What is your dream engagement ring

Dream interpretation what dreams the wedding. Dream interpretation: what is the wedding ring Miller's Dream Book - You find a meeting with relatives

If you have seen beautiful wedding ring Or a ring in your dream, know that most of the time it is good. Silver or gold ring personifies friendship, support, support and commitment. However, dream installs say that sometimes such a dream becomes a harbinger of not-too-auspicious events.

If the wedding ring is gold, it can lead to the breakdown of relationships with men. When such a woman who has a constant partner in life, such a dream is about possible quarrels and discord, which in the end can lead to separation.

For a girl who goes into brides or women a dream about a wedding ring from a wedding ring - a bad sign, the same thing that the loss of rings in real life is bad. Find in sleep. lost ring - a very good sign for your family and personal life.

Such a dream looks at a calm and calm life with a spouse, and the relationship that began to learn will reappear, the first passion will return with the same force.

If in a dream the girl puts the ring on her finger on her lover - the dream symbolizes the loyalty of this person and the seriousness of his intentions. If in a dream the girl has difficulty choosing the ring, perhaps in life, then she is disappointed on the chosen partner.

To give someone a wedding ring in a dream means that your lover can use your kindness and gullibility.

If you are a married woman, and you dream how to try on the wedding ring, you need to take care of your spouse. Maybe he's not getting quite enough attention on your part. If you buy a wedding ring in a dream, you can wait for a romantic gift. From your husband. If you dream that the young man will put you on the ring finger wedding ring - it means that in your real life it is completely uncomfortable in your real life, with uncomfortable obligations.

Wedding ring in a man's dream

If in a dream a non-native man sees a wedding ring, or maybe even two - it is a sign that a man will soon meet a girl in whom they will fall in love and, most likely, also decide to enter into marriage. But this is only if there are no manipulations in a dream with rings.

An indispensable attribute. wedding celebration, symbol of mutual love, conjugal loyalty and family happiness. Both in reality and in a dream. To find out why the wedding ring is dreaming, try to remember what feelings were in a dream.

If you have a pleasant excitement, joy, warm, look at the wedding ring, then the great thing is related to spiritual and love experiences. In the case where they were perceived as a different decoration, without experiencing special emotions, the dream marks you as an ambitious, successful leader. Career will go uphill.

Ring on my finger: what does it mean?

Depending on the nuances of the gree dream interpreters can interpret this dream image in different ways:

Loss or damage to decoration

The loss or damage to the wedding ring appears extremely sad and is often perceived as a bad sign. Symbol of eternal love, lost or broken in a dream, also interpreted as a negative omen.

The unmarried dream of the lost decoration warns that gossip and jealous swords contradict their good name. Restoring the reputation will be difficult. The only way to avoid problems is to live honor and justice without suffering from other people. Try not to argue with someone and try not to communicate with dubious personalities.

It does not inspire optimism and ring, ring in a dream with a finger on the floor. In reality, you will find that your ugly act will coordinate all of the close people.. Think about other people's feelings to avoid family scandals.

If unmarried woman dream how to look for a lost ring, then there is no business in reality to their opinion and desires.. For him in the first place himself. Is it worth saving a similar union, break up?

The ring flew out of your finger - fate would like to test you for strength, sit a test.

Searching without decoration can reflect confusion in the feelings of a dream. He's not sure what's ready for serious relationship, especially for marriage. The thought of the wedding causes spiritual discomfort. You can get rid of it, just make up your mind what you really want.

Just to remove the ring from the finger predicts the quarrel and taming in the family.

If a married woman was harmful to the theft of wedding accessories at night, in real life, the spouse thinks to the side by the side. Or has already changed with an adversary who wants to guide your husband.

The main interpretation of a tainted wedding ring betrayal. Already achieved or only planned.

Dimunter, bent, broken ring speaks about the protracted problems of problems in personal life. Relationships with a partner are not stuck together. Delaying the final pause lasts only psychological only psychological and destroys the remnants of warm feelings that occur to one another. Not only personal problems, but also parents, enemies can be forced.

Broken finally divided into two parts wedding decoration predicts anger, stress and apathy. And also takes care of the partner forever after the grand scandal. They stop all communication.

In the interpretation of dreams, it becomes apparent what exactly the ring was brought to you: on Unnamed - advance intimate relationships. With a stranger; Break the ring on the indicator - divorce awaits you; on a large or average family quarrel; On Mizinza - maybe a partner is wrong with you.

If the engagement ring broke when it was put on, the conflict of interest arises. Career will go into decline. Health problems can appear. If such a problem happened with the golden decoration, do not share anything with my spouse. With silver - controversial situation at work.

Broke out a specially foreign ring - will be attending with a loved one because of your own unacceptable behavior. Do not ask too much from your loved one, do not look for defects in any case, and harmony and a relaxed atmosphere will come into the house.

Cracked on the finger - against breach of loyalty: locked your partner in bed with another or another.

In a dream of a married woman, a broken decoration predicts a bossless disease.

Burned ring in a dream on right hand.Someone from relatives, then in reality this person can make a disruption in your family. In order to avoid conflict, try not to invite this relative to visit for some time.

Blackened or rusty

Nothing good ahebudowed dreams where the wedding ring was a black or coated layer of rust.

Dream of rusty, do you remember the ring prepares a dream for a difficult life. They become failures, sudden illnesses that naturally cause depression. Having a big argument with someone of your family or close friends is likely to break the relationship. Also covered with rzhoy decoration, it is a symbol of wideming. And according to the dream of Ezopa, loneliness for a long time promises.

Greta recommends drawing more attention to his second half. Do not hide anything from your loved one so that secrets or insincerity do not spoil the relationship.

If you have dreamed how in vain tried to get rid of rust on the ring, then you will soon find yourself in a situation that will make you very grave. If the decoration is cleaned easily, the trouble will soon be left behind, life will gradually improve.

