What is your best beauty tip for on the go

1. Avéne thermal water spray - perfect for bringing a little freshness to your face on longer trips and generally great for freshening up your makeup - also applies to longer party nights

2. Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss from bare minerals for the lips, of course, but also works great as a blush, the shimmer emphasizes my cheekbones - saves a product in my pocket and an absolute must-have for me, I don't leave that without blush on my cheeks House, nor the plane

3. That works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - makes me feel like I'm sleeping in my own bed anywhere in the world.

4. Ohropax sleep mask - I love jet black - but only at night. Therefore no trip without a sleep mask. In my opinion, the one from Ohropax is the best because it has molded cups, similar to a bra, which avoids the panda-eye effect in fliers, for example, and it is super soft and does not slip.

5. Batiste dry shampoo - I often have to go straight to the appointment from the plane, so dry shampoo is essential

5 beauty must-haves in your handbag

1. Essie Good to go top coat to make the nail polish look like new at all times

2. Peach Perfect Lipbalm from Beauty Bee - because of the wonderful scent alone, it also cares for the lips very gently - and the packaging is really flattering to the touch

3. Travolo atomizer filled with my favorite fragrance, I love perfumes, at the moment Miu Miu is my daily companion

4. Lipstick in clear red, e.g. KMO Kiss Me Once from Uslu Airlines - red lips pimp the boring outfit and put you in a good mood

5.Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden - the total all-rounder: against chapped lips, dry cuticles, split ends, as a highlighter ...

5 beauty must-heaves for every day

1. Benefit - They're Real Mascara in blue - makes the eyes really shine and is my personal signature look

2. Rituals - no day starts for me without a shower foam from Rituals, at the moment Oriental Dream, the new limited edition, is my favorite

3. Hey Honey - Hands on, the honey and propolis hand cream cares for your hands and nails as tender as butter

4. Nail polish in all imaginable colors, the simplest fashion statement, I prefer the lacquers from Essie, Color Club and essence - my nail polish collection is huge!

5. Babor Ampoule Concentrates - are part of my daily ritual. I have a number of them at home and use them depending on what my skin needs. The Multi Active Vitamin Fluids are my all-rounders