What are your favorite airports abroad

The most beautiful and extraordinary airports in the world

A few months ago I called for the blog parade “The best airport in the world”. I wanted to hear airport stories from all over the world. Perhaps also the one or the other tip for travelers, where you can best eat at a certain airport or pass the time while changing planes. In the course of the blog parade, many nice posts came together, which I would like to present to you again here.

Travel bloggers reveal their favorite airports

Mandy from Braids Life lists several of her favorite airports, including Zurich, Copenhagen and Düsseldorf. But she also has some other tips for you, for example that a window seat on the way to JFK Airport in New York is worthwhile and also when leaving Rio de Janeiro from Santos Dumont Airport, because the arrivals and departures are from these airports particularly spectacular.

In addition to tips on her favorite airports, Mandy also lists a few particularly uncomfortable and less recommendable airports in the world. So take a look at her post.

Frankfurt Airport

On Reiseeule Liane talks about her favorites among the airports, for example her home airport Frankfurt and the airport in Singapore as the absolute number one. At Liane, however, there are also a few airports that do not do so well, for example Berlin Tegel. You can find out in her article what makes Changi International Airport in Singapore so excellent and what makes Berlin Tegel so horrible.

Albrecht Dürer Airport in Nuremberg

Barabara's heart beats for the airport in Nuremberg, in addition to the Changi International Airport in Singapore of course. On Barbara's playground, she reports that the Albrecht Dürer Airport in Nuremberg has all the characteristics of a top airport, whether for business or leisure travelers. Thanks to the good connection to public transport, the short distances in the terminal and the fast baggage handling, you save a lot of time when traveling and are guaranteed to arrive at your destination relaxed.

Changi International Airport in Singapore

Carola from travelingcarola is clearly also a fan of the airport in Singapore. Anyone who makes a stopover there need not be afraid of boredom. The entertainment program at Changi International Airport ranges from a city tour to a cinema to various botanical gardens that you can visit.

In addition to Singapore, Zurich is also one of their favorites when it comes to airports. The savings tips she gives about the Swiss airport are particularly practical.

Graz Airport

At Gin des Lebens, Ines and Thomas tell you about their experiences at countless airports around the world. They cannot quite diplomatically decide on their favorite airport. But they talk about their home airport in Graz and the advantages of this small airport.

The most extraordinary airports in the world

Many travel bloggers have also used the blog parade to talk about the most extraordinary airports. Because I liked this topic development so much, I joined it without further ado and wrote about my experiences with airports in the outback in Australia. I am mainly reporting from the airports in Mount Isa and Hell’s Gate in the Northern Territory. But other travel bloggers have also had very unique experiences at extraordinary airports.

Rurrenabaque in Bolivia

In the north-west of Bolivia, Sabine von Ferngeweht had rather unconventional experiences at Rurrenabaque airport. Long walks in the airport building, overcrowded departure lounges and long queues at the security checkpoint are rather nil. You can find out how relaxed it is at the small airport of Rurrenabaque in Sabine's article.

Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla, Nepal

Dennis from the goandtravel travel blog reports on his experiences at the world's most dangerous airport. In Nepal, Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla is an incredible 2,846 meters above sea level. The short runway ends at a slope about 600 meters deep, which means that you either have to take off or take off at the end of the runway, because there is no real alternative. Well then, it's nice that Dennis survived the landing and take-off at this extraordinary airport.

Princess Juliana International Airport on St. Maarten

There is a very special airport in the Caribbean, which is particularly known for its approach. Cornelia from Silver Travelers paid a visit to Princess Juliana International Airport on St. Maarten to watch the planes approach. To be precise, Cornelia visited Maho Beach, because from there you can experience first hand how the large and small planes land just a few meters above the heads of the bathers.

Lord Howe Island in Australia

The airport on Lord Howe Island in Australia is also rather unusual. The small island on which the airport is located is about 780 kilometers from Sydney in the sea. Even the flight in the propeller plane was a real adventure for Miuh von Insider Tip Travel, not to mention landing on the short runway. The moment she got off the plane, however, she knew immediately that the airport on Lord Howe Island was something very special and fell in love with the charming little airport.

Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal

By dreaming you will get impressions of the Tribhuvan International Airport in Katmandu. Another airport in Nepal that is rather unusual. Where else in the world is the runway closed because of a leopard? But read for yourself what else makes this airport so beautiful and unique.

Conclusion on the airports of the world

The best airport is arguably the undisputed Changi International Airport in Singapore, at least it has been mentioned more than once as a favorite airport by travel bloggers. Nevertheless, it is not always just the pompous and huge airports that leave a lasting positive impression on travelers, but above all the small airports in unusual places, which because of their extraordinary flair are out of line.

With this in mind, I wish you a good trip and don't underestimate the airports, because that's where the journey begins. Perhaps you too will soon have a very special experience at an airport in the world that is worth telling an anecdote about.

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