Black ring in a dream - sign unkind. All problems available in reality are exacerbated. For example, friction will peak at work, you can even force yourself. When you get sick, your health worsens even more. Speatical recovery. You don’t have to wait.

The girl is such a dream that indicates the evil, envious man In her surroundings, which makes the maximum effort to spoil her life. The dark ring can warn the groom ONLY after canceling the wedding because of the best friend bride.

The dark decoration often dreams of a family scandal or a quarrel between the beloved. To financial problems or illnesses. Find either. common language with a detractor. If you found and tried such a decoration, then attacked the source yourself. Receive as a gift - will come from outside.

Washed the blackened accessories - in your world the world will rule, with the second half you will long and happily live life together.

Acquisition, Gift, Find

Choosing and buying a wedding decoration in a dream interprets a dream relationship with the opposite sex. If you have acquired a ring gemstonesdecorated with a beautiful ornament, then we expect gallant gentlemen, exquisite compliments, beautiful bouquets.

Buy two wedding rings in the jewelry parlor - a man is such a junk appeared in the near future marriage on the girl of his dreams.

Found - meet new people, meet new love. Even if the relationship is not crowned with marriage, there will always be a devotee next to you. Unreasonable hopes can appear. Interpretation of dreams Ezop advises in favor of fate, but on their own strength.

If the decoration in a dream gave you a loved one, then in reality, he genuinely loves you and wants to become your spouse.. The ring was more beautiful and glittering, the faster it goes into the office. Married lady, such a dream, throws a wonderful surprise that was prepared by her husband.

If there is no fan next to a woman ready to ask her hands, then make sure that such a man will definitely appear.

You yourself presented someone with a ring - in reality, you are experiencing that person's tender feelings.

The wedding ring seldom dreams so seldom. This is usually a sign of future change, sometimes fateful. However, if the wedding decoration was in a dream right away, before going to a jewelry store or a few days before marriage, then you should not look for some hidden meaning in a dream. Most likely, and in the kingdom of Morpheus, don't go over the upcoming event.

What dreams a wedding ring in a dream in dreams

The dream interpretation examines the wedding ring as a symbol of new relationships, friendship, love, upcoming marriage.

Relationships will develop quickly, new feelings will take hold in your head. You will enjoy every moment.

Who dreamed the wedding ring Where was the wedding ring in a dream What did you do with a wedding ring in a dream? What kind of wedding ring dreamed of What happened to the wedding ring? How many wedding rings have dreamed of?

Who dreamed the wedding ring

Unmarried girl There is a wedding ring - to attach to marriage. Future family relationships Will be harmonious and happy with no major problems.

Married woman dreamed of a wedding ring

Sleeping over the wedding ring for a married woman means receiving a pleasant surprise from the spouse. The gift is long awaited, gives a lot of positive feelings.

Male dreams wedding ring

The wedding ring for a man in a dream promotes a quick conclusion of the marriage or business union. In any case, the relationship will be long, harmony and mutual understanding will be established in the family.

Where was the wedding ring in a dream

Dreamed wedding ring on finger

What dreams the wedding ring on the finger It is necessary to take over the implementation of new cases in implementation in implementation where you can count on luck. Fortune will prefer you, everything will turn out better.

See the engagement ring on hand in a dream

The engagement ring was dreamed of his hand - in the reality where you are sacred, follow the agreement. Chances are, you may want to control things in progress independently or follow the work of the rest.

See a wedding ring on a man's finger in a dream

Dream interpretation interprets a wedding ring on a man's finger as excessive seriousness. It will most likely concern the arrangement with someone. Try to make it easier to handle.

What did you do with a wedding ring in a dream?

Lose the wedding ring in a dream

It dreams how the wedding ring will be lost - your marriage will be unhappy. Those who are not married are threatened with separation. Lonely dream saw unwanted love.

Find a wedding ring in a dream

Sleeping over the wedding ring that was found is a strengthening sign of financial reality. The likelihood of interesting acquaintances who will benefit is also great.

Wear a wedding ring in a dream

Wear a wedding ring in a dream - an assistant will appear in reality. He will be around even in the confusing situation and will deal with unsolved problems.

Remove the engagement ring in a dream

What dreams to remove the wedding ring? This dream is an unfavorable sign. It promises separation or separation with lover. Family people divorced.

Choose a wedding ring in a dream

He dreamed of choosing a wedding ring - in reality it will seriously think about the choice between gentlemen. All are good and you are hard to choose.

What dreams to buy a wedding ring

Trauminterpretations Baumstätten interprets the purchase of a wedding ring as confusion as confusion in choosing its second half. Several people of the opposite sex will pay attention to you, but only one can stay around.

What dreams wear wedding ring

Dream that we will wear the wedding ring - reappear happy marriage. See the commitment - for a girl, a dream is an alarming sign. Unpreserved men should be avoided.

Try a wedding ring in a dream

Sleeping over the matching rings looks at the long-awaited onslaught of happy moments. We can talk about material well-being or a meeting of a person who can become a satellite of life. Accepting someone else's wedding ring speaks of your traction to temptations.

What kind of wedding ring dreamed of

Dreamed gold wedding ring

Gold wedding ring in a dream is a symbol of reliable, strong relationships from lovers, which can last for a long time. Dreaming promises good luck, happiness, wealth in the family.

Dream broken wedding ring

What dreams a cracked wedding ring Vision sees a quarrel, a quarrel breaking relationships to part with the beloved. Infidelity in the relationship not excluded, betrayal by one of the partners.

See you in a dream burst wedding ring

I dreamed of a burst wedding ring - misfortune comes in family life, parting, breaking relationships is possible for lovers. Ring on the hand bursts close man - can be disputes, conflict situations. About this person.

