How can we open an Ayurveda shop

The history

"Ayur" means "life" or "life span", "Veda" means "knowledge". Ayurveda is the holistic knowledge of a long, healthy life. Its origins go back thousands of years.

The wholeness of Ayurveda disintegrated through great cultural upheavals, until the Vedic scholar Maharishi Mahesh Yogi inspired the best Ayurveda experts from all over India as well as Western doctors and scientists to compile the ancient traditions of Ayurveda, to complete them and to add modern scientific ones Methods to check. They called this complete, holistic form of Ayurveda "Maharishi Ayurveda". He also formed an international network of doctors, clinics and schools.

The first product of Maharishi Ayurveda was the famous and well-researched universal tonic "Maharishi Amrit Kalash". As early as 1987, the first production facility was opened in Noida and Faridabad, India, to produce the valuable Rasayana in its original, pure form.

Thanks to a high level of commitment, it was possible to add more rasayanas to the range very soon, as well as natural cosmetics, oils and ghees. The range now consists of over 900 high-quality and authentic Ayurveda products. All products have been and are prepared strictly according to millennia-old recipes and the classic, complex, traditional manufacturing processes.

Today Maharishi Ayurveda Products is the leading brand for authentic, high quality Ayurveda products. 2000 employees are committed to the health of our customers in India alone. Ayurvedic scholars (so-called Vaidyas) advise doctors and customers on the optimal use of our products. In over 50 countries, in addition to India and Germany, the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia, millions of people enjoy the vitality and joie de vivre that Maharishi Ayurveda gives them.

Unlike many other Indian production facilities, MAP India placed great emphasis on quality assurance from the start. State-of-the-art technology, production facilities and control systems formed the basis for the many international certificates and awards as well as the high, reliable quality.