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And all of these desires are right with the pursuit Fame, fortune and feelings connected.
And all these desires are linked directly with one's pursuit of fame, fortune and sentiment.
His success with their caravans and their peddlers had him Fame, fortune and prestige.
His success with their caravans and their peddlers had given him fame, wealth and prestige.
That nothing we strive for or fight for (like Fame, fortune, material goods, titles, etc.) on the other hand means something, neither do the mistakes we make.
That nothing we strive or struggle for here (such as fame, wealth, material possessions, titles, etc.) means anything on the other side, nor do the mistakes we make.
Join the three friends on a musical roller coaster ride through a world full of people Fame, fortune and the ruthless reality of show business and how you test their friendship to the extreme.
Join the three friends as they embark upon a musical rollercoaster ride through a world of fame, fortune and the ruthless realities of show business, testing their friendships to the very limit.
Many devote their lives to making a living Fame, fortune and power, but at the end of it all, waiting patiently for each of us to come, faces the Grim Reaper, ie, earthly death.
Many dedicate their lives to acquiring fame, fortune and power but at the end of it all, waiting patiently for each of us to arrive, stands the Grim Reaper, i.e. mortal death.
From then on it was just as history wrote Fame, fortune and older!
From then on it was just as the history has writ it, which is fame, fortune and age!
The players take on the role of the elite, immortal, spaceship pilots ("capsule pilots") looking for Fame, fortune and adventure in a large, complex, exciting and sometimes hostile galaxy.More ...
Players take the role of elite, immortal, spaceship pilots ("capsuleers") seeking fame, fortune, and adventure in a huge, complex, exciting, and sometimes hostile galaxy.Read more ...
The following year, I felt guilty for disappointing Teacher and Falun Gong when I left Fame, fortune and feelings, or other undesirable conditions.
In the years that followed, I felt guilty for letting Teacher and Falun Gong down when I was influenced by fame, wealth, and sentimentality, or other undesirable states.
All other distracting thoughts, such as striving for coziness and comfort, the fearful thought, the desire for Fame, fortune and feelings, does not represent my real self.
All of the other distracting thoughts, such as pursuit of ease and comfort, the thought of fear, and pursuing fame, wealth and sentiment, do not represent my true self.
Fame, fortune, Glamor ... And the icing on the cake is ... (sighs) I'm in love.
As far as I'm concerned, ride this flying lizard man. He gives you Fame, fortune and a place in history.
Study him, dissect him, write a paper, ride that flying lizard man or whatever the hell he is to fame, fortune and your place in history.
Fame, fortune, Glamor ...
We have to step out of the human condition and Fame, fortune and let go of feelings.
We must step out from the human condition and let go of fame, profit and sentimentality.
The greed for money Fame, fortune and the ephemeral things are seen as the most important.
The greed for money, fame, riches, and the temporary things are viewed as being the most important thing in life.
It was young men who broke out of their home ties and Fame, fortune and sought adventure in the distance.
Those young men who broke out of their homeland's bondage were looking in the distance for glory, wealth and adventure.
Fame, fortune and great experiences await the developers of groundbreaking new apps in the next phase of the Intel AppUpSM Developer Challenge.
Fame, fortune, and incredible experiences await the creators of groundbreaking new app experiences in the next stage of the Intel AppUpSM developer challenge.
The Peloponnese - home of the mighty and proud civilizations, the Poleis. Take one of them through the eras, more Fame, fortune and prosperity and brave the impending disasters.
The Peloponnese - home of the Poleis, powerful and proud one of them through the epochs, gain prestige, riches and stability and weather the threatening catastrophes.
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