What dreams cut out the wedding ring

The drowned wedding ring is interpreted as a dream as a forerunner of imaging disputes, conflicts. Family respects due to mutual household misunderstandings about one another.

Dreamed someone else's engagement ring

Slow down someone else's engagement ring - maybe you made the wrong choice in finding life. When things are aroused, look at other options that fate has made available. It's never too late to change anything.

See a wooden wedding ring

A dream about a wooden wedding ring sees a long, meticulous work that is necessary to gain real family happiness. Your efforts will be fully rewarded.

Wedding rings are shot

See wedding rings in a dream - to the unity of the couple, their hearts and their destiny. Will be married, able to give long and happy family life. You made the right choice.

Dream that the wedding ring is great

What dreams the wedding ring is big is great? Unknown character. Difficulties are expected, problems in the way of achieving goals due to these important commitments. A large wedding ring symbolizes thoughts about marriage.

Dreamed male wedding ring

A male wedding ring dreamed - for a woman, a dream idea to get rid of a number of difficulties, problems, the solutions of which are usually dealt with with stronger sex.

See a black wedding ring in a dream

Falname's Dream Book describes a black wedding ring as a breakdown in married relationships, the appearance of distrust in the family. There are too many accusations and resentments in your relationship that can lead to a divorce.

What happened to the wedding ring?

Cracked the wedding ring in a dream

It dreams that the wedding ring is cracked, there is a serious disease in one of the spouses. Take care and be careful about the symptoms of laundry, otherwise serious health problems should not be avoided.

Gave a wedding ring in a dream

Sleep over a presented wedding ring that results in receiving a proposal of a hand and heart from the lover. The more beautiful a ring was, the more beautiful the date of the long-awaited events will come.

How many wedding rings have dreamed of?

Why dream two wedding rings

To see two wedding rings in a dream - on the marriage of two hearts in love. Rings are clips and are in hand - on your own wedding. When someone stops, they will receive an invitation to a close relative's wedding.

What is a married girl from a wedding ring?

Wedding ring in a dream symbolizes marriage, communication, mutual relationship. It is not always due to the relationship between a man and a woman, a wedding ring in a dream can mean business relations, business union. The more expensive and the qualitative ring was brought into a dream, the stronger these relationships will be.

If a married girl dreams of a wedding ring, then such a dream means that there is little and warm draft with her husband, and perhaps in the near future it is waiting, in the near future, waiting for him to betray on his part. That is why it is worth thinking about your second half and not forgetting it. If it dreams that a married girl puts a wedding ring on her husband, then such a dream symbolizes the fortress of their marriage and a strong relationship. If she puts the wedding ring on another man, such a dream means that the girl was confused with the choice of her husband, and she should think about living with this person.

If a married girl buys a wedding ring in a dream, then this girl is waiting for a pleasant surprise from her husband, it can be a dear gift or a romantic trip. The more expensive the ring was in a dream, the more expensive gift. It is worth waiting for.

If a married girl tries different rings of yours in a dream, it means that she is chosen on her and is not sure whether she made up her mind. If the ring falls out of his finger, it means that in the future it can be discussed with her husband for some reason. If, on the contrary, the wedding ring is insufficient and not nailed to the finger, then such a dream means that these doubts will be tormented by a girl throughout the period of marriage, but it will go from her husband and will not decide and not decide the difficulties in marriage will continue all the time.

If the wedding ring breaks the wedding ring in a dream, such a dream means that the marriage has almost fallen apart, and there is quite a lot of time for its redemption. Marital homes wedding ring of the married girls in a dream foreshadow changes in family life. She should see such a dream, should she think it is possible that there are problems in her marriage, and she should deal with her decision on a rush job. Of course, the wedding ring for a married girl does not always promise negative changes, but most often it is just that it happens that Nonon is not upset, because everything can be corrected, the main thing is to want.

An important role in such a dream plays what material consists of a ring. If the ring is gold and beautiful, then the dream can be considered safe. If the ring is made of simple metal, then such a dream is inclined misfortune, poverty and material difficulties.

Having understood what a married girl dreams of, the wedding ring is not upset, since the resulting interpretation is only a signal to action, and if you take it seriously and find the root of the problems, it is always possible to do something in life change the better.

What is dreaming on your finger

Men and women love to adorn themselves and wear a ring on their finger. When there is no money for expensive limited, wedding or worn not expensive but high quality jewelry. Wearing the rings on your finger gives some of them status in their own eyes. The more expensive rings, the higher the status.

Sometimes rings can be seen in a dream and want to know what dream is about a ring on the finger?

Ring or ring in a dream symbolizes strength and marriage. Foresee the formation of a solid union between people or business partners. It can impose a position on the acquisition of authority and power. The ring on a certain man's finger warns of a proposal to join the Union and be responsible for their words and promises.

The expensive ring on the finger marks the person of power curdled by the authorities and, due to the circumstances, may not be able to refuse the duties assigned to him

The family recognizable ring in a dream can indicate a specific owner or dynasty. And transfer the negative characteristics of representatives of this surname.

Ring decorated with a large claw to make important acquaintances with influential people

Wear a ring on one finger to a huge success and a new love adventure.

Attract the hand of the golden ring to the fulfillment of wishes, happy relationship And to the wedding.

The ring in the form of a print can personally register the heir or the continuer of the case or the teaching devotee.

To see in a dream in which many beautiful rings on their hands shade cheap offers with real estate and the conclusion of advantageous contracts.

Rings on Their Arms Unknown People They talk about growing well being and making new acquaintances with the right people.

Ring in a dream can symbolize and a closed circle of unsolved problems, unnecessary attachments, loyalty and oaths

To keep a loved one finger on the loyalty and seriousness of intentions in this love alliance.

Getting a ring from a loved one in a dream means the determination of the beloved to devote himself to the bride in the present and in the future

The ring on the finger dreams of a wedding or the birth of a child.

