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Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra: The 5 Best Tips and Tricks

Translate words with one click

You no longer need a dictionary at work or on vacation if you have the Galaxy Note20 or Galaxy Note20 Ultra with you. If you stumble across a foreign language word on a mobile website, you can have it translated into German with just a few clicks. To do this, simply open the S Pen menu, tap on "Translate" and select the target language. Then hold the S Pen over the unknown word and the display of the Galaxy Note20 (Ultra) shows the translation.

Use the S Pen as a magnifying glass

A website is not optimized for mobile use and the text is therefore displayed too small? Or are you just having trouble reading a word from an article? Then simply turn the S Pen into a magnifying glass! Select the "Magnifying glass" function and hold the S Pen over the lines you want to enlarge.

Make screen off memos

An appointment reminder or another item for the current to-do list: With the S Pen you can take notes without having to unlock the display. Remove the S Pen or hold it over the screen and press the S Pen button while the pen is off. Write down your ideas on the display and save them by simply sliding the S Pen back into its compartment. Alternatively, you can select the "Save" function after writing - but we find the first option much more intuitive.

Digitize handwritten notes

The note function of the S Pen is super practical. But did you know that the Galaxy Note 20 (Ultra) can also digitize transcripts? This is possible, for example, with the free “Samsung Notes” app: Simply select the handwriting there and then click on Conversion - done. Your note is now digitally available and you can insert it into WhatsApp messages, e-mails or to-do lists.