Why are minimalist watches becoming more popular

The five latest watch trends for 2018

In 2018, watches - despite smartphones & Co. - are still very much in vogue and are stylish companions in everyday life and on special occasions. The range of wristwatches for women and men is correspondingly broad. We give you an overview of the five hottest watch trends of 2018.

Trend 1: back to classic sizes

One thing has recently become clear: the trend towards giant watches with a case diameter of up to 60 millimeters is declining. More and more smaller models are being added to the range by dealers because demand is increasing. Midsize is the new favorite size that manufacturers have also adjusted to. The Rolex Yacht-Master - a classic among men's watches - with its case diameter of approx. 37 millimeters is currently very trendy. The exclusive models of the Omega Planet Ocean 36 are also among the smaller watches and are absolutely trendy this year.

In addition to current trends, personal preference and wrist size naturally also determine which watch will become your personal favorite in 2018. In our blog post “The right watch size for your wrist” we give you recommendations for choosing the right watch size regardless of the current fashion.

Trend 2: New materials

Most watches are made from classic precious metals such as steel, titanium and gold. However, alternative materials such as carbon and ceramics are enjoying increasing popularity. Carbon in particular is often predicted to be the material of the future. We can at least confirm to you that this year it will increasingly be found on the wrist. There are a number of reasons for this. The innovative material carbon has numerous properties that make it ideal for use in jewelry and watches. It is particularly kind to the skin, noticeably light, pleasant to the touch and impresses with its matt black color.

Ceramic clocks are not new, but they are an issue again this year. Especially for allergy sufferers, they are a great alternative to metal clocks. The material is also exceptionally scratch-resistant, is practically not subject to corrosion and quickly adapts to body temperature. As a result, ceramic watches are perceived as very pleasant on the skin. The unmistakable sheen of the material also gives the watches an impressive exclusivity, as is the case here with the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean made of black ceramic.

Bronze is also currently in great demand. Over time, this material changes its surface due to external influences, giving the watch a unique look. Laco shows this trend, for example, with its pilot's watch heirloom.

Here the incomparable character is underlined once again in a very special way. Anyone looking for an alternative to steel or gold is definitely right on trend with a bronze watch.

Trend 3: vintage watches

For several years now, the interest in vintage watches has been growing. What makes these watches so popular? The classic, timelessly beautiful designs have outlasted the decades and various fashion trends and their flair from earlier times makes us indulge in past times and pause in hectic everyday life. The demand for vintage watches is increasing, as with this nostalgically beautiful Rolex Oysterdate Precision.

No question about it: vintage watches with their timelessly beautiful design are right on trend.

Trend 4: Minimalist watches

When it comes to fashion, jewelry and interiors, a minimalist style has long been popular. The world of watches is now joining this trendy style, which is often also a figurehead for expensive and trendy designer pieces. Minimalism means reducing to the essentials. Superfluous items such as decorative elements are dispensed with and the clock is limited to its basic function - precisely displaying the time.

Minimalist watches are restrained and striking at the same time, like this NOMOS ladies watch from Glashütte. This characteristic, which is not only appreciated in watches, clearly has the potential to become the watch trend in 2018.

Trend 5: New edition of old classics

Do you love the design and charm of old watch models, but don't want to forego the advantages of modern materials, functions and technologies? Highly watertight, comfortably lockable wristbands and guarantees like those for a new purchase are important to you? Then you will be thrilled, because new editions of old classics, as the renowned manufacturers Rolex and Omega regularly celebrate, are absolutely trendy.

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In our shop in downtown Stuttgart, we would be happy to advise you personally on watch trends for 2018. At watch.de you will find an extensive selection of trendy wristwatches. Your personal taste ultimately decides which watch model will become your trend piece for 2018.