Wear a wedding ring on one finger for an intimate connection.

To be in a dream that was forcibly accepted to marry without love or special desire

See your own wedding ring on someone else's finger for divorce.

An amazing man who accepts the wedding ring, whose hand means unexpected help in solving problems.

Wearing a wedding ring in a dream without marriage, viewed a happy marriage, love and respect from all family members.

Measure another person's engagement ring, talk to other spouses about the secret love for forbidden joys.

To see in a dream, wedding rings on acquaintances do not have any binding relationships with these people binding.

Bright and brilliant engagement ring on the finger of a married woman, she will appreciate good marriage, without any particular difficulties and loyalty to her husband.

In the event that a person measures a lot of rings in a dream, and none approaches him in size, then he speaks of nature carried. Such a person has no genuine attachment to people in the real world.

Fallen with hands in bad bad sign to divorce or divorce losses.

Losing a ring in a dream and trying to find it unsuccessfully to find it, talking about unfair and disrespect from the loved one and having a break with him.

Loss of ring warns of bankruptcy and loss. Sometimes this can be dreamed of just before the divorce of the spouses, not allowed to indicate loyalty or the impending melting for treason.

The wedding or rings made of precious metals means the loss of old connections or new friends in their debt.

To find a ring in a dream says and an unexpectedly pleasant meeting with new acquaintances.

The wedding ring is broken, in a dream means breaking the relationship, without the possibility of reuniting spouses or lovers.

To remove the ring with your own hand and refuse in matters, parting with partners in the case and close.

Give the ring to the theme of your love for happiness in marriage.

Giving a ring to a stranger to lose.

Transfer a ring from hand to hand without accepting a finger for loss.

The golden ring on the finger dreams of good and well-being.

Copper ring for joy.

The silver ring is connected to the moon and dreams of a mystery of grief.

The iron ring with a solid stone looks tough and not always a useful case. More often can mean hard work.

An unsuccessful attempt to remove the ring in the hands can indicate imprisonment and incarceration.

what is the wedding rings dreaming?



wedding rings will shoot at the wedding. The stone fell on the fact that there will be problems in relationships, but you can solve them.

ololo olololo.

If in a dream you have the rings in your hands - it means that you have new things in front of you in which you will be lucky.

The broken ring signifies quarrels and misfortunes in marriage, affairs, and relationships for lovers.

If the girl gets a ring in a dream - it means that her excitement is connected with the beloved in a row, since now that from now on he will devote himself to her real and future.

To see the rings on others means growing your wellbeing and new acquaintances.

Alternative interpretation:

If you wear rings in a dream - it is a sign that your commitments will be crowned with success. When rings are worn by others - it is to improve welfare and expand your circle of friends. If a young woman dreamed that she was presented with a ring, then this is a good premonition. The behavior of her lover will calmly bring into her soul, since he will be completely devoted to their common interests. The dream in which you saw a broken ring is the harbinger of quarrels, family disorders, separation.

Modern dream book.

Happy wedding.

Simon Canonita's dream

Fun, wedding.

Esoteric dream book.

With stone - to mourning. See on which stone. Wedding - to divorce, failure to fulfill marriage hopes. Ancient - You are being treated for a partner with whom you are karkisch connected. Fate will be short! Others (large or an object in the shape of a ring, like the tire) - "Enter a circle", do not look forward to.

Dream miller.

If in a dream you have the rings in your hands - it means that you have new things in front of you in which you will be lucky. The broken ring signifies quarrels and misfortunes in marriage, affairs, and relationships for lovers. If the girl gets a ring in a dream - it means that her excitement is connected with the beloved in a row, since now that from now on he will devote himself to her real and future. To see the rings on others means growing your wellbeing and new acquaintances.

Dream of flowers

Supply, communication; Lose - divorce, separation.

Dream azara.

Russian dream book.

Happy wedding

Dream vangu.

The appearance of the ring in a dream symbolizes the circle of events, unresolved problems, attachment, oath, loyalty. In a dream you put your hand on your beloved ring - this dream symbolizes your loyalty to your feelings and promises.

Dream vangu.

The appearance of the ring in a dream symbolizes the circle of events, unresolved problems, attachment, oath, loyalty. In a dream you put your hand on your beloved ring - this dream symbolizes your loyalty to your feelings and promises. The dream in which you saw someone else's wedding ring take your hand, shadows unexpected help in solving the problem that is long long long. If in a dream you can choose yourself in size in a ring, it means that in real life you will not have a heart fixation. In a dream the ring fell in a dream - this is a bad sign. In real life, you broke your promise and your loss of loyalty, so fate prepared you for a vital test.

Dream interpretation Heinrich Rommel

Wedding ring - marriage symbol.
Put the ring on the finger or someone - to the wedding; Remove - to divorce.
Other rings - for friendship, good luck in affairs, growth in prosperity.
Felt to lose the ring: for a woman - for the loss of the beloved; For a man - to a loss of affairs from partners who hoped.
Iron ring - a profit token, dismantled.


to a boring zhisni-like horse on the cros and the whole thing the daze is not observed.


The appearance of the ring in a dream symbolizes the circle of events, unresolved problems, attachment, oath, loyalty.
In a dream you put your hand on your beloved ring - this dream symbolizes your loyalty to your feelings and promises.
The dream in which you saw someone else's wedding ring take your hand, shadows unexpected help in solving the problem that is long long long.
If in a dream you can choose yourself in size in a ring, it means that in real life you will not have a heart fixation.
In a dream the ring fell in a dream - this is a bad sign. In real life, you broke your promise and your loss of loyalty, so fate prepared you for a vital test.



Good day! I dreamed as if I found out with a different attitude, and accused him of treason and crawled on the room little child And on his two fingers (mesinets and invalidity in the right hand) are two wedding rings, dressed male and female, and we turn look at each other and look at it. Would it be the plague?


