU MIU and Louis Vuitton

2. Suits will be comfortable in 2021

Fashion will be relaxed in 2021! Home office loungewear makes it onto the street - and even into the office. Really! Blazers and office trousers are now available in extra-wide cuts and made of cuddly, soft materials such as sweat fabric, silk and satin.

So that the whole thing looks elegant and not too comfortable, it is best to combine it with tight tops and elegant shoes. Tip: Monochrome looks from one color family have a particularly elegant effect. Sage tones like those at Hugo Boss and AMI are particularly trendy in 2021.

Tip: If you need help on how to properly combine pastel colors, we will help you here.

Hugo Boss, Soeren Le Schmidt and AMI (from left to right) show oversized suits

3. In 2021 the cuts cannot be wide enough

You now know that loose-fitting suits are trendy. The oversized look will also accompany us in further fashion issues in 2021: from XL trench coats to baggy jeans. The oversized trend comes in a wide variety of styles and is the absolute favorite trend in our fashion editorial team in 2021. Since the home office days, we've only wanted one thing anyway: comfortable clothes!

At Lemaire, Etro, Louis Vuitton (from left to right) it cannot be voluminous enough

4. Bralettes are the top trend in 2021

The belly-free trend goes on and on and on. This year it can be even tighter: instead of crop tops, bralettes are in fashion, i.e. light bustiers without underwire and reinforcements. The narrow bandeau tops show a lot of skin. We recommend it in everyday life with high-cut trousers and skirts so that the stomach is not completely exposed. Over it an oversized jacket and the trend look 2021 is ready.

Bralettes are the top trend at Remain, Hugo Boss and Genny (from left to right)

5. Mini skirts and mini shorts

Short, shorter, 2021: The next year will definitely be tight when it comes to skirts and shorts. Whether patterned like with Isabel Marant, in eye-catching lemon yellow like with MIU MIU or in ultra-short tweed like with Remain - minis have high season in the coming summer season.

So that the whole thing doesn't get too naked, we recommend high-necked tops or long-sleeved pieces such as blouses and blazers. It's best to wear tights underneath in spring. In our pantyhose guide, we'll tell you how nobody will notice that you are wearing one.

Isabel Marant, MIU MIU and Fendi (from left to right) show XS shorts and short skirts for 2021

Now you know what's hot. But: fashion trends or not, wear what you like. The most important factors when choosing clothes are personality and individual style. And if that's different items of clothing or all trends at once: it doesn't matter. The main thing is that you feel good!

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