I meet a young man, but I love the other. In a dream, the engagement ring on the finger is not a beloved lover. He stood on the threshold of my house.


Good afternoon, Tatiana. Please tell me how to dream of a dream in which I married a boy with an age somewhere up to 15 years, nationality is not Russian, or Armenian or ... I am 29 years old, I am Russian. And in the presence of his parents he gives me a gift, more precisely his calling mother, so that he gave it to me, they print a beautiful box, and there a box for a ring, he opens it and I see a gold ring there with stones, and when he takes it in his hands and brings it to me, it turns out that it is a silver ring, but instead of a kitten stone. His parents are very happy for us and I don't understand or worry about how it happened that I married a little boy. But everything ends with a kiss))) thank you in advance. From UV. Tatyana.


I dreamed of a wedding ring like it would fall after the gaming machine to throw a touch of a maneuver and I wanted to put it in the pawn shop and with someone to split money in half. Though I don't do that at all in reality


i called the door little boy i opened the door and this little one handed me a bag of some sort and a box with a wedding ring and said who loved you) i smiled and kissed the baby
But in the apartment I was still my mother's mother


Hello! The ring has already seen several times, and with a small time interval ... the first time I give it, but I have never dressed it on my finger. Twice dreamed of two rings, on a bundle of keys, and I still disappeared the lock of these keys, the lock is old, mounted ... and the third time dreamed of new day, again a ring and again I did not wear it ... why all of this declare that you are welcome.


Hello, I dreamed, my boss cursed himself first, I didn't understand why, then I took off the wedding gold ring, sat in front of me and went into the dark. Tell me what can it mean


Hello Tatyana!
Tell me, I recently saw a wedding ring in a dream, but it was necessary to clean it from the inside, and today the wedding gold ring was dreamed of his hand.


My friend dreamed that I gave him a wedding ring and put it on his little finger. The ring turned out to be a big one and seizes it as a torn. What's this?


in some kind of house the guy is tall and dark, dressed me on the finger ring, I was in the dress, but not in the wedding, there was a bouquet of flowers, I threw a girlfriend, I was Spoje, after that I came to him and he told me that when his friends came over to him, I didn't go to them in short shorts


I am my husband and my acquaintance stood on the street when we eat everything in nature (and not in a dream that I and the well-known Richili, to introduce my sister and his brother in nature, I did not tell my husband ) since I did not tell my husband so that I do not remember, do not remember that the husband reminds me and does not understand so everything that the ring is engaged and throws, and I see, and I see and I hear that I hug him, and not where I can not find a ring that he does not see, but I do not say that it does not touch the hands of the branch, but at that moment I see that I am on see the ground to drive a female ring with a red stone, i'm going to that i was unresponsive, that i was rich to give up you think that gold will be money, the husband wore the ring.


I am married the second time. But I had a dream that I knew the second wedding ring on the point of my left hand, and there was already a ring in the middle. This was not a dream first husband, I loved very much and I could not forget it for a long time, he changed him and left, and I stayed with the child alone. He dreamed that we are together and we have love, kisses, I wake up with a pleasant feeling and I wake up with a pleasant feeling and I think that I love him somewhere in the depths of the soul. This is a husband I love differently, do not compare with the first feelings.


Dd. On Thursday night, Friday, a young man made me jump with a ring. The ring was huge with the branches. so that it meant?


we are with my husband in the beasts of divorce at this moment. I dreamed that we were both in some kind of house - not. There are friends there but they are not visible, I just know that they are around. My husband and I are going somewhere, he is twisting his wedding ring in his hands and in the eyes of a dumb question, what should I do? And I got caught and told him what you look like, rather wear it, it goes so much. He stood a little and got dressed and then we looked at each other in my eyes and so it was good for us that they were straight. I woke up immediately with this feeling. Sleep Monday through Tuesday. It means something ???


I dreamed that I just got married to the unloved and together, and we weren't, and I just went with a ring, but without a husband

Olga Vladimirovna:

Good day! I dreamed that I was dressed in my hand in my hand, a bright, beautiful wedding ring that I had in marriage. But I've been in a divorce for 5 years and I don't even have that ring. What would that be? have been around somewhere. His wedding ring and dressed.


The young guy drove a bouquet with a bouquet and a wedding ring, asked me to support a bouquet of color "flowers were black roses" of the bunch I went to the stop he is behind me, I went to the store, he also gave me flowers and a ring but for some reason I just took flowers and ran away, I know I know I know My name is Andrei


near me were male hands and for one thing was the wedding ring, but the voices and faces were not my own


Favorite gave the wedding rings (very beautiful) in the golden heart, like a large pendant or a small box. Everything was very brilliant, shiny, the color of gold shone brightly.


I dreamed my wedding, but for some reason I was in a black lush dress and my husband's face I don't remember the ring on my finger


i am divorced, but for the second time I have to dream my wedding ring in such warmth yellow color with an unlimited finger of the right hand, as if nothing happened, the ring earlier gave what it was? Why is this dream repeating itself? Maybe that's a sign?


Currently Arr. Ring in the pawn shop tonight on his finger where it was used and what it was.


I dreamed that my young husband gave me a silver clutch ring, then we went to the pawn shop to buy a wedding ring. We bought a gold ring that I really liked it.


I dreamed that I wanted to put the wedding ring on the right hand, but there was already another ring, but not an engagement. Then I took it out and put it in some sort of locker inside the box.


I'm walking down the street with my boyfriend (in my life we ​​don't communicate with her), she shoots her ring and imperceptibly throws, I saw, asked what you are doing, she answered something. We leave the path on my husband and pick it up, I don't remember


In a dream, a man married (I recently give birth to him), gives me two bouquets of flowers, in one bouquet of red tulips in another lilac purple-geranium. And with a proposal of a hand and heart there are two identical silver rings With diameters and with patterns, but I refuse him to think promising. I want to attend with him on Java because I am going to marry someone else and reported it and he still does not withdraw.


It was that the ex-husband was a ring hoop to me. But when I remove it it divides into 3 rings


i had a dream as if i lost my rings, even wedding, then i searched and found that only the petal of one ring was broken

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Hello. Many dreamed that he would put his gold wedding ring on (which it was not, he paid for for a long time) in a glass with water and poured a lot of milk there. How would it be cleaned? What does it mean?


HELLO! Sleep dreamed of Tuesday on Wednesday. As if I'm going to wash your husband's work clothes. Align and out of the pants an unknown wedding ring will fly out of the pants .. and another clothing was also not familiar. WHAT COULD IT BE. HOW TO UNDERSTAND?


My wedding ring was asked for an evening, married woman.


Hello! My name is Victoria, I am married today. I dreamed a dream that I had a piece of the wedding ring and to give credit to my husband I tell him and cried. What does that mean.


My wedding dreamed of having a bride's dress signed with the bride and exchanged rings, the dress was a hem black and of over a white guipure


I ate a diamond from my wedding ring, and then I wanted to change it in the shop in the same, but new, with a stone


dreamed the dream as if I was planning a wedding with my current husband, and all was unsuccessful. The dress is not like that hairstyle is not that etc. And here I go out on the street and for some reason I start peppering and seeing on the way of the rings, wedding gold rings. There were many of them of different sizes and different models. More than 10


I dreamed of my husband that we are having during the divorce. We're in a dark room, he's trying to hug me, and I see our wedding ring on his hand (that he's not wearing it) and it is shining straight. He says let me come back and I'll rest with my hands on his chest and say no.


Good day. In a dream saw a wedding ring on a ring finger.


I picked up the husband's wedding ring and it was all wounded.


Good day. Today I had a dream. The one on the right was the Wilderfoot's wedding ring and there was some kind of guy and he had a ring on a Hassehinger finger. And I don't remember waking up much more. Tell me what it is, I only live with a man for two years and don't plan on weddings.


Dreamed that the ring was put on his finger, recently divorced her husband, but he could not remove it


dreamed 2 male and female wedding rings gave me


Good day. Today I dreamed that I was standing in the jewelry store, I am holding two bundles of rings of different sizes in my hands. On a bundle, they come from wood, very light, varnished and with an engraving. I moved it. Next, hold and sort by fingers with a bundle of gold. But when I find out on them I move the bundle, I say "expensive" and go. What does that mean? Thanks.


the second day in a row i dream about my wedding ring that i dream it with my fingers and i think it will be removed but i can't do it

Mar "Yana:

Good day! Meni dreamed of Co, Scho Miy Lotti Daruє Two wedding gold rings, Ale-Vony-Buli surfaces with wax і licks in Taryltsi Z watering і there Boula Svіchka, Ale Napamymemya Chi vona galіla. Pіdskazh_t Błulaski Shao CE mode meet?


dd! I got married in a dream for a man who doesn't know him, I have a feeling that I don't like him but he promised that I will always love me, I saw the wedding ring and it had when we go to bed To go with us but I tried At least marriage signed, and not really, we should sleep together. We visited and he keeps hugging me, but I feel like I don't like him


Dreamed that my husband bought a new wedding gold ring and went on a wild finger


saw in a dream when I found and put my finger on my wedding gold ring


I don't remember exactly. I remember choosing wedding rings with my young man but not seeing his faces


In a dream I put on my mysterious two gold wedding rings. Each fatter, others thoughtful. Everything happened in the store.


I am a married woman. I dream of my classmate, who is supposedly already in marriage, and I see him on the hand the ring gold wedding with her initials engraved and above him two rings (it with her initials and her with the word "happiness" ). He's for some reason the salesman who loves me and picks you up ring your own and I haven't moved away. He takes care of the whole dream about me, but I don't remove my ring with my hands. The most interesting thing is that her rings are very pathetic (I got into the strain as soon as I saw her rings that this is a substantial glitter, but she loves it very much, and my unpretentious glow a little humble.


dreamed rings wedding, golden, masculine, very large size. I looked at him and thought what a body, a man who is suitable for this ring ...


I am married and I have two children. The dream was that the wedding ring on my finger was rusty, in a dream, in a dream, in a second wedding ring (without the first removed) I say at the same time that I told her husband "Good thing we bought 2 wedding rings" , but also the second rust ring, but somehow I wasn't sad.


I have a man whose man I love but we are not together, the dream was that there was a woman who could become on purpose, but he chose me, and came with a wedding ring, this ring is dear to him as a memory , He put it in my hand, but clad it on my finger


I saw a wedding ring in my hand on my hand.


I saw that the wedding ring flew off my finger, scared, and then suddenly I looked at the finger, and in my hands I have a wedding gold ring somewhat not smooth, almost oval and ring thickness different


What do many wedding rings dream of? There were a lot of them, they just put the folded slide and I walked past them.


In a dream I was sitting at home, saw the wedding rings on the buddy, I took the ring and put it on my hands


I dreamed my recently bought silver wedding ring. I held it in my hands and looked at it. And I noticed that the ring was bent slightly, lost its shape. In one place, however, it is worn in such a way that it was over there to be cracked. I felt offended for the fact that the ring was going so fast


I saw in a dream like she would like he was when he was talkative with my sister removed the wedding ring and said that it was split and after putting the ring back on.


hello dreamed that the wedding ring fell on the floor and rolled up the steps, then down, then down, then I caught him


Sleep dreamed of my wedding and hustle and bustle in front of her, after that I and my groom went to the law firm's office, and there put a ring on my finger, and then I showed the ring to all the guests and was glad I got married then everything happened In the fog


I dreamed that the wedding ring pressed my finger to the blood .. could not remove it

Marina Evgenyevna:

Put a wedding ring on the left milestone finger of a former husband with a small river so people will understand that I am not married. Suddenly the ring was divided into two whole thin rings, one with a ribster and an ex-husband and buds, the glue that was dried between the rings to remove. The fact that the streets are different with us now - that's understandable. But doesn't that say that she will finally have a person in life, I have a long wife like a wife? Thanks for the answer


Good day! I dreamed as if my friend gave me a lot of rings with stones to choose from. One more beautiful than the other. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment. And fans too) what it will afford


Hello, I dreamed like my former young man (now I'm married for the other 2 years) was 3 wedding gold rings, they were exactly gold, I saw bright with no pebbles, one ring attire on the left middle finger, and the other two on the right Middle and the nameless fingers, I saw it clearly and clearly, at the same time, not at the same time, I have not singled out anything. We haven't seen this person in a year for four years and have not communicated in any way. What could it be?

What dreams aquarium with fish girl to what dream kiss with a former girl kisses

The sized wedding ring is a symbol of an inevitable and closed circle of events in a person's life. It is suggested to interpret dreams online to view, including those described, which means shooting a ring in a dream.

Miller's dream wedding ring

In the dream book Miller, the ring, a girl's dream means that she will legalize their relationship. For the young man, this dream means many companies that mean the meaning of all life.

To see a broken ring in a dream - quarrels and breakage of relationships in reality.

Wedding ring Dream Freud

Freud seen in the interpretation of sleep through the wedding ring is inclined to assume that the period between partners comes from sexual relations. Lay in a quiet bed.

Wedding ring Tsvetkova dream

In Tsvetkova's dream interpretation, the wedding ring symbolizes an ambulance wedding in real life.

If you are dreaming of a scratched or broken ring - to the formation of the abyss or crack in the relationship of spouses.

Wedding ring Dream Juno

In this dream book, the engagement ring is associated with the light feelings of a person - love, loyalty, vital unity.

Sleep over the lice of the ring - a bad sign, symbolizes that you are with your own hands, we have an obstacle to happiness and bring you to loneliness.

Wang Dream wedding ring

Vanga gasioned ring binds with the oath of loyalty and love that a man gives before marriage. Therefore, a dream in which you lose or take off the ring is interpreted as a violation of this oath, and the dream in which the ring is put on - confirmation of the sincerity of experienced feelings and intentions.

Look on the left hand of the ring finger wedding ring ring, for unmarried

For family businesses, the dream on which the wedding ring was worn means a cardinal bond in their relationship from love to hate.

To the unmarried woman such a dream sees a meeting with a person with a person who does not want their relationship or does not suffer.

Dream interpretation choose wedding ring, broken, find, lose

Choosing a wedding ring in a dream - on the need to make a choice, and in real life.If a donation ring is too few or vice versa, it means that you are not ready to live married.

In a dream, a broken wedding ring - to a quarrel with a loved one, arises from your guilt.

Find a wedding ring in a dream - know the truth and get an answer to the question that you kept talking in your head.

Loss of the wedding ring, both in a dream and in reality - an unpleasant event that occurred due to your dispersion and inattention, negligent attitude towards values.

Wedding gold ring on his finger on his hand, male

To see a male wedding ring on the hand in a dream, a dream saw that a number of problems fall on their shoulders, which in real life solves a strong half of humanity.

Perhaps a woman needs to be the first to be entitled to her feelings and give, to understand his choice, that it is time to connect their hearts.

What dreams dream interpretation of broken wedding ring

If a broken wedding ring dreams - the circle is broken, and in real life you are given freedom of choice.

The engagement ring, dirty on numerous pieces, shadows the dream that it will be in search of the second half and may not meet a person who really loves it.

If in your dream you are trying to bandage a broken wedding ring - evidence that in real life you are trying to neutralize the family disorder.

Egg symbolizes an aspiring life. Therefore the egg is seen in a dream as a strong sign that testifies to the inexhaustible reserve of life ...

The dog is a symbol of friendship and loyalty both in real life and in a dream. But to see a puppy in a dream is not always interpreted as a good sign, like ...

Signs accompany us completely! And especially when the conversation is about the world of dreams. Mysterious and unknown, this world carries us to its walls every evening. Sometimes dreams are so bright and rich that there is no doubt about it in their meaning. However, it is sometimes difficult to express it, it is not easy, since sometimes the smallest and at first sight nothing significant thing can carry a huge sense and a completely sudden interpretation.

The sign of constant love and the union of two hearts - the ring that loved each other in love. It plays a meaningful role in the life of the wedding couple, including in a dream. If you got the wedding ring in a dream, then this is definitely not a good thing. The interpretation of such a picture is included in many dreams, such as:

  • dream vanga;
  • dream Miller;
  • dream joy;
  • female dream book;
  • dream of Ezopa;
  • dream longo;
  • dream Nostradamus etc.

Interpretation of sleep from different dreams

Dream miller.

According to this dream book, in a dream the wedding ring speaks of the devotion of your second half. In addition, in the future, wait for material well-being and favorable changes. If in a dream you see a lot of rings on your fingers, he foresees happiness and success in affairs.

Get a wedding ring as a gift, along with a proposal of the hands and hearts of your loved one, talk about what he is spreading you and value your relationship. To break or lose the ring in a dream - to numerous problems and sadness, possible betrayal from the spouse or spouse, and even to break relationships.

If you dream that the rings will be put on other people's fingers, then so is it favorable signthat personifies the achievement of all goals.

Dream of Freud.

Freuda wedding ring in a dream - symbol of mutual understanding and harmony between lovers. If you had a dream that your lover gave you such a decoration, then in real life he would like to tie himself up with you for marriage. If such a dream was rubbed a married woman, then she should expect a surprise from her husband.

Draw a ring in a dream that someone means to attach to a person belonging to it. If you've seen a lot of rings on your fingers, then maybe in life you will switch sexual partners. Broken decoration - a symbol of coming health problems. The ring of fixed sizes symbolizes a rich sex experience.

Dream of Meridiana.

This dream book offers a very spacious interpretation. Wedding ring, if you believe in this interpreter you can wear anything else, depending on the sleeping plot:

  1. The loss of wedding rings in a dream is also a bad sign in most cases, which warns a high level of attention and caution in the moment is very useful. There is a great risk of breaking up with your loved one, terminating your marriage or losing a close friend. However, such a representation can bear and positive meaning. So, if the lost decoration you dream was it with a diamond, then it promises that the previous contacts will be broken, but instead it will appear new, more profitable, reliable and strong.
  2. The discovery of the wedding ring ring in a dream says that soon you will meet a person who is passionate about love with all body and soul, or who will become a devoted friend. If such a find came across a teenage girl, it means that in reality they are sinking any doubts about their current partner. Most likely, it's the exact same man she'll have to live with before the days end.
  3. If the wedding ring turned out to be broken in a dream, then this sign is not predictable for anything good. Perhaps your spouse or just a loved one will betray you. In addition, your second halves can cause serious health problems.
  4. Silver wedding ring, seen in a dream, provides for a happy family life and the appearance of wonderful children in the near future. If it dreams that the silver ring was lost, then such a dream speaks of a possible black stripe in friendly or nomaniac relationships.

Dream ezopa.

According to the deciphering of a dream in this dream book, to see a broken wedding ring in a dream - long loneliness.. Lose your ring - to an annoying incident, separation from your loved one, or sovily fear. If in a dream you found such a decoration, then such a discovery promises you a hope of your own, which will not be afraid. In this case, you should not bring hopes of good luck, and it is better to take hold of yourself.

Female dream book

According to the interpretation of B. female dream book, To see the ring on his finger - a symbol of success, luck and happiness. If you dream of a ring on your finger in a stranger, it will encourage new people. Wear a wedding ring on a pallet loved in a dream, which means that you have promised everything and you can save your feelings and devotion to your loved one.

See in a dream how you put your finger on the ring of unknown man againforehand solve a long time. Locking the ring with your hands is a bad omen, which means life difficulties and tests. Sleep in which you dream that you broke the ring promotes discords and moves in a married life, and even stops relationships with your beloved.

Dream interpretation Phonda.

According to this dream book, the wedding ring symbolizes love, friendship, the upcoming wedding, as well as new relationships between people. Seeing this decoration in a dream means that in a short time you will be waiting for new feelings in which you will immerse your head and enjoy every minute. Their development will be very rapid and, perhaps, will lead to marriage.

Dream Longo.

According to this dream book, not the last value in the interpretation of sleep has the day that you saw it. So, to see a wedding ring on the night Monday through Tuesday, guess warm relationships with children. And if they live with you, wait for their visit soon. In a dream dream of the ring with a dome - to a quarrel with a loved one.

Peresakh, gossip, unreasonable accusations of your address - all this awaits you if, in a dream, when you received the rings, you put the fingers on strangers. Losing a ring in a dream means having a significant future in material costs. However, such a plot of land can have a different interpretation - a loss of trust from a close man.

In Vangu's explosives, the ring embodies not only commitment, constancy and affection, but also unsolved tasks. If you dream that you are wearing a beloved finger ring, then say so About your indecision and reluctance. A dream in which the stranger puts the wedding ring on your finger means that you will soon receive unexpected help in solving a question of long torque.

However, if you have dreamed that you are choosing yourself, but you can not choose a suitable size, then your heart is free and zealous for great and light feelings. To see in a dream how the ring flies off the finger - to severe tests in life. If in a dream you feel how the ring is strongly compressed by your finger, then your subconscious is suggesting that you should pay more time and attention to your second half.


This dream book gives dreams with wedding rings with a negative meaning. To see the wedding ring on your own finger, your wedding times promises difficult times and even divorce. To see in a dream how the ring fell off the finger - to family quarrels and disorders. Positive value such a dream may only have if it were harmful during the night from Monday to Tuesday. In this case, the dream promises the great joy that your children will bring.

Dream Nostradamusa.

One of the most famous and beloved dreams, the Nostradamus's Dream Book, also contains several ways to answer the question of why the dream dream of a wedding ring on your finger:

  • to admire your ring - for a hasty wedding or the birth of a child;
  • the ring is not removed from the finger - due to the lack of personal space and freedom;
  • lose the ring - to break old relationships;
  • find a ring - to a casual acquaintance;
  • putting on the ring - to implement intimate desires;
  • give a ring - a little loss;
  • break the ring specifically for the separator.

Dream interpretation Meneghetti.

According to the psychologist A. Meneghetti, the wedding ring in a dream symbolizes the person of the person, being social status and role in life and reflects how a person feels around them. If the ring is beautiful and the whole is dreaming, then this speaks of consolation. And if, on the contrary, - damaged or delayed, indicate that you are experiencing some inconvenience.

When the wedding ring dreams of a married woman

All dream interpreters converge, if a woman who is married is a wedding ring, it is clearly an unknown omen. If in a dream in a dream she puts the decoration on another man's finger, then most likely, the marriage will not be strong and long.

The assembly of the wedding ring says that you have doubts about choosing a satellite life. If it keeps falling off your finger, then chances are you soon will survive the divorce.

If the decoration is not enough, and you feel constant pressure, then you have had doubts about the devotion of the spouse for all of my life.

However, despite all the negatives, such a dream can also carry a positive burden. For example, if you buy a ring in a dream, a surprise awaits you. And if you put it on your husband's finger, then speaks of the strength of your relationship.

A few more folk interpretations when the wedding ring is